October 24, 2008

Ron Howard does a really cool pro-Obama thing.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die


Beth said...

I don't pay attention to celebrity endorsements (or any endorsements, really) but this was fun in itself.

Ann Althouse said...

It was so low-key and modest.

I didn't really want to see RH's naked torso, but it was humble of him to reveal it.

chickenlittle said...

That one needs a nostrils tag!

Expat(ish) said...

I'm confused: man bites dog or dog bites man? I mean, Hollywood insider endorses BHO. How is that news, exactly?

Now, get Ted Nugent on board and I'll put away my brand new CVA 209 Magnum Blackpowder deer rifle and vote for BHO.



Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, a nostrils tag!

DBrooks17 said...

In other news, Danny Thomas, after watching his daughter and her infantile husband from his vantage point in the Great Beyond, issued a statement today saying he would never, never, never, never again vote for another Democrat/Progressive/Liberal even if given 30 more lifetimes.

Original George said...

Opie's not a Southerner. He's from California. Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

What this ad means is that Sen. Obama has yet to close the deal with older white Southern voters, especially men.

Few under 40 will have any idea what this ad is about or much care.

This story made the front page of the Raleigh paper today below the fold. (Crystal Magnum ran above.)

Andy makes TV ads for Democratic candidates all the time. All the time. He's a good fellow. Has a place on Manteo.

Griffith and Howard were never actually filmed together.

Hank Jr. speaks for the South. McCain will win.

Lem said...

If we were to listen to Holywood a conservative would never be elected POTUS.

Not even one of their own - Reagan I think..

What is 'give a liberal one more chance' supposed to do?

Simon said...

Heh. Silly, but funny.

peter hoh said...

Adding a little self-deprecation goes a long way to making this sort of thing palatable.

Lem said...

If Bill Clinton was so good (Hollywood said vote for him twice) why did Holywood give more money to Obama instead of Hillary?

a supposed pickup of where Bill left off.

peter hoh said...

Also reprising their moment of fame, the Wassup guys.

Lem said...

Hollywood is about what is new - Hillary is not - McCain is most def not.

Lem said...

BTW - did you notice how much Ron looks like his father now?

T J Sawyer said...

Great video - but:

That was a lot of "Hollywood production" to say that these three guys want a change from Bush. But they get that with either candidate. In fact, I think McCain is running harder against Bush than Obama is.

But what is the case for Obama? I guess even Ron Howard can't figure it out.

Lem said...

Wilson! Wilson!

Wilson! ;)

Sorry, I could not resist.

Simon said...

peter hoh said...
"Also reprising their moment of fame, the Wassup guys."

Also reprising their moment of fame: the Democratic Party!

I do find it funny that so many Obama supporters cite a desire to move beyond "divisiveness" as a reason. Can't you just be honest and say you want to get your own way? You really think that Obama's going to unite people? With a democratic House and a Democratic Senate? So adorable!

Original George said...

Ron's been drinking the tranya is all.

Palladian said...

"But what is the case for Obama?"

He's Hope!

He's Audacious about Hope!

He's black!

The kids like him!

Palladian said...

"I do find it funny that so many Obama supporters cite a desire to move beyond "divisiveness" as a reason."

There is no division in a one-party state!

Lem said...

The kids like him!

Iran likes him, Powell likes him, even Hillary likes him (i think)

Cedarford said...

Original George - Griffith and Howard were never actually filmed together.

A wonderful non-sequiter. Howard was at his California place when he endorsed Obama, Andy Griffith in North Carolina when he did his endorsement.
Are you saying that the goal of the ad, the Obama endorsement - would only be valid if the two had travelled halfway and physically met in Missouri?

Original George - Hank Jr. speaks for the South. McCain will win.

No, Hank speaks for rural backwoods Southerners, recent transplants to cities, and the Fundies outside the backwoods.

McCain will win...a dwindling region of the country, while he loses the General. Besides Republicans now completely uncompetitive in the West, Great Lakes States, New England and North Atlantic States - Republicans are losing ground in the Rocky Mountain States, Midwest, even the South. Where they will lose Florida, Virginia, possibly N Carolina and even a slight chance of Mississippi going Obama.

Republicans have done a wonderful job of slavishly doing what the theocrats, neocons, and Corporatist Darwinists of "The Base" demands. In the process, they scared the rest of the country - and lost most regions of America, the white woman's vote, and the hispanic vote.

