December 11, 2008

"I just hate it when stereotypes are right."

News for boffins.


Dust Bunny Queen said...

I hope they didn't pay too much for this study or get a $750,000 tax payer funded government earmark to come to the realization that nerds didn't have as much sex as some other students more liberally inclined.

Pointing out the obvious. Doh!!!!!

The revenge of the nerds... live longer, less sexually transmitted diseases and >>>>>>>>Make more money.

John Burgess said...

Boffins, like puffins, are getting scarce. It's to do with reproductive rates, I think.

Wince said...

As I remember, Anthony Edwards (on left) had no problem getting laid as Dr. Mark Green on E.R.

He, too, was a science dweeb.

He had a hot wife who was a lawyer and, as I remember, a demanding bitch. They got caught practicing felicio in the hospital after she passed the bar exam.

Their relationship was something of a non sequitur. So, she left him, or he left her, they fought over their daughter.

Then he ended up with, I think, another doctor, a Brit or Australian, wasn't it? Not as hot as his first wife, but she liked to do it.

Is E.R. still on? It's so 1990s.

I heard some of the departed cast members would reprise their old characters before the show ends.

Why do I feel like I am writing in the snarky style of Titus?

Wince said...

Why does George Clooney press his head against the wall when he pisses?

He gets laid all the time.

I heard he did Mindy Cohn while on The Facts of Life.

Or was it Mrs. Garrett played by Charlotte Rae? Or was it was Tootie?

Maybe it was the Tom Boy, or the bubble headed blonde princess.

Anyway, so many stereo types!

Wince said...

Clooney's secret revealed!

He "inadvertantly" shows the women that he subscribes to and reads the Kuwait Times.

Sneaky bastard.

Notice, also, the entire cast of The Facts of Life has nearly the same 1980s style haircut, including Clooney.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Anyway, so many stereo types!

Would that be those coming at you from both directions?

Sprezzatura said...

I always thought that I hiked across campus to hangout and make friends w/ folks in the Art Department because they were more interesting.

I didn't realize the nerds I left behind were celibate.

Sprezzatura said...


"you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have....."

Or something like that.

Chip Ahoy said...

In the spirit of Christmas, Tony Rezko sings.

Einstein's Brain said...

NERDS RULE!!! I am proud to be a nerd. I want to be so nerdy I can make Bill Gates look like Jean Claude Van Damme!

KCFleming said...

I have performed the mathematical proof demonstrating that for nerds and dweebs:

celibate celebrate
∑celibacy = the sum of masturbation = m1 + m2 + … + mn, where n is the number of years of nerdiness or high school, whichever is greater.

lowercase said...

Yeah. I don't see why I should produce highly intelligent, sensitive sons if they are going to end up downloading porn and working 80 hour weeks at a corporate monolith just so the Paris Hilton of 2028 can have more functionality on her organic nano living membrane phone of the future.

At least the current Paris gives back.

Anonymous said...

Christine said...NERDS RULE!!!

Where? Nerdistan? Nerdtopia?

Nerds are neural slaves of the normal humans.