December 8, 2008

Thai pavilion in the snow.

The aesthetics did not evolve in this climate:

Thai pavilion in the snow

But I think it looks pretty nonetheless.

And here's the Thai sculpture fighting off the snow:


ADDED: In happier days.

NOTE: Second photo cropped and tweaked. Here's what was there before.


bearbee said...

Sculpture consuming, then vomiting out.

BJM said...

Demon guardian chi projecting through snow gives one chills.

Great shots Althouse. More please.

TitusLoveLookWhatYouDoneToMe said...

Oxford's baffling admission quiz.

Althouse, this is one the web. You should look into it.

The questions are unreal.

Rose said...


Bissage said...

I mean no disrespect to any of the other Althouse photos when I say that number one is, IMHO, one of the greats.

Stately, inviting, exotic and ultimately heroic.

Suitable for framing.

Original Mike said...

I've never really liked that thing. Too gaudy for my taste. And it doesn't fit the neighborhood (I grew up there).

My 2 cents.

American Liberal Elite said...

It looks top-heavy - as though someone stole the building from underneath the roof, leaving it standing on sticks too small to bear the weight.

ricpic said...

A Thai pavilion in the snow, courtesy of western man;
No such exalt the exotic idiocy in Siam.

TitusLoveLookWhatYouDoneToMe said...

Is it....


That is the how the song I am looking for pronounced Ricki Ticky Tavi.

I am determined to find that thing even if I have drag my pussy back to Barney's and yank it out of the Ipod player. Some Barney's queen found that song somewhere and she will not be able to bogart it.

That song has to be shared with the masses.

Brad V said...

"Nothing gold can stay."

Frost Defied - might make a nice title for that fantastic top shot.

Theo Boehm said...

I agree with Bissage.
That first picture is beautiful.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Nice work Althouse. I looked just like those dudes after the snowplow went by my driveway this morning.