They have some deep thinking to do as they head into the electoral wilderness - what parts of Bushism and hoary old Reagan worship do they need to rethink? What elements of Fundie theocrats scare off so many women and Catholics and moderates of more secular orientation? Why if Utah and the Western Mormons are so sincerely Republican did The Base bash a Mormon Presidential candidate as a heretic - and not support any recent Mormons for high office - while the Dems have two new Mormon Senators? Why - Republicans roaming the Wilderness need to ask themselves - do they think Americans want new long, long lasting wars to "liberate more freedom-lovers"?

Lem said...

If I was convinced that Obama would govern as Clinton did - only act when you have everybody behind you - I would say he will not do that much damage.

But I dont see that.

Lem said...

In Obama I see the dark side of pasivity.

I dont mean skin color.

Lem said...

Obama's gut felings are probably stranged from Obama himself.

I dont think Obama is capable of an impulsive, gutfull act. A president has to be able to trust his own gut.

IE - Bush and the surge.

Palladian said...

Jesus, I've always thought you were an overbearing, boring, repetitive windbag when you were a simple paleocon Jew-hater, Cedarford. But now that you're down on your knees begging to smoke Obama's salami, while still being an overbearing, boring, repetitive windbag paleocon Jew-hater, it's really unbearable.

You're like Freder Frederson without the charm.

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Lem said...
"IE - Bush and the surge."

The surge? You mean the military operation that Obama opposed and later admitted had worked?

Lem said...

Ronald Reagan going to that semetery in Germany and everybody telling not to.

Bill Clinton and the Volcans.

I see Obama lulled into waiting for things to work themselves out.

Skyler said...

Ron's sentiments are nice, and it would be even nicer if a communist weren't the beneficiary of his pleasant sentiments. Sadly, too many people don't really understand communism anymore, it's old history that is going to run right over us. We have, in the end, lost the cold war.

And the biggest problem is not that a devoted communist will be in unchecked power for at least the next two and probably eight years, but that the institutions he will create enslaving our medical industry will be permanent for our lifetimes.

On the other hand, the repubicans have done nothing the past eight years to deserve another chance. McCain's headlong drive to "me too" the democrats' socialism, his unblinking and frantic support of nationalizing our banking industry, and his inability to offer anything positive about himself to go with the very deserved negative portrayal of Obama make this the most depressing election of my life.

Were it not for the promised socialized medicine and other whacko policies that will never be undone, this would be the most inconsequential of elections in my life. The republicans need to be thoroughly punished, it's just sad that the democrats must prosper at the same time, and even worse that generations will be punished as well with

Lem said...

The surge? You mean the military operation that Obama opposed and later admitted had worked?

After people pointing out to him that he was disonoring the people who brought about that change in Iraq.

So what did Obama say?

No, it was the Ambar awakening and the sunnis coming together - all along dening that all those things were made possible only after the car bombings and the morter fire subsided - IE -- The surge.

Ron said...

We can still get Joan Fontaine to reshoot a McCain counter-ad based on Hitchcock's Suspicion! (with Obama as the Cary Grant character!)

Go ahead, Opie, top that!

Lem said...

The republicans need to be thoroughly punished.

I've never understood that kind of thinking.
If you stand for something fight for it.

It sounds like that old catholic penance - pulgatory - buy your soul into heaven.

Lem said...

In Obama I see the dark side of pasivity.

I dont mean skin color.

There - dont you think that even if Obama is color blind the people around him wont see him and advise him tru a kind of rainbow prism freezing him into inaction?

I think this is what Biden may be refering to when he says Obama will be tested.

Lem said...

Obamas claim has to, and seems to want to represent more than the mere interest of these United States of America.

Its a recipe for America getting the short end.

Lem said...

I remember the the founder of CSPAN interviwing important people and asking them out of the blue - what are you reading?

Has Obama red any presidential biografies?

Jeff with one 'f' said...

The Film Actors Guild is really going all-out in this election!

peter hoh said...

Lem, I think Obama blue off that question.

Lem said...

I suppose that after hearing the God dam America sermon the last thing I might be inspired to do would be to pick up a presidential biografy.

But, that's me.

Lem said...

There is usually a sort of sport amoung the punditocracy about gessing what president in history is a candidate most likely to pattern himself once in office.

Other than a political thing - I have not heard the tradition applied to Obama.


zeek said...

