January 23, 2009

How about a separate show: "Comeback Idol"?

Because this is ridiculous.

(And tell me if you're able to watch that Barbara Walters "It's not gonna be me Annie no more!" clip without laughing.)

AND: Speaking of alternate Idols, they could have an "All Stars" edition like "Survivor." Bring back 24 lively contestants from previous seasons. 


David said...

"American Idle."

The new show about the auto industry.

SteveR said...

I'm generally a fan of the show, although no fanatic, and yeah that's not something I like to see. Fortunately the process, over time, tends to be hard on those types, and if the Carly Smithson example from last year is any indication, likewise the judges and voters.

Marcia said...

Comeback Idol isn't cynical enough. How about:

Do-over Idol
Mulligan Idol
Retred Idol
Deja Vu Idol
Second-Hand Idol

Ophir said...

lively contestants


Jennifer said...

I'd watch that. I'd love to see the rocker-ish chick from Season 1 who finished 3rd. I don't remember her name.

And Frenchie! Frenchie would be great to see again. Of course Sanjaya would be there. And maybe he'd be properly appreciated this time around.

I'm drawing a blank on anyone else I'd like to see again. There is one dude. But I can't remember his name, very much about him or what he sang. So, I guess he'd hardly fall under "lively".

Who would you like to see again?

Joe said...

I told you so. Okay, not you, but my family. Her audition sucked and they passed her with so little comment that I said "it's fixed" and it is!

An earlier ex-actor contestant also got passed through far too easily. I'll wager his agent is the agent of someone on American Idol.

(It's pretty clear that the voting for American Idol is partly fixed--when they want to dump a contestant, that contestant loses. Period. When they want one passed, that contestant passes IF the voting margin isn't too big. They do this by simply changing the rules of how they count repeat votes.)

PatCA said...

I read poor Fantasia is in all kind of BK/money trouble.


Christopher Althouse Cohen said...

I think the point would be that these would be has-beens, not necessarily former American Idol contestants. You could have someone like Frenchie, or anyone who's been kicked off the show or disqualified, but it could also be a has-been from the 80's, etc.

Jennifer said...

Christopher, I was talking about the All Stars edition thing.

I'm not sure I'd want to watch a "Comeback Idol" with has-beens. That could be pretty depressing...like watching Joanna Pacitti and Carly Smithson.

Trooper York said...

They already have this show.

It's called Celebrity Rehab.

Don't you people pay attention. Jeeez.

Methadras said...

As I said before, the show is a scam now. You take repeat musical offenders and stick through the S.P.R.K. Blender and what do you have, SHAMWOW!!! Idol.

Synova said...

There was a teen idol comeback show I saw an add for. I think all the people on it were guys though.

Franco said...

There are hundreds of talented people who have had a shot and failed for one reason or another, so Comeback Idol would have plenty of contestants. It could then be about the producers and songwriters. That would be interesting!

Producer Idol. You get a failed but talented performer and make her/him into a success.

As a musician I listened to her songs Miracle and Slide and can see why she flopped. All the production values and the pretty face weren't enough to save mediocre songs that had no real heart. They were formula, but not even good formula. They peaked too early and the verses didn't tell any kind of story, just snippets.
The choruses were repetitive (even by today's standards) and ultimately too much emotion was invested into shallow concepts and words. No edge, nothing new, just formulaic half-hooks that didn't have any cohesion. Also no bottom on either track!

So it is ridiculous to run this woman through the mill again. It isn't that she lacks talent it is that she didn't get the right songs to sing. How is American Idol going to revive her career?
Also suing your employers isn't a very smart move - she needs better representation. Going on American Idol smacks of desperation, she can only lose. American Idol was stupid to allow it too. Sad.

Synova said...

Thinking of it... Comeback Idol probably would work really well.

I mean... why *did* this girl not take off? She's plenty pretty enough. She certainly can sing. Maybe she just needs to keep trying, or maybe she hasn't found her niche or maybe she needs to do it for the love and forget the need to be the Star. Maybe the songs she sang were just so *boring*. Maybe no one wants to deal with her because of things like trying to sue over losing the part of Annie (which isn't something *she* was responsible for.) Maybe she should take a break and do something entirely different for a while... how long is a short tour in the Army these days? Maybe experiencing something other than being an entertainer would help her find something other than shallow concepts to get all emotional about.