November 24, 2008

Amazing, incredibly expensive things: The eat-in kitchen! The smart toilet!

The Daily News tries to wow us with "NYC's most expensive things," and some of the details just aren't working for me. First, there's an apartment that rents for $200,000 a month. Fine, that's expensive. I'm impressed. But what are the amazing features of this palace in the sky?
The penthouse includes a library and state-of-the-art eat-in kitchen.
If you're paying $200,000 a month for an apartment, why would you give a damn about being able to eat in the kitchen?

Next, we get a hotel room that's $34,000 per night -- it's the whole top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, designed by I.M. Pei -- 9 rooms and only one bed -- only one bathroom. What I'd like to know is, what are all those rooms that are so much better than another bed- or bathroom? Instead, we see there's a "smart toilet." What if 2 people need a bathroom at the same time? The toilet can't be that smart.


Richard Fagin said...

It astounds me that I. M. Pei is still in business. He designed the Hancock Tower in Boston in the early 1970s. The design was so poorly done that for a long time after its glass "skin" was installed, glass blew out under wind pressure. The building was jokingly known as the "plywood palace" for years because of teh plywood sheets used to cover the blown out windows. That and the 1800s vintage church next door almost crumbled to dust because its foundation was loaded by the weight of the plywood palace.

All in all it was a monumental foul up that would put ordinay architects in the poor house.

Meade said...

"The toilet can't be that smart."

No but apparently the two people can be that stupid.

Cedarford said...

It's more like a list of things that piss people off about NYC and the rich and why many Americans think nuking Manhattan wouldn't be an entirely bad thing.