Original George said...
Ron's been drinking the tranya is all.

Naw, that was his brother, Clint.

Lem said...

It seems to me that the way he is persived by his advisors will be crutial as to how efectively he will be able to govern.

His race may be too much of a burden on top of all the other (less important - as measured by the elections results) things a president has to be on top off and allways worry about.

To protect and defend. to me it implies pro-action. the last thing we need now is a passive president - IE the defence of the country.

The constitution is very clear on presidential prerogatives.

Rose said...

It's creepy. And I liked him. But that "I wish I was a grown up so I could vote for Mr. Obama" line is creepy. Or was that a bad Saturday Night Live joke?

Leave it to this election to corrupt the one thing left that was good. A new low.

Lem said...

My sister was there at the WTC when it was first attacked in the early 90's.

She had moved to Fl when the second came.

About 10 years elapsed btwng attacks - but there it was.

Joan said...

I understand what Ron Howard was going for here, but it didn't work at all. Not one of those characters would ever support a guy like Obama. Folksy ol' Andy Griffith voting for a socialist born of the Chicago political machine? No way. Fonzie voting for a guy who vows to "end" -- not win -- the war in Iraq, and who is dismissive of our armed forces? No way.

I'm sure the guys had fun putting this together, and they actually look pretty good, Henry Winkler especially, he's aged better than Ron. But the incongruity between the characters and the dialog they were spouting was too great to ignore.

Lem said...

But the incongruity between the characters and the dialog they were spouting was too great to ignore.

In an Obama presidency that will be our daily bread.

Chip Ahoy said...

I can see by watching this all the way 50% through that Ron Howard has thoroughly researched his candidate. I can tell by the long list of glowing attributes he cites and by the way he avoided all the common liberal tropes we've been hearing repeated ad nauseam for the last eight years.

Yes, what original thinking here. I'm totally moved. Thank goodness I have so many of these profoundly astute celebrities to light my way, to guide my course, to influence and inform my opinion. What would I ever do without them?

Oh, now that I've seen Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham agian reminding me of bits and pieces of shows I've seen on syndication cable television and on YouTube, why, my heart is truly warmed. Warmed like an asteroid that has just traveled through the atmosphere and landed in my living room. Warmed like a pot-belly stove freshly stoked with a bellows. Warmed like a ... like a ... like a hot bowl of miso spilt on my lap!

That whipping off the hair gives me the fear. It's like Post Cards From the Edge. This is Hollywood, everything you see and hear is false.

Lem said...

If Obama governs the way he runs for political office.
Once in office Omama will probably start running against Americas real enemies keeping his numbers up for a while - while deflecting any critisism with - I'm just staring out, I'm not getting help, I'm not getting the respect do to the office... bla bla.

Lem said...

I can see by watching this all the way 50%

Thats more than Roger Eberts 8 minutes ;)

Chip Ahoy said...

lem, I'm counting on a few weeks of an Obama presidency with no administrative accomplishments to point to with the remainder of the term in active campaign, parlaying the position of US presidency into emperor of Earth. After all, he deserves it, it's what the world wants apparently, and that would fit the pattern of what we've seen this far.

Lem said...

A friend of mine (lib from Pennsylvania, early voter) tells me that the accoutrement's of the presidency will shepherd the Obama administration.

This is a thru and true Obama supporter's way of comforting me.


Lem said...

.. parlaying the position of US presidency into emperor of Earth. After all, he deserves it, it's what the world wants apparently, and that would fit the pattern of what we've seen this far.

I know, do you see the inconsistancy?

They decry Americas power - yet for Obama to really come thru for them an emperor he must become.


Lem said...

Thats why I fear a president palling around with foreing heads of state.

If we are to remain a sovereing nation, a goverment by and of the people... I dont see how much in practice that notion has taken over people around the world. they may say they want it, but in the end it seems to be too much of a burden.

Obama would make a Wilsonian presidency. it seems to me.

Lem said...

and another thing. I hope I'm wrong about Obama. I really do.

I hope I'm wrong and Obama will turn out to be another FDR, another Reagan. even Ford the way that Lincolnian frase "our national nightmare is over" - implied "with malice towards none lets bind up our nations wounds"

Does Obama really have in him?

Lem said...

People seem to hunger for a super president. Do they know how these super presidents are borne?

Its trial by fire.

