November 7, 2008

Late night confessions in the Yellow Line Barroom.




Lem said...

I dont know about Madison but here yellow mean no parking.

Meade said...

Aw thanks. I can sleep peacefully now. Goodnight, barroom.

Matt Eckert said...

How did you get a picture of Barack Obama's back?

Matt Eckert said...
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Lem said...

Aw thanks. I can sleep peacefully now. Goodnight, barroom.

Whoever said Neutrality was cruel has never come to Althoue ;)

Beta Conservative said...

Goodnight from The Hotel Sheets:

Ron said...

Ok, I've been snoozin' a lot today...and I like it!

Lem said...

What's your poison Ron?

Chip Ahoy said...

I confess I took a commenter's advice and attempted to make my own tahini.

The first problem was, where to get a pound of sesame seeds? The bins at Whole Foods. There were two types. I confess to not knowing what hulled VS. unhulled meant. Did hulled mean they were enhullenated and retained their hulls or does it mean they've been de-hulled? This caused confusion, for I confess, I'm easily confused. Finally, I realized white hulled, at over twice the cost must mean extra processing of de-hulling. Therefore, hulled means de-hulled.

I bought unhulled, purely as an experiment.

I toasted them until they began to smoke. The hulls, barely perceptible, made my tahini extra fibrous. It didn't turn into peanut butter-like oily creamy consistency, but rather it remained crumbly. To counteract that I added olive oil and water. It kept absorbing all the oil and water I added. To make those two ingredients mix I also added lecithin. Then finally stopped adding liquids and accepted the crumbly texture.

My tahini is more delicious than the three types I bought that are oily and creamy made from hulled sesame seeds and variously raw, toasted, and toasted over fire. Although still crumbly and fibrous, I confess, it's absolutely delicious and makes a fine healthy substitute for peanut butter and a marvelous addition to hummus, to which I've become addicted.

That is all.

Simon said...

Late night confessions, huh? Okay. I'll confess that I'm mad at Althouse for voting for Obama. I still love her. I mean that - regular readers will understand how sincerely that's said. I still feel the same. And I acknowledge that I have no right to be mad and that I wasn't even surprised by it. But there it is. It's one thing to know something on an intellectual level; it's quite different to be confronted with it on an emotional level. In a few days or a few weeks I'll be done absorbing it, but if we're confessing, honestly that's how I feel today, three days almost to the hour after it became clear that America had really done this to itself.

These are the times, as Tom Paine might have said, that try men's souls.

Chip Ahoy said...

That is all expect for the neon tetra incident.

I decided to put neons in the tiny aquarium in the bathroom that never gets used. It's a good place for neons. Nothing to frighten them.

Neons are from the Amazon River which is devoid of minerals. Now, this might be counterintuitive when you see the water dark with tannin, but all the minerals are in the canopy so the water is extra soft. Neons are susceptible to hard water. Therefore, I picked up a few gallons of reverse osmosis water from Whole Foods whilst there for sesame seeds.

I had to go to three stores to find the tetras. At the last stop the woman was having trouble netting them. They're fast. I asked, "May I give it a go?" She said, "Yeah," and handed me the net. I used the herd-them-into-a-corner then SCOOP UP ! technique. I netted, like six all at once. Here they are, there are a dozen in a two gallon tank. I confess, I love them so.

BJM said...

I made pie today from luscious ripe Bing cherries I froze in June.

Life is good.

Chip Ahoy said...

Mmmmm, pie.

Chip Ahoy said...

Did you make the crust?

zeek said...

My confession is that I didn't vote. I live in a highly democratic district. Obama won by 75% here. I knew I didn't have to bother so I didn't.

bwebster said...

Chip Ahoy:

Neon tets! As a kid, I had an aquarium in my bedroom for years, filled mostly with self-sustaining populations of guppies and neon tetras (plus a tiny catfish or two). I also had at various times lizards, turtles, rats, snakes, and other miscellaneous pets. I'm not sure how my mom (and my older brother) put up with the smell.

But neon tetras -- they're just cool; your photo brings back lots of memories. Though if I were to get an aquarium now, I'd want some of the fish that fluoresce. ..bruce..

chickelit said...

Chip Ahoy:

I confess that as a teen I raised tropical fish (freshwater only). My favorite was the brichardi cichlid, also known as the lyre-tailed cichlid. The photo isn't a good one--their flesh is actually softer pink, and the fringe was bluish-tinged. They lived well with each other and with khuli loaches (another favorite).

john said...

I confess that I am slightly more glad that McCain lost than sad that Obama won. Ever so slightly.

