September 24, 2008

"She seems nice. She seems smart. She likes hockey."

Fake Sarah Palin.

Getting Kristy Webb ready for the part:
10:45 a.m. - Hairstylist Nathalie Quedru teases Webb's hair in three different sections to perfect the Palin bun. Quedru says she hasn't done that hairstyle since 1986, when she was first getting her license.
Ooh. Catty.

(And real Sarah Palin was in NYC too.)


Ron said...

Ah, but I saw one of the local Detroit anchorwomen wear her hair that way on the news the other day, no explanations or comments! A possible trend?

Michael_H said...

Isn't the New York Post a fake newspaper, kind of like The Onion but with a different distribution system?

Anyhow, the real Palin is far more attractive than the fake one. But, hey, it's a gig.

Ann Althouse said...

Whatever you think of the NY Post, that link goes to the Daily News.

Simon said...

"Quedru says she hasn't done that hairstyle since 1986"

Why, how very... cosmopolitan of Quedru.

Bissage said...

You know, looks can be deceiving.

Sure it looks like Kristy Webb’s having a blast imitating Sarah Palin on the streets of NYC.

But there’s a down side.

Like those late-night phone calls from Eliot Spitzer, all drunk and asking if she’d like to make a little extra money on the side.


Beldar said...

Although I doubt Fake Sarah Palin (at 29) has had 5 kids, Real Sarah Palin looks much more athletic, and considerably less frumpy. Tina Fey's a better match.

k said...

I don't know what the deal is about that hairstyle. My daughters and their friends have often (pre-Palin) worn their hair that way, and not just for proms. It seems to be a trend among these late-teen, early 20s girls around here. It looks retro-60s to me, so are the hairstylists saying that it's a throwback to 20 years ago when the '60s were revived the first time?

Michael_H said...

Whatever you think of the NY Post, that link goes to the Daily News.

Dang. Thanks for the correction. :)

Trooper York said...

The sixties look is all the rage. When we went shopping for clothes in Vegas we said anything that looks like it would be worn by Jackie-O, Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day between 1960 and 1965 is what we want to have in the store.

Michelle Obama is also a big fan of the early sixties style as well as a big fan of purple.

Chip Ahoy said...

...nice, smart, likes hockey.

Left out shoots wolves from helicopters, hunts polar bears, kills, skins, cooks moose, enters beauty pageants, plays basketball, reforms local and state governments, arbitrates with oil companies, governs large states, raises large families, reenergizes enervated political parties, makes bloggers wet themselves.

haven't done this hairstyle since '86, when I first got my license

Interesting you say that. I haven't seen a top like the one you're wearing since the '60's.