January 12, 2009

"But when the revolution did not arrive on schedule, countercultural warriors had to find an alternative reward."

"The one they found was: mind-blowing orgasms."


Expat(ish) said...

If only that were literal rather than figurative.


Michael H said...

But then, Althouse continues, why do people have to work so hard to have good sex these days?

Because really good sex is worth the hard work it requires. Yes indeedy doo.

tim maguire said...

I'm not quite so egotistical as to want the sex I deserve. I'd much rather play it safe and want the sex I want. Although it can involve things bought, it doesn't necessarily have to.

traditionalguy said...

Thank God for the Birth Control pill. That little pill freed us promicuous Baby Boomers to experiment until all known Mind Blowing etc. sex was widely practiced and all without any Babies of our own. Now if we can just keep the Fetal Stem Cells coming it will never have to end. By the way we are also the most unselfish people we know.

theobromophile said...

Schneiderman makes part of a point, then seems to stop: capitalism isn't getting in the way of progressive ideals (e.g. feminism, racial equality, good sex, religious freedom, etc) - in fact, you're more likely to find those things in a capitalist country than anywhere else in the world.

Capitalism, which doesn't care if people screw up their own lives (so long as they don't come asking for a bailout ;) ), is a great vehicle for ideas which are perceived by many people as messing up the natural order of things.

Eli Blake said...


Actually, Europeans (who tend to either market-oriented socialism or heavily regulated capitalism, take your pick) have a lot less hangups about sex than Americans.

And although I've been married and monogamous for 16 years now, I can remember going out with a European (specifically a French/Belgian) woman, and I can certainly tell you that they will give a man experiences that American women would never even imagine, let alone do. Trust me, there is a reason French and Italians smile a lot and lose wars. They'd rather be at home in bed.

Meade said...

That's just weird, Eli. I mean really REALLY weird.

What kind of woman is sexually attracted to a man who will not defend her from other conquering men... bad conquering men?

I'm beginning to think you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Meade said...

Never mind, Eli... I think I've answered my own question and found the kind of woman.