November 12, 2008

Speaking of metaphors...



Trooper York said...

To Be Alone
By Phil Rizzzto

Hey White
You know where your loyalties are?

Right here.
The old pinstripes.


You never wore them
So you have a right to sing the blues.

(May 12, 1987 New York at Chicago
Bill Long pitching to Dan Pasqua
Second inning, no outs, bases empty. White Sox lead 1)

AJ Lynch said...

Althouse you need a label like "starry-eyed media" for these lovefest articles about the Dems.

Sofa King said...

If we can hit that bulls-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards - checkmate.

Trooper York said...

They Own The Wind
By Phil Rizzuto

i tell ya,
did you take notice of the flag?
i couldn't believe it.
just as jim rice came to the plate,
the wind started blowing to left field.
it not only helped yastrzemski's homer,
but it hurt jackson's,
the wind was blowing to right field
when jackson hit the fly ball,
when yaz hit the homer
the wind was blowing to left field,
kept it from going foul.
strike one to piniella.
somebody told me
the red sox control the elements up here
i didn't believe 'em until today

New York at Boston
Mike Torrez pitching to Lou Piniella)

chickenlittle said...

"Newly coined Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel..."

I've heard of words and phrases being coined, but I hadn't heard it applied to people.

Trooper York said...

They wanted to say "newly minted" but were trying to be clever.

Not a good thing for journalists as they are stupid sacks of shit.

The only thing worse than a journalist is a lawyer.

Paul Brinkley said...

Next thing you'll hear them say is how Bush was heisted by his own retard.

Trooper York said...

No, Michael Barone said that was Palin.

AJ Lynch said...

Hey did you hear the only thing worse than a journalist is a lawyer?

And the NY Giants won the Super Bowl! Heh.

David said...

And when he screws up:


Ron said...

When "W" garbled things it was proof that he was a "village idiot"? Now when Rahm does it, its only colorful?

Chip Ahoy said...

Foisted by his own canard.

veni vidi vici said...

Cloistered with two sweaty 'nards.

Paul Brinkley said...

Rahmbonied: adj. - put on a path to political failure by an unfortunate rahmboner.

Paul Brinkley said...

Raced to disown Rothbard.

Titusisathug said...

Did I mention that I would do Rahm?

He could finger my ass with his stub if he wanted.

Titusisathug said...

True story, I literally shit my pants yesterday.

I was at the dog park and all of a sudden I felt a tremble in my pants.

I ran home, the rare clumbers couldn't keep up. I was holding my ass cheeks closed with one hand and them with the other.

On the way up on the elevator I was thinking of my mother but by the time the elevator had got to my floor I exploded. All over my buffalo jeans.

It was disgusting.

Quayle said...

Rahmbonied: adj. - (1) put on a path to political failure by an unfortunate rahmboner.

(2) a play on the proper noun Zamboni: a periodic resurfacing of a thin personality vaneer, a temporary political face, or a carfully crafted public image.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Kick down the can recalls the way The proof of the pudding is in the eating turned into The proof is in the pudding.