November 25, 2008

"So, Letterman like Palin blows Katie Couric interview too."

"Turns out old Dave got so focused on making fun of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that he forgot to ask Couric about how Republican presidential candidate John McCain happened to be on Katie's news show, choosing to stand up Letterman's guest invite at the last minute earlier in the fall."

(Via Instapundit.)


m00se said...

Katie is HOT!

...and funny too!

TitusTheReflex said...

Love Dave
Hate Jay
Dave is funny
Jay isnt.

MadisonMan said...

I'd say he blew it if the interview with Couric wasn't entertaining. I thought it was.

The followup phone call was great as well.

I can't tell if the LATimes blogger is serious or not. If he is serious, he needs to adjust his sense of humor meter.

Trooper York said...

Letterman is for geriatric baby boomers who still think they are cool. You might as well be watching Jack Paar for crying out loud.

The only cool late night show is Chelsea Lately with a hot blonde with big tits and her faithful midget Mexican companion

laura said...

A comedian's gotta do what a comedian's gotta do - you know, sometimes presents just fall in your lap.

al said...

A better title is "Letterman Blows". He's just not funny.

Theo Boehm said...

Trooper: As a semi-geriatric, although well-preserved boomer myself, I agree totally.

I'm also old enough to remember Jack Paar, who was, in fact, much better than any of the current crop of unfunny, aging late night clowns.

Jack Paar was witty and sophisticated. Wit and sophistication does not move product like generational in-joking aimed at a particular demographic.

Of course, generational in-joking is looking increasingly desperate, the only bright spot being that the public won't have to put up with the boomer variety for much longer.

knox said...

Katie Couric's role in the media destruction of Palin disgusts me. Like Palin, I think she gets an especially hard time because she's a woman: the first one in the big anchor chair.

She should have a modicum of sympathy for Palin. Had she been fair, her interview could have been fascinating; she would have had special insight into Palin's triumphs and travails. Instead, she chose to pile on with everyone else.

Katie's career has reached it's pinnacle at the Nightly News and, if the ratings are any indication, she has failed at it. Meanwhile, Palin's just getting started.

Karma's a bitch, Katie. So to speak.

LoafingOaf said...

knox, there was nothing "unfair" about Couric's Palin interview. Palin just didn't have a clue. Time for you to face reality.

blake said...

Why stop there, L-Oaf?

Why not simply say that the scrutiny Palin received and her treatment was perfectly in-line with what all the other candidates received?

knox said...


Palin's readiness for office and the media's treatment of her are two separate issues.

The Exalted said...

probably pre-agreed

seems obvious

jdeeripper said...

Sarah Palin is Emmanuel Goldstein with a vagina.

Now that Bush is out and Obama is in there is no choice but to hold up Palin as the necessary object of hate.

For the liberal left pseudo comics, bloggers and talking nerds she will take up the ridicule they normally direct at the White man in the White House.

Daddy's gone and the black man is in the house. So the liberal White boy will nervously avoid the black threat and bash the small, nonthreatening mother of five.

Darcy said...

I used to really enjoy Letterman. But he's SO boring now. Just crusty and boring. And his strange grudge against McCain was silly.
What a baby.

Theo Boehm said...

jdeeripper: Very insightful. It's a dreary thing, but I think you're absolutely right. The level of Palin-hate is all out of proportion to who she is, what her political positions are, and what she has done.
She has been assigned a role that I've had a hard time understanding in the context of our supposedly enlightened times.
I think you've nailed it.

jdeeripper said...

Theo Boehm said...I think you've nailed it.

So to speak.

rcocean said...

Sorry, could only get through part of it. A pretend comic talking to a pretend newswoman. Letterman comes off as an old grouch.

And I agree on Paar. I saw some of his interviews on DVD and was amazed at how witty and intelligent he was. He could do a decent interview of Nixon and be funny with some Hollywood actor.

LoafingOaf said...

Letterman has been a sell out every since he went to 11:30pm. But he's still a funny guy. You guys are extreme in your attcks on LEtterman just because he saw the truth about Sara Palin. Jesus, when will Althouse's right-winger commenters face reality and see that Sarah Palin is considered dumb as a brick because she IS dumb as a brick. It's not our fault for noticing. Katie Couric conducted a perfectly fair interview with Palin and Palin was a complete idiot.

LoafingOaf said...

I didn't know it until fairly recently, but 8 years of Clintons and 8 years of the Bush administration has caused so much damage that America-as-we-knew-it is very much at risk of going down the tubes. We're elected really crappy people in this country and the country is suffering for it.

LoafingOaf said...


blake said...

We're elected really crappy people in this country and the country is suffering for it.

I thought you were an Obama booster.

Trooper York said...

David Letterman is a major league dick and it is not surprising that the Oaf makes excuses for him because he also is scared of Sarah Palins pussy. He stole lame jokes and routines that were old when Steve Allen did them and hasn't an original thought in his head since 1982. I mean enough is enough. Plus Letterman has a big problem with women if you remember his dust ups with people like Cher and Madonna and Oprah. I mean they papered over their differences because they are all celebrity whores who want to make money but most people think Letterman is a major league dick. One of the bars that I did the taxes for had the Letterman show Christmas party and after a two hour open bar the people who worked for him let out some stories about what a jerk-off he really is to the people he works with. But by all means Loafy be sure to ride your hobbyhorse.

Just because you hate Palin doesn't mean that Letterman isn't a dick.