And I voted for McCain, although in my heart I voted for Palin.

I'm one conflicted cowboy.

john said...

Ann, you have the conch now.

Ron said...

I confess that I'd be more interested in make a fissionable pile of U-238 than making my own tahini.

I also confess to not hating ELO and ELP as much as I should!

BJM said...

Chip: yes, a proper flaky pie crust with a lattice top.

btw- try thinning your tahini with a 50-50 blend of olive and sesame oil. Flora is a good brand. I use it in my hummus and baba ganoush as I like the extra nuttiness.

Joan said...

Wednesday, I bought my daughter a teddy bear hamster for her tenth birthday. It is the most adorable little thing I've ever seen. I never had pets growing up so I never experienced the whole small-mammal thing before. I love that little furball already.

Ron, there's nothing wrong in loving ELP and ELO.

John, I think my feelings re the election are the same as yours. McCain winning would have been bad, but bad in different ways than Obama's administration will be. Given what a disaster his campaign was, how well could he have run the White House? As so many have said, it's one thing to win the election -- then you actually have to govern. McCain's screw-ups would have been predictable; with Obama, we're forced into a wait-and-see mode, because we really have no idea what he'll actually do.

integrity said...
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ron st.amant said...

Bless me Ann for I have sinned.
It's been 40 years since my last confession.

I once had red wine with fish.

And when I say red wine with fish, I mean I once chased a McWhaler sandwich with a bottle of Thunderbird.

I'd ask for penance but really..haven't I suffered enough already?

chickelit said...

I confess that I enjoy two-buck chuck.

chickelit said...

Seven Machos said on another thread: I do hate the tools and trolls. I, for one, believe that Althouse should ban people who show a continual and vexing inability to engage in remotely reasonable conversation.

I disagree Seven. I like the Hegelian Althouse:
"The history of the world (blog thread) is the judgment of the world (blog thread)."

TitusGuessWho'sComingToDinner said...

Michelle Obama has smal titties.

Thank you.

TitusGuessWho'sComingToDinner said...

Michelle Obama titties are just two little pancakes.

I am disappointed in Michelle Obama's titties.

I expected more.

I expected a big pair of titties that would fit a 9 inch hog nicely.

TitusGuessWho'sComingToDinner said...

Basically Michelle Obama's titties are a couple pair of nipples.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just nipples. No amount of size or substance.

Perhaps I am missing something but I just don't see any tit there.

I would appreciate a round, supple, large tit.

Instead, two little nipples. No roundness or gerth or substance.

A major buzzkill.

Having a nice pair of round, large, substantial, milky tits are nice.

TitusGuessWho'sComingToDinner said...

I like Jennifer Anniston's tits.

And Althouse's tits.

I like tits.

I like the word tits.


TitusGuessWho'sComingToDinner said...


rhhardin said...

Iowahawk strikes the right note of pride in Obama's election to President. via Tim Blair

Ann Althouse said...

"I do hate the tools and trolls. I, for one, believe that Althouse should ban people who show a continual and vexing inability to engage in remotely reasonable conversation."

#1. I can't ban people. I can only delete.

#2. Reasonableness isn't my standard.

#3. I don't like repetitious overposting, being told I should blog about other things, and personal attacks on private citizens who are not part of the conversation.

#4. Some people have been told never to come back. I delete everything they write and I don't even read it. I don't care how reasonable they sound now. They are on the permanent shit list.

Ann Althouse said...

"Ann, you have the conch now."

I confess that I was asleep when you wrote that, and that it is now 6 in the morning, too late for late night confessions.

hdhouse said...

ahhh Ann....did someone get a ticket?

Bissage said...
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Bissage said...
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Bissage said...

So what happens?

I wake up and find out I spent the night in the Yellow Line Barroom.

I must have been sleeping face down on the bar because there’s Chex mix stuck to my forehead and my hair smells like beer, which oddly now feels all silky smooth and shiny bright with terrific bouncy touchability.

** tosses luxurious head of hair in strobo-phonic slow-motion **

Anyway, here’s my confession: “Yellow Line Barroom” made me think of “Wichita Lineman” which made me think of Glenn Campbell which made me think of Johnny Cash which made me think of an Italian hoagie which made me realize I’m actually still asleep.

** wakes up **


Oh my sweet pickle relish, it was all a dream!

Well, doesn’t that beat all bed knobs and broomsticks!!!

Bissage said...

I confess that sometimes I get too fussy about my comments!

Meade said...

psst, Bissage, bruh... y' got a lllittle bit of drool jjjust about to hit your shirt.