November 11, 2008

FactCheck is handing out awards for the 2008 campaign season ads:

Nicely done. Best Actor: Chuck Norris. Best Actress: Paris Hilton. Much more at the link.


Justin said...

Althouse, I noticed that you've gone back to the new, yet fatally flawed commenting style. As far as I can tell, this flaw has not been fixed.

It's not a big deal now, since there are no new mega-threads. But it will become an issue eventually. Did you do this intentionally, or did Google force you to "upgrade"?

Bissage said...

FWIW, I liked the way the old comment input screen showed various commenters’ avatars.

A commenter’s avatar helps others figure out where he or she is coming from.

And some of them are quite interesting.

Works of art, really, just like the curiously nifty Ann Hathaway.

Justin said...

I also like the avatars. But I never understood why they only show up on the "Post a comment" page.

Blogger is cool and all, but they make some weird choices.

Ann Althouse said...

I changed the format back to the old style. I was just experimenting and something I was trying to do didn't happen.

TMink said...

Factcheck would never answer my question. I asked them the same question every day for three weeks.

"Has Senator Obama ever been on the payroll of the Annenberg Foundation? Has he ever been an employee of the Annenberg Foundation? Has he been the recipient of funds for acting as a board member of an Annenberg Foundation?"

I never even got a response.

Factcheck my ass.