October 2, 2008

Tantrums and tulle-fights.

I'm thinking about the big VP debate tonight -- and I will be live-blogging it -- but first, I just have to bitch about "Project Runway." Last night's episode was soooo annoying.

[Spoiler alert.]

They got to do evening gowns, inspired by flowers and foliage. That gives them the most possible room to show whatever brilliance they've got in them. And what did we get? Nothing but junk... and -- off the runway -- tantrums and tulle-fights. And after all that, no one is eliminated!


eaglewingz08 said...

What, they haven't demanded Age Of Obama clothing lines yet? They aren't as avant garde I as had previously believed.

Apathetic Citizen said...


A fine, often starched net of silk, rayon, or nylon, used especially for veils, tutus, or gowns.

[French, after Tulle, a city of south-central France.]

Tutu anatomy here

Summer Anne said...

ugh, I completely agree... It seemed like they didn't eliminate anyone because they can't decide who they like the least. I am so bored by this season. I think that the best designer in the group now is Kenley but she is so insufferably spoiled and whiny that I find myself cheering for anyone but her despite how trite all of their clothes are.

I miss Christian.

chuck b. said...

This season is a bust--both design-wise and in terms of the rote challenges. Inspired by flowers? Ugh. And I'm an avid gardener.

On the other hand, because last night's results were so uniformly inadequate, I thought it was fine for the judges to not eliminate anyone.

The bottom two last night were Kenley and Korto, and I want to see both of their work outside the contrived challenges. (I know they're already up at Project Rungay, and I've looked, but I want to see them on my big TV.)

Also, I'm totally over hating the designers because of their personalities. The fact is I admire a lot of people with awful personalities because they interest me in other ways.

chuck b. said...

So I the drama with Kenley is boring and I don't care.

(Meant to finish that thought.)

AlphaLiberal said...

I got nothing.

ricpic said...

Did any of them go the black flower route? I would expect that of this crowd.

Trooper York said...

Since we opened a woman's clothing store I have had a chance to meet a lot of designers. Very few of them are as crazy as the people in project runway. The actual working designers who have their own companies are serious about what they do and are willing to take input from the people who are actually selling their clothes to the general public. Of course this is the ready to wear designers, not the couture guys who are a different breed and who I think project runway is really aspiring to find in this contest.

I am planning to do my own Project Runway where I am going to run a contest for a design from the students at a local design college. I want to have a contest for them to design a dress or series of dresses and the winner will get a nice cash prize. And if any of the other designs are good we will buy them. It is in the works.

I am working on my Heidi Klum accent.

Pogo said...


Make it work!

Trooper York said...

Hey you can be a judge Pogo. I will post the designs on line and get some feed back.

Of course this is the real world and not the crap that the stupid fucking professors teach in school.

These kids are gonna learn that the key is not the beauty of the design or the innovation or even the style. It is the quality of the fabric and the ability of the design to be produced in a factory setting in an economical amount of time for a reasonable price.

I believe in paying full price for good work. But any body who wants to put on a show or act out ego games will be squashed with extreme prejudice.

I am not worried, because I notice that a lot of the artistic types are really very seriously interested in making money and will actually take my advice. If you put it to them in the right way.

Trooper York said...

Now if Palladian will only design some organic perfume like he said he would we would be cooking with gas.

Trooper York said...

Hey we are on What Not to Wear again this Friday on TLC at 9pm eastern time.

rhhardin said...

In Ohio we call it foilage real audio

veni vidi vici said...

Last night's episode was more of a "Tool fight" than anything else.

What a load of shriveled ballsacs those contestants are and have been this season. It does not give hope for the next season, which will be on the staid Lifetime net.

Trooper York said...

Tomorrow we are going to a show room to meet a designer who had just brought her spring line in from Germany. We bought just a few pieces for fall because they were kind of pricey. But you never can tell about this shit. Her designs are all asymmetrical and different. She had this coat that I thought was way too expensive especially since the fabric was too "North Face" like if you know what I mean. We only got two of them and sold them both in a week. This shit is hard to figure sometimes.

Rick Lee said...

"Now that Suede's gone it's really boring", said Suede.