November 21, 2008

"He deserved what he got like Survivor deserves an Emmy. So why did I feel bad?"

Jeff Probst loses his edge and goes all soft... over "the most hateful person ever to play this game."

Probst thinks it's something about Sugar: "That uncontrollable laugh that came from such a deep place inside Sugar was so uncomfortable that I almost wanted to pull the votes out, rearrange them, rewind the tape, and vote Sugar out."

Moreover: "I'm concerned about my soft spot for Randy, not interested in Corinne, can't wait for Kenny to get his comeuppance, enjoyed the 5th grade cookie argument, and love Bob."

[R]egarding the "same lines" I say every week, such as: "Come on in guys," "Wanna know what you're playing for?" "Immunity is back up for grabs," etc....

1. Yes, I write everything I say. Blame me.

2. Yes, I'm aware I say them every time. That's the joke. Hello.
LOL. I love Jeff Probst.


Alan said...

Sugar was growing on me, but that last episode...she completely won me over. Although, Corrine is friggin hot--I'd rather see her as a pinup.

Ann Althouse said...

Corrine is horrible!

jprapp said...
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Alan said...

Corrine is quite the bitch. But her looks make up for it. :)

Ann Althouse said...

Blah! She doesn't look that good. She's stringy. Sugar is much better. Crystal is better too.

Fatmouse said...

Was the EW article written by a professional celebrity paid millions of dollars to host a television show, or a ADD-afflicted highschooler gossiping on her MySpace?

The flow of it all was so awkwardly put together that I had to stop and start over to read it - and can't blame the fact that it was a recap of a reality show, since the TWOP summary was both readable and interesting.

It's been said a thousand times and deserves to be said again - celebrities shouldn't blog. (I'm looking at you, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, et al.)

Guesst said...

It got personal, with Sugar calling Randy an old alcoholic and a "loozah".

Corrine isn't horrible-she's honest.

Sugar isn't honest, she's a pinup.

Christy said...

Thanks for the link to Probst's blog.

Sugar is now one of my favorite Survivors ever. I like for people to exceed my expectations. I love the way she plays a ditsy blond.

Randy - too bad he made it as far as the jury.

Corrine is a nasty piece of work. Clueless. Arrogant.

sg said...

Corinne is bitchy in the confessionals but she seems to be a passive player otherwise. No wonder she hasn't been able to control or anticipate the game.

Jerri, on the other hand, was a dominant persona in camp.

Sugar is fun to root for. I liked how she found the idol when Doofus Dan didn't, then beat champion log-roller Bob at his own game. Double-crossing Ace was nice, too.

Bissage said...

I've never watched "Survivor."

What's with all the fascination, anyway?

Do they fight to the death or something?

BJM said...
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BJM said...

Seems we speculate about Peachy's perceived misogyny every season.

Bob is my fav "adult" thus far; his explanation re the fake idol was spot on and it saved him one more cycle.

It's beginning to look as if Sugar and Crystal may be the final two. That would make an interesting jury session!

Randy should be embarrassed with his edit but one suspects he's not.

Ann Althouse said...

"Bob is my fav "adult" thus far; his explanation re the fake idol was spot on and it saved him one more cycle."

He wasted it. It served no function for him... except maybe to make people like him. I wanted to see him use it more strategically, not just to increase the satisfaction at a vote-out that was going to happen anyway.

Alan said...

I think Bob suspects Sugar has the idol. He tried to get her to reveal it when he showed her his fake idol. He probably also suspects the other alliance is aware that Sugar has it. Think about it. The other alliance would have been just as inquisitive about the idol as Corrine and Randy if they thought Bob had a chance to find it. Bob's smart enough to put that all together. Bob probably made the best play he could by helping Sugar set up Randy.

Ann Althouse said...

I think Bob was assuming Sugar had the idol, but there was nothing about tricking Randy into thinking he had the idol that caused the votes to be cast differently. Corinne, Randy, and Bob all voted for Susie. The other 4 voted for Randy. So what was the effect of the fake idol other than to amuse Sugar?

Sugar is getting reckless.