September 11, 2008

"This isn't the 'Raid Ant-And-Roach-Killer Present: A Tribute To Vincent Gallo' party?"



rhhardin said...

Let me be the first to admit I have no idea what this is about.

Peter V. Bella said...

Cockroach in da houuuuuuuuuuuuuse!

sugardwayne said...

Rhardin, that makes two of us

AllenS said...


Ann, your blog is getting hard to load. Today, trying to open the blog or commments sets off my iexplore.exe in my processes.

Seven Machos said...

I have no idea, either, but I thought it was funny. I do know who Vincent Gallo is. I think.

Seven Machos said...

Also, and I believe this comment properly goes here, last night I dreamed about a pig. I was at the humane society looking to adopt a pet and there was this pig there. We got along well. I wanted to adopt it but I realized that I would probably have to change my condo building's bylaws first. Hillary Clinton was also in this dream.

I'm not making this up. I blame you people.

Ann Althouse said...

AllenS, I'm having trouble with it today too, and have no idea why. Hopefully, it will pass. I took down one non-YouTube video that I thought might be part of the problem.

Seven Machos said...

A note on embedding, Althouse. After embedded videos and audios fail to play here and elsewhere, they stop working everywhere, including youtube. Once I close all my Firefox applications and start again, everything is fine.

Don't lose any more sleep over this. I don't think it's you. I think it's somehow Firefox + embedded stuff + possibly Microsoft.

knox said...

I saw a photo of Spike Jonze the other day that made my gag reflex kick in. What is it with the dirty greasy look? It's been around for a long time now, enough already.

blogging cockroach said...

you know i look better than that guy
and i -am- a cockroach

geez at least i wash my antennae every day

but really there are so many distressing things
on this blog lately that i think i'll
just hide under the fridge until spring
or at least until the election is over
there are enough old meatball bits and kashi under there to hold me over

i mean you did that horrible insect necroporn recently
and now you had to put up that quip
about the the r-word --shudder--
what is it with people and insect death
i don't get it--i mean i'm harmless
and i don't go around talking about
gas chambers and firing squads etc

anyway vincent gallo reminds me that dad here at the house
rented a copy 'brown bunny' last week
he zoomed straight to the chloe sevigny part
you know what i mean
well mom walked in and said some bad words in french
--mom here at the house is french--
dad explained in french how chloe sevigny
couldn't give a good --well you know-- either
being such a dingbat bad actress and all
dad said she used her hands too much unlike mom
and he just wanted to be reminded how wonderful she is
by way of contrast
mom said she wasn't buying it
and would be glad to use her hands on the backside of his head
which she did as she stomped out of the room

say all you want about being a fly on the wall
sometimes a cockroach-eye-view has a lot to recommend it

Ralph said...

There was a line in "House" last year: "Remember when I said stubble was a good look for you. I lied."

Found out I'm the same age as Hugh Laurie. Thankfully, I don't look it.

Ralph said...

The caption makes more sense with an "s" added to "present."