October 4, 2008

A poll about polls.

So what do you think of these little polls?
Unscientific trash.
They show Althouse doesn't know what to think.
Althouse is trying to hide what she thinks.
They reveal the complexity of issues.
pollcode.com free polls


Will said...

I think this poll needs multiple answers. They're both unscientific trash and amusing.

Marshall said...


Marshall said...

Ann, you've become a tad bit of a .... prima donna... referring to ye'self in the 3rd person...

Chip Ahoy said...

Couldn't vote because these polls are amusingly unscientific trash that occasionally reveal the complexity of issues, but not always, and in no way ever reveal the slightest thing about what Althouse thinks, save for what might be a cute poll and that cause me to go out and immediately consume a plate of sashimi.

blake said...


You're confusing "Ann" with "Althouse".


"Unscientific trash" is for the people who don't have a sense of humor; "amusing" implies no endorsement of results.

Harwood said...

And the answer is:

Althouse needs trashy, unscientific polls to amuse her, to tell her what to think, to help her hide it, and to create the illusion that she understands the complexity of issues.

vbspurs said...

Wow, why am I so snarly? I voted "unscientific trash" but I'm definitely in the minority.

I guess Althouse distributed her happy pill today.

Roman said...

I make it a point never to give an accurate answer to any pollster. I try to be as erratic as I can without being predictable!!! On a good day, I'm really erratic.

Daniel said...

They tell you who your readers are.

Allan said...

ALL polls are unscientific trash.

Harwood said...

Victoria: Wow, why am I so snarly?
Snarl and the world snarls with you. Smile and you smile alone.

James In Toronto said...

I'm voting "present" on this one.

Florida said...

They say nothing about you, but say a tremendous lot about your readership.

I look at these polls to determine how cocooned a blogger's audience is; and from that, can extrapolate whether that blogger is of any use to me or not.

For example: If you look at the polls over at Ace of Spades HQ, the results tilt wildly right. Then, if you peek at the comments there and look at how the audience savages any dissenting opinions, then you can see just how cocooned they are over there. It's Kos-ian cocoonage.

So, the polls are more a barometer of whether you're a hack, or whether you're providing some form of balanced opinion about topics of the day.

Nothing wrong with being a hack. Ace is funny after all. But I prefer more balance when it comes to politics.

Electric Citizen said...

The real issue is whether these polls will boost your readership, and will those readers be the sorts of readers your advertisers, existing or potential, will be interested in.

For various reasons, I think 'no' to both questions.

Since you like photography, why not try what that new photography magazine is doing? (Can't think of its name). The contents of each issue are entirely reader submissions, i.e. it picks a theme, and readers send in their entries. You might pick up some new readers this way. You might also attract some photography-related ads.