Something very special happened when Bush told those fireman on top of the ruins of the WTC, "I can hear you and the people who did this will hear from all us soon"

Lem said...

Biden seems to be taking on the role of John the Baptist.

I'm not the one, but the one behind me...

He will be crusified...

If Biden thinks ... I dont know.

I've seen what's happening to free speech allready.

Lem said...

Remember how the mob wanted the thief freed?

I cant go on with that sentance w/o thinking of subliminal as it were - interpretations.

expression will be tested - thats a given.

Once expression is slowly stifled everything else is a piece of cake.

I can see Rush off the air - using the ESPN pattern.

I can see wahts his name - comedy central off the air for the absence of a comical controlling authority. (low ratings)

Very difficult to find the peoples funny bone with Obama's name on it.

Lem said...

The best thing that could happen to commics is a Palin vice presidency.

If Obama wins, Joe will soon discover his role is less than ceremonial ;)

Joe will be the source of material

knowhatimean? knowhatimean?

EDH said...

Makes me wonder whether the way race was treated during Ron Howard's TV career influenced his endorsement.

Seemingly, there were no blacks in Mayberry, N.C. -- at least while it was still filmed in Black and White.

Then, he and Fonzie stood up for "Sticks" the drummer, propitiously, in Wisconsin (wasn't it?) for a Welcome Hawaii to the Union Party. How apt!

Happy Days Episode: Fonzie's New Friend

At Arnold's, Richie goes to ask Lois about coming to his "Welcome Hawaii to the Union" party, but Fonzie interrupts him. He tells Richie and the guys that he found a drummer, Bill "Sticks" Downey, before he goes to get a rebuilt crankshaft. Lois agrees to come to the party if Richie can get a date for her friend, Meralee. Sticks Downey, who is black, comes in, and Ralph says they should play some basketball. Fonzie and Richie go into the office to talk about the situation. Sticks comes in and says he is cool with everything. Sticks agrees to come to the party if Richie can set him up with a date. Fonzie calls Frederick, the cook, out to talk, but he has left Arnold's for a better job at a delicatessen. Arnold comes out and agrees to talk with Frederick, who is also black, to see if he can get a date for Sticks. He does, and her name is Kathleen. Kathleen's aunt, Rosemary Stevens, comes to meet Sticks at Fonzie's apartment to check him out. She says Sticks is okay and asks Richie some questions. She wants to talk to Howard and Marion who will be chaperones at the party. Howard and Marion come up, and after they talk, Mrs. Stevens agrees to let Kathleen come to the party. Fonzie calls Diane and asks her to the party. Ralph and Potsie go to Fonzie's place and tell him no one is coming to the party because Sticks is colored. Fonzie goes down to Arnold's and everyone raises their hand when he asks who is going to the party. After Fonzie, Potsie, and Ralph leave, Bag asks how many people's parents have told them not to go and how many aren't going, and everyone raises their hands. Sticks and Kathleen arrive, and Joanie shows them around. Ralph comes in and says that no one is going to show up. Howard tells Fonzie that he can't fight prejudice just by going down to Arnold's and snapping his fingers. The party carries on with only a handful of people. Arnold comes to the party, and Potsie and the band sing "Honeycomb." Joanie does the limbo, and Fonzie does it even lower than her.

Lem said...

Nudge Nudge - say no more


Lem said...


Lem said...

Makes me wonder whether the way race was treated during Ron Howard's TV career influenced his endorsement.

You mean these characters are on some sort of a penance pilgrimage?

You might on to something.

Lem said...

Bring the characters back ala ghost of christmas past to amend the error of their ways. to redeem them

It would score points with Spike.


Mission Impossible.

Lem said...

I was rudding for the Phillies until I was rudding for Tampa Bay.

This is the kind of thing Obama does ... regularly.

Some people are so taken in by some possibility that in the end really speaks more about the willingness of our spirit as a whole than the real posibility of one person to raise to the ocasion.

blake said...


I doubt there's any greatness of the Presidential sort in any of the candidates. The System is designed to remove elements that might trouble The System.

Lem said...

Sort of like if we elect him "they will come" - Field of Dreams

I found my Baseball metafore!

If we elect Obama - "something wondefull is going to happen" - 2001 a space odecy

If we Elect Obama - "he will heal our land" - somewhere in the bible.

This is what McCain is dealing with.

Lem said...

The System is designed to remove elements that might trouble The System.

