December 21, 2008

At the Red Clock Café....

Photo 39

... Jac is reading "Conversations on Consciousness" and says the phrase "the ineffable experience of redness."


EDH said...

The "ineffable experience of redness" aside, it's more likely that we're in the process of being F'ed by statist pinkos.

William said...

You look good in green.

Cedarford said...

Althouse goes psychedelic.

Interesting how the effect appears to knock 30 years off your age.

Bissage said...

We have an Eastern Red Cedar about three feet from one of our windows. Just now, there was a flock of robins eating its “berries” and I watched them for about twenty minutes as I sat cross-legged on the floor. Mrs. Bissage watched for a while, too, and so did one of the cats who got bored and then fell asleep in my lap. Perhaps he was contemplating his consciousness but I doubt it.

There was an icy glaze on the branches and the sun was breaking through the gloom and the ice was melting and I found the scene all rather pleasant and comforting on this, the first day of winter. It was a scene very much unlike my internal deliberations on the topic of free will, which have consistently for more than three decades left me in an agitated state even less pleasant than the one in which I began.

This said, I am very glad to be reminded once again that Professor Althouse and her sons enjoy spending time with one another.

Happy Winter Solstice everybody!

ricpic said...

Bright Lights, Sleepy City

She was hot chartreuse in the cobalt cafe
Where the clock on the wall was red;
Outside all was muffled and shadowed and grey:
Winter's green light to go back to bed.

reader_iam said...

"What can't be said, can't be said. And it can't be whistled, either." — F. P. Ramsey

"We shall grapple with the ineffable, and see if we may not eff it after all." — Douglas Adams

Simon said...

You're all green. I knew you were projecting about Favreau!


blogging cockroach said...

hi professor
sorry i haven t been around much
tommy s computer was broken
tommy is the boy whose computer i use
anyway computer trouble was only for starters
grand mere showed up from france
you know mom here at the house is french
well the very formidable grand mere blew in
complaining about everything americain
but grand mere took a spill in this fancy
cambridge food store that tries its best
so much to be french that julia child used
to shop there anyway grand mere is in hospital
and won t be out until christmas quel dommage

then we ve had snow snow snow and 2 out of 3
of tommy s christmas concerts were cancelled
that make money for his school quel dommage
which is actually a choir school where they sing
in latin if you want for weddings and funerals
quis a misericordia

well this is the first year everybody didn t
go to france for christmas er noel
so i was looking forward to grand mere s
french christmas cooking because if she s
anything like mom she s real sloppy
which is the first thing i look for in a cook

usually it s real quiet here during christmas
and i have a chance to meditate
on my having the transmigrated soul
of a composer and music professor
which is a little odd to be able to
remember but maybe i didn t get my
dose of the soup of forgetfulness
which proves that the cosmic cook
was probably a little too neat in my case

i have to admit that being a cockroach near harvard u
is pretty good comeuppance for a reborn
asshole prof at a 3rd rate state u
maybe it was 2nd rate but don t make me
a worm next time for bragging
you know i only wanted to get by last time
and what better way than cooking up
academic crap music that was only trendy
at 3rd rate state u s where the deans thought
they were being so avant garde
while they really were wearing no clothes
and no one would tell them
but at least i could hit on grad students
with nice legs
they had to have nice legs
and we got to the no clothes part asap
but now look at me
i ve got lots of legs these days

anyway i use this time to contemplate
how i got here and have resolved to be
a better sentient being if even an insect this time
because i now have an inkling of how
you can blow it if you re a jerk or even
if you re wasting your talents on useless crap
which i now think is a sure path to
invertebratedom in the next life

but this is all so hard to figure out and
it doesn t help that i only have 960 brain cells
although you would be surprised that
consciousness has less to do with the
hardware than you might imagine
so think about that the next time
you squash a cockroach
merry christmas

Theo Boehm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reader_iam said...

merry Christmas, cockroach, and sincerest and warmest of thanks for all your blog-commenting this year.

regards, ria

reader_iam said...

To 10:52 (deleted): A Merry Christmas to you, too, and so forth.

Warmest regards,


blogging cockroach said...

merry christmas to you too
dear reader
and thanks for everything you ve
contributed which i can t begin to list
becuase i got a little too much eggnog tonight