October 23, 2008

Did you know there's another debate tonight?

It's the third party debate, but only Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin are showing up. No Bob Barr or Cynthia McKinney. Quick, can you name all their parties? Anyway, it's on C-Span2 at 9 ET.


mccullough said...

Ralph Nader, along with Obama and Ted Stevens, are Harvard Law School graduates.

This makes them very, very smart.

Nader is also older than McCain.

Buford Gooch said...

"Quick, can you name all their parties?"

I'm thinking they all belong to that British party, Raving Loonies. Yes, it's a real party.

mccullough said...

I always find it funny when you get your ballot and go to vote for President and there's 7 names on the ballot for the position.

When I retire, I'm going to try and get my name on a ballot in my home state.

thoughtfulconservative said...

Just in case there's a prize for knowing,

Bob Barr Libertarian
Ralph Nader - Independent
Chuck Baldwin - Constitution and endorsed by Ron Paul
Cynthia McKinney - Green

And I've already voted so it does me no good to watch.

If I could get C-Span2.


Tibore said...

If only voting against a candidate were actually an active task i.e. not just vote for someone else, but actually have a section on the ballot that says "I vote against this candidate"... I would SO be stabbing the hell out of the Cynthia McKinney checkbox. No hanging chad there; it'd go through the table at the speed I'd hit it with. Vote against her? Hell, lemme go get some fake IDs so I can do it more than once!

I never had any respect for her to begin with, but she showed that a quantity less than zero can truly exist, because that zero respect dropped into the negatives after she started embracing 9/11 conspiracy theories. Deliberate ignorance is a limitless commodity, and she's cornering the market on it.

But she could go futher downhill still. At least all she's said so far translates to a belief in "LIHOP" (i.e. the government "Let It Happen On Purpose"). If she starts churning out MIHOP beliefs (i.e. the government "Made It Happen On Purpose"), then she'll plumb an even greater depth.