December 16, 2008

Jeff Probst to future "Survivor" contestants.

"If you make it to the jury, try to just let the anger and envy go and see the big picture. You got your ass kicked – no way around it – now quit being a baby and reward the person who kicked your ass by giving them your vote."


save_the_rustbelt said...

This show is so 90s - does anyone watch it anymore?

SteveR said...

Well its easy for him to say that but the format is going to create ill will among contestants and CBS uses that. So I'm going to screw the person that kicked my ass and screw CBS for having some quirky twists which caused me to get voted off.

Ann Althouse said...

I watch it, and if you watched this season, you'd appreciate that remark. [SPOILER ALERT] Sugar deserved some votes. I'm glad Bob won, but it was absurd that Susie got votes. Sugar was one of the best Survivors ever.

SteveR said...

No, I do understand but its not always about who "deserves" votes from my or Jeff Probst's perspective. The jury votes and if they choose to vote, or not vote for someone, well it could be for whatever reasons they want.

I know I've often felt like it didn't make sense, but there's a lot we don't see and the vite happens in real time.

Bender said...

For too long the show (it can hardly be called a competition) has been too much of a clique contest, with the cliques consisting of whiny, prissy, metrosexual p*ssies and whores and sluts. Each edition has fewer and fewer people that you want to watch week after week, much less see any of them win. This year, I saw only one or two episodes.

I'm glad to see the old guy win it though. What I would like to see, though, is a year where everyone is serious about the survival-in-the-wild aspect of the experience and less of the game aspect of it. If I want to watch idiots, I'll watch the MTV reality shows.

Next time, they need to take them out into the wilderness, 100 miles from the closest civilization, and make them find their way out, giving them nothing but what they have on their backs to survive. Kind of like Survivorman.

siyeh pass said...

Bender - there was a show on, maybe Discover or A&E or something, that was similar to a massive Suviorman. They put 3 groups in somewhat different Alaskan wilderness situations. They had to trek to their given shelters, were given some basic supplies, but were forced to hunt and fish on their own. They were out in the wild for about 3-4 months, as I recall. It's more the reality-type tv that I enjoy.

Alan said...

Yeah, it was a bit sad Sugar didn't get a vote. She played the game well and was the king maker this season. She looked very disappointed she didn't at least win the $100K fan favorite prize.

Now, speaking of leeches on society, I wish Corrine all the luck launching her show biz career on being a bitch. Hopefully "bitch" doesn't sell as much as it used to. I'd rather see more sugar.

Original Mike said...

Previous juries have been better at seeing past their perceived insults and given credit for playing the game well. This jury was a bunch of cry babies.

Let's hear it for old physics teachers! I was rooting for Bob. If I were stranded on a desert island, my chances for survival would be immeasurably increased if I was with Bob. Can't say that about any of the rest.

Sugar deserved votes. She played well, if erratically at times. I'd have been fine with her winning. Could not agree more about Susie. The only reason Susie got votes was that the losers on the jury who were taken out by Sugar couldn't see past their own bitterness.

Original Mike said...

Next time, they need to take them out into the wilderness, 100 miles from the closest civilization, and make them find their way out, giving them nothing but what they have on their backs to survive. Kind of like Survivorman.

That would be a great show, but I think there would be a lot of dead "Survivors". Not that that's a deal breaker.

sg said...

I thought Corinne was a bitch poseur: all talk, no fingernails. She had zero game.

Jerri from Australia, Ami from Vanuatu, and even Natalie from Fans vs. Favs were much more interesting and influential bitch players.

BJM said...

I totally agree with sg re Corinne, she's a bully.

Randy is a piece of work, phony to the core.

I too was pulling for Bob to win, he has been the most likable player since Earl and watching his Mad Science Teacher shtick was fun; but it was disgraceful that the jury froze Sugar out. I think she sensed she lost as she didn't plead her case or take any crap in jury. I totally enjoyed her flipping off Corinne.

I disagree about Susie not having game, she played the best under the radar/coat tail/power triangulation game to date. Although I would have been very annoyed had she won with a completely passive game.

Btw- I think Bob threw the final elimination challenge in Mattie's favor, no way Bob couldn't visualize a structure.

Susie was a complete surprise, but then moms build houses of card with their kids and she seemed to immediately know what would work.

Jenna, Tom, Earl and Yul are my fav winners. Ozzie, Amanda and Stephanie my fav also-rans.

Christy said...

I was rooting for Sugar, but was happy with Bob. Anyone else surprised that he was only 57? He looked 10 years older.

I become fascinated by those that surprise me and exceed expectations. I confess to a bit of contempt for Sugar when first introduced, so I love that she became my favorite player.

Bender said...

On improving Survivor --

They could also have them threatened occasionally by "Others," be manipulated by some Benjamin Linus type, and have to push some button every so often or else the Island blows up.

Pete said...

save_the_rustbelt - The show first went on the air in 2000. It didn't even air in the 90s. I guess you could say it's so "2000s".

And yes, people still watch it because it's one of the higher rated shows on tv. This season wasn't too bad.

Jeremy said...

"Jerri from Australia", whoa, thanks for the time warp.

Bender - you're looking to root for Michael Skupin, who speared a pig but was removed from the game after falling into a campfire and melting his hands off.

michaele said...

Surprisingly, Sugar made this one of the best episodes in awhile. I loved her boldness in giving Matty her immunity idol although as it turned out it wasn't neccessary, afterall. Sugar had interesting integrity. I was fine with either her or Bob winning.

Shawn Levasseur said...

"This show is so 90s - does anyone watch it anymore?"

Did you forget to install the Y2K patches on your computer?
[ / cheap shot ]

Darin said...

The problem with this season, Probst, is that no one made that argument in the final episode. Previously winners have said "The reason that all of you are over there on the jury is thanks to me, give me the million." Sugar could have said that, and should have said that. She didn't, and therefore, they didn't.

Think of the last 2 season where Amanda was in the finals, both times she gave the same "sorry I put you all out of the game" speech, just like Sugar did. She didn't win. You backstab everyone, and then you have to own up to that, you don't apologize for it. You tell them that you had to, "the only reason I'm sitting here and you're not is because of the moves I made." Then and only then will the jury reward you with the prize.