October 13, 2008

How George Bush entertains the Italian Prime Minister at the White House.

1. Tell him about our 2 Italian-American Supreme Court Justices, Antonin Scalia and Samuel A. Alito Jr.

2. Call attention to our Italian-American Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and joke -- in Nancy's presence -- that "Speaker of the House" is English for "prima donna."

3. Have some Four Seasons impersonators sing "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Walk Like a Man," etc.

4. Jump onto the stage, with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in tow, and say "Frankie, come on up," have Frankie Valli, who's been in the audience enjoying his own tunes, come on up and give the Prez a big hug.

5. Make assurances that the world financial crisis will be solved.


IN THE COMMENTS: Reader_iam thinks this is the appropriate video for this post:

I had some questions. Was Divine descended from Italians? (I think not.) But I see the clip has an "Italo" tag, so, okay.


Daryl said...

(you're numbering is off)

Ann Althouse said...

Oops. Fixed.

chickenlittle said...

prima donna = first lady

Not sure how that "joke" got translated.

ron st.amant said...

Well Italian leaders are accustomed to fiddling while the country is burning...nothing says 'we're in touch with Americans financial meltdown' than a lavish State Dinner.

It's bad optics all around.

Host with the Most said...

It's good for Pelosi to be in the White House, because when Obama's in, she'll be the one actually running the country.

Be prepared to never again hear the worn Democrat attack line " Bush inherited a SURPLUS. A Democrat President gave us a surplus.

Have any of you Obama sycophants (Ann - are you listening in Madison?) even looked at the Obama tax and spending plan?

And if you want to say, "Well neither guy has a better plan", then please just be true to yourself and admit that you can't be bothered to take an hour of your life to research.

Mrs. Topsy Canning said...

Let's just hope he doesn't serve anyone any--


---in a desperate attempt effort to seem hip and edgy.

Palladian said...

It's all about feelings, Host. No need to get into any messy details. Obama feels good.

Mrs. Charmaine Gladlee said...

"The winds, sometimes called "devil's breath," are mentioned often in the popular culture of Southern California, most memorably in Raymond Chandler's 1938 short story "Red Wind," which describes "hot dry [winds] that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. ... Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks. Anything can happen."

Any meek little wives living in Southern California these days ?

Revenant said...

I have *never* heard them called "devil's breath". Not once in the nearly twenty years I've lived here.

reader_iam said...

Althouse: Surely you won't be surprised that I would respond with this rare Divine thing.

Revenant said...

If Bush had any class at all he'd have taken Silvio to Olive Garden.

John Stodder said...

He's trying to out-wacko the Josh Brolin version of himself.

DaveW said...

So we're arguing about dark matter, you and I, and for some reason I am smoking cigarettes, we are at your place, several other people are there.

I turn on a lamp to my right, it's a crystal lamp, sort of a Tiffany thing (it is your lamp after all), and rather than lighting up it sort of catches on fire all over with a blue flame.

I woke up, right about 4:30am (my usual time), Thursday, 10/9/08.

I got up, walked my dogs and prayed my rosary.

What does that all mean? No idea, but it got me commenting for the first time in a while.

albert venn dicey said...

"Be prepared to never again hear the worn Democrat attack line " Bush inherited a SURPLUS. A Democrat President gave us a surplus."

Is that something to be proud of?
A superplus means more money were taken from the people than the government planned too spend. That the taxes were to high.

There's nothing to be proud of.

Daryl said...

Albert, first, it's not possible to predict exactly how much money will come in via taxes in the future.

For example, unexpected prosperity will result in surpluses, which the politicians will then immediately find ways to spend.

Going into debt is not good. We need to cut back on spending, hold the line on taxes, get some surpluses, and use them to pay down our debt. That's the main reason we need McCain and Palin in the WH. There will, unfortunately, probably be a Dem majority in the house/senate. Only McCain can keep them in check. Obama won't even try to stop them. He's one of them.

rhhardin said...

It sounds good to me. Bush should be in that mode when he talks to the American people, instead of talking to women.

Guys will get the joke.

Expat(ish) said...

Man, he should have gone for the backyard BBQ and given everyone some nice POTUS dress guns.

In 38 super, probably (inside joke).


Michael_H said...

Boy oh boy, I feel for the venerable Associated Press.

The Obama '08 team is just not being very reliable about getting the daily talking points and article outlines out far enough ahead of deadline so the writer can prepare an article.

In stead, the writer has to fall back on the tested and true standby of whipping out a snarky piece about what a boob GWB is when entertaining some worthy European dignitary.

And even then it wasn't very good work because it failed to include the phrase 'Mario Batali', a requirement in all articles written about Italian dignitaries visiting the U.S.

In other news - have you noticed that the New York Giants lose football games whenever Barack Obama leads in the polls? If I owned a dress shop in Brooklyn, I'd be very concerned about the upcoming election.

Host with the Most said...

Gee, this is funny:

"Obama's Tax Cut for 95% of Americans Is an Illusion"

Oh, that's right - it's not funny. Because American's can't be bothered to give an hour of their lives to check out the tax plans of the candidates.

It's really rather sickening.

Host with the Most said...

Even More voter fraud from the Pelosi/Obama team:

Every Voter Registration Form Turned In By ACORN At One Location Is Bogus

Complete Pelosi/Obama Voter Fraud Guide:

How many fraudulent out of 1,315,037 registered?

hdhouse said...

With our President wouldn't it also include

1. ordering out from Domino's (ends with an o ya'll)
2. gallo chasers
3. Saturday Night Fever in the library after dinner.
4. Complimentary tight black shirts with pre rolled up cuffs
5. A year's subscription to Faux Noise or Saturday Night live...whichever you believe most.

Simon said...

"[J]oke -- in Nancy's presence -- that 'Speaker of the House' is English for 'prima donna.'"

Nicely done.

Spread Eagle said...

Whatever it was under that Democrat President, it wasn't a real and actual surplus. It was a theoretical on-paper-only surplus, with a couple of humongous things factored out that should've been factored in. And "balancing the budget" it was unforseen and unplanned for anyway.

David said...

See how much we are going to miss Bush when he's gone . . . . .

Original George said...

They should have sung "Abraham, Martin, and John," but maybe that would have been kind of downbeat....

I found this video of the song. Whoever put it together actually embedded subliminal text messages that flash on the screen for about a second. It's unclear whether the the messages are supposed to subvert the song, but it's creepy.

Christy said...

FWIW, both Divine and Waters grew up in the WASPyist areas of Baltimore County. Doubtful Divine was Italian, but more than most, he reinvented himself to be whatever he wanted to be.

The local PBS this past year did a series about British Royalty focusing on life at the various castles and official entertaining. Foreign dignitaries always get a heaping helping of food and music from their homeland. Looks like that is just standard diplomatic practice. Dumb I think, but there you go.

Haven't we heard elsewhere that Pelosi and Bush are quite friendly? That is exactly the sort of jibe a good buddy might make.

reader_iam said...

he reinvented himself to be whatever he wanted to be.