In case of an attack we look to whoever is there for guidance.

The consensus seems to be that Bush dropped the ball when he asked people to go shopping.

Lem said...

All the answers to lifes most intractable problems are found in Baseball.

The infield fly rule is in efect a demonstration of monopoly rules in action.
Just because you ca do something it dosent make it rigth.
and yet baseball does allow for a steal.

to me this is the separation of emerging talent from an inflexible old structure - in short the nessesary turn over at the company.

Lem said...

The steal of home - its rare as rare as an unexpected merger, the fast rise of an insider with all the talent and none of the humility. A VP marries the chairmans dauther.

Lem said...

First base via single or a walk... its 'safe' to say we all been there .. know what to do.

In baseball there is a first base coach to remind you.

In real life you hope the best instict take over..

its complicated.

Lem said...

Look at Japan.

The best thing we did for them after WW2 was showing them how to play baseball.

I hope I'm not boring

Otherwise, express yourself. Be interesting. You can digress, but digress creatively. Amuse us!

Lem said...

There was a hall of famer named Carl Yastremsky that play for the Red Sox his entire playing life.

That's rare nowdays.

Players divorce their fans for other more wealthy fans all the time. So fans have been leaving the sport - the ways of the home team are either too expensive to maintain or other sports have taken over. So you have now people living together but not really invested emotionally in the team - its just temporary while the team is winning.

Lem said...

You have somebody like Many Ramirez - yo think his happy (20 million dollars a year to hit a ball with a bat)

But Manny is afraid that you will leave him when he no longer can perform. misunderstandings insue - Manny talks (in spanish) to the neighbors the fans dont know waht to make of it.

Many leaves. his leaving hurts the team so much so that they are not going to Disney this year.

Lem said...

Baseball players for the most part are not well equiped to deal ouside the lines.


Lem said...

In Baseball a disagreement with the authoritys is like a dance. it depends on what said and how and yes.. who says what.


blake said...

OK, that was cute.

'course, it would've been funnier if, when Sheriff Taylor told Opie not to be a felon if he wanted to vote, Opie had said, "Don't worry, Pa, the Democrats will make sure I get to vote no matter how many felnoies I commit!"

Eh. Maybe not.

blake said...


I guess you could say the same thing about "staying healthy". Death is hardly a barrier to electing Obama.

Modern Otter said...

Hank Jr. speaks for the South. McCain will win.

I've noticed that. But I also noticed that when he needs a potty break, Californian Lee Greenwood (button up your shirt, Lee!) sits in.

Floridan said...

Cedarford: "[Republicans] have some deep thinking to do . . . "

Sorry, but "deep thinking" is a sign of elitism.

Original George said...


My point was that people can smell phoniness a John Edwards smile away.

I didn't have to read a newspaper article to tell that the two weren't filmed together. The special effects were inferior. So much for father-son bonding. If these two old buddies can't be bothered to visit with each other and sit a spell, well, I won't believe they even like each other enough to be in the same room.

If New York-born actor and resident Richard Thomas who played John Boy on the Waltons did a TV ad in Virginia for Obama, rural voters there would be insulted.

If Al Jolson had done an ad for Hoover trying to reach black voters, they would have been insulted.

50- and 60- and 70-year-old men aren't going to vote for Obama because they were little boys when Ron was a little boy. People are smart enough to know he's just another Hollywood type.

Hank Jr. is a buffoon, but at least he's ours. He also has a strong urban blue-collar following. I saw him play a triple bill with Skynynyrd and .38 Special last year. Every plumber in town was there.

Joan said...

I hope I'm wrong and Obama will turn out to be another FDR,

Please, God, no. FDR's indecision and incomprehensible policies are what made the Great Depression great. If you haven't read it already, Amity Shlaes' The Forgotten Man is instructive on just how bad an Obama administration could be. Obama's friends are scarily reminiscent of FDR's, too. No wonder global financial markets are in such turmoil.

Simon said...

Lem said...
"The constitution is very clear on presidential prerogatives."

Beyond the categorical grants, it seems as clear as mud to me. What inherent powers are implied by the vesting of the "executive power"? Are there any? To what source should we look to discern their content and boundaries?

Trooper York said...

"I didn't really want to see RH's naked torso, but it was humble of him to reveal it."

Holy crap, RH Hardin is emailing you photos again. I thought he stopped that.