January 27, 2009

Blago audio.


ADDED: Oh, check it out! He was on "The View" yesterday. Here's the part where he blabs about Oprah:


I'm Full of Soup said...


I thought it was odd to see the ladies on The View yesterday. Blago was a guest and they were so polite and understanding of Blago's legal predicament.

Did The View invite Gov. Palin onto their show?

traditionalguy said...

Its not surprising if you have dealt with many political types in election mode acting like you OWE them money already before they win, much less after they win like Blago. Of course its for their Campaigns. But who cares how it is spent? Their total lack of humility or gratefulness is offputting. There is also their implied threat that they will get you somehow if you say no. In the end its 99% a con job, They are only selling to you an appearance of power in being an insider with them for you to use in your con jobs on others.Blagos no better and no worse than the others. His crime is in carelessly getting the Games Politicians Play publicly exposed. When is the lynching by the Ill. legislature scheduled?

Revenant said...

Is this a sweeps week or something? Why would they invite him on?

Jason (the commenter) said...

"I thought of Oprah because she's the richest black lady I know. And when you're auctioning off something like a senate seat you need people with deep pockets. But then we realized she had TOO much money; if she wanted she'd just buy senate seats for her entire audience. And her money's clean, which was a problem. Anyway, Oprah Oprah, Obama Obama. Do you forgive me yet?"

JohnAnnArbor said...

Will Blago and his hair get separate impeachment trials?

traditionalguy said...

I think Tom Cruz could play Blago in a movie called Godfather IV - The Smell of Money. I see a part for a Law School Professor brought in from Wisconsin for her co-skills as legal advisor and blog- coordinator on his defense team. Jodie Foster could nail that part. Dick Cheney, recently unemployed, can play Pat Fitzgerald as a nasty heavy.In the final scene Sylvester Stallone will rescue Blago from a Scafold and leave Illinois to hide out among duck flocks in the northern wilderness awaiting Jodie Foster's character to quit blogging long enough to guide the lovable Blago over the Canadian Border.

Meade said...

Inappropriate Whoopi touching 2:04, 4:02

Inappropriate Joy touching 2:15, 6:20

Inappropriate Rod touching at the end

BJM said...

I hate to say it, but Blago has a valid point. He not being impeached for the alleged violations that Fitzgerald may indict him on. The State legislators want him gone for their own reasons.

Blago's a disgrace to public office and buffoon but he's also gaining a great deal of sympathy. Americans expect the appearance of fair play, if not fair play itself.

It wasn't Clinton's denials or defense that turned the tide, but the GOP's over reaching and misunderstanding of the power of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

F-en what an f-en great f-en show the f-en View put on today.

They f-en cover the f-en critical issues of our f-en day in an f-en responsible way.

I certainly f-en understand how f-en Gov. Blago f-en feels f-en bad about all the f-en bad things that f-en other people are f-en saying about him.

He only f-en wanted to f-en serve the f-en people of f-en Illinois, but now he is f-en tied up by this f-en dirty f-en attack by the f-en feds, and it is all an f-en trick to f-en raise f-en taxes on the f-en citizens.

And he's f-en sorry that f-en everyone doesn't f-en know that he and his wife are f-en great f-en honest f-en upstanding f-en people, even if they f-en say "f-en" too much.

As Joy said, "not that there is f-en anything f-en wrong with that."

George M. Spencer said...


Starring Benecio Del Toro

"The best way to encounter 'Blago,' is to let go of words like 'film' and 'movie', words that somehow seem inadequate to the task of describing such a mesmerizing, fully immersive cinematic experience. By the end of 'Blago,' viewers will likely emerge as if from a trance, with indelibly vivid, if not more ambivalent feelings about 'Blago,' than the bumper-sticker image they walked in with."

—Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

"Blago wins, Blago loses, but Blago remains the same in what plays like a procedural about a charismatic leader, impossible missions and the pleasures of work and camaraderie."

—Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

blake said...

Now that is audacity! None of that "hope" crap, just get out there in front and compare yourself to Jesus and whatever, and just keep saying it, over and over.

This is what the radical leftists do, is it not? (I'm not saying Blago is one, by the way, he seems to be a comfortable autocrat.)

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

Sorry, in a way, to make a 'does this make any sense' comment but, having grown up in the greater Chicago area, I found his comment that 'I wouldn't use language like that around my mother' like a revealing interpretation. Part of the learning of a zest for life as a kid in Chicago involved taking some criminality as a symbolic incestuousness.

BJM said...

Quale: f-en A.

Can the View get any more tedious?

Revenant said...

Can the View get any more tedious?

They could bring Rosie back.