October 25, 2008

All you need is a lipliner pencil and some dark gray eyeshadow.

And you've got a funny, ultra-easy Halloween costume.


Palladian said...

"if i see even one person trashing obama this halloween i am going to trash them inside and out. they are going to be sorry they messed with this bee-yo-cth.

dont you gotta love obama? he is genuinely concerned for mccain despite everything. he is so fine."

Fun commenters they have over at that website. I wonder what they're all going to do when Barack makes them shed their cynicism? That would be like cutting off the wheat supply to Kellog's. Gawker will have to shut down.

Bissage said...

You know, I guess belittling that woman is a good thing to the extent it will discourage others from perpetrating such a hoax.

That said, I look at that photo and I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

My guess is it was all the belittling that happened before the hoax that made it happen.

Too much speculation on my part?

Call me a softie.

And call me practical, to the extent being a little kinder to other people will discourage them from perpetrating such a hoax or committing some other stupid act out of desperate loneliness.

EDH said...

And you've got a funny, ultra-easy Halloween costume.

Add a book contract, a la Crystal Mangum, and you've got a laugh-fucking riot!

Ann Althouse said...

"That said, I look at that photo and I can’t help but feel sorry for her."

Just remember that she blamed a large black man and that she threw in a sexual assault. That ought to cure your pity.

Bissage said...

Just remember that she blamed a large black man and that she threw in a sexual assault. That ought to cure your pity.

Nope. I still have the disease.

I agree that the sexual/racial angle makes what she did worse as tending to perpetuate derogatory racial stereotypes, although she probably wasn’t thinking of that. She probably was thinking only that she’d get more attention that way and she was right.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to volunteer to represent her or anything.

I’m just saying I feel sorry for her because I’m guessing too many people have picked on her and put her down because of her looks. I’m guessing her hoax was a desperate, misguided attempt to escape from a sad and lonely, hopeless little life.

That said, I know full well that my pity and a bus token will get her nothing more than a trip to the other side of town.

mnotaro said...

I don't feel sorry for her--I am disappointed because as a McCain supporter, we are not responsible for other conservatives, but we will be to blame when they do foolish things...we will all be lumped in together....it is how the world works. Left wing liberal illuminati will use this (if the claim is proved to be false) as another reason to hate conservatives or one more reason not to vote for McCain....they are trying to find reasons people, and of course there are stupid people out there who are going to make it easier for them!

Bob said...

The saddest part is she'll probably get a harsher sentance than that Chrysal wench. This one looks to need a long period of therapy. She will be joining a long line of people we mock forever. Tanya Harding ring a bell?

BJM said...

The sadistic Gawkers of the world produce the Ashley Todds.

Thus as it ever was.

Nichevo said...

The case speaks for herself. She is obviously a disturbed woman and it does not elevate you, Ann, it really does not elevate you, Prof. Althouse, to abuse her further. I'm sure your master Obama, if asked, would at least mouth compassionate words on her behalf; it would behoove you to show a little restraint.

Or would you be happier if the poor wretch could be somehow be beaten, raped, cut on, to a degree commensurate with her crime? You're a lawprof so of course you know all about justice.

Jeez, A, embiggen yourself here. No harm no foul. And no I do not condone her actions, and if you read my posts I reserved judgment on her story. Take a lesson from the man code for once, and stop kicking her when she's down. There is a wheel that turns in the world...