September 4, 2008

Now, blogs have Facebook pages.

Come join mine.


mcg said...

okey dokey artichokey

vbspurs said...

Sorry, no candoey. If I join, ya'll will see my photo and my network, and the slew of people who are only my friends because they wish to pet my Elephant, Pokey.

I have my pride.

AllenS said...

Ok, I joined. Not real sure about how to add photo.

My name is Allen Stewart. Not my full name, first and middle name.

MadisonMan said...

But I'd lose my pseudoanonymity. I'll keep facebook and blogspot separate for the time being.

MadisonMan said...
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Ron said...


AllenS said...

Change that to unable to add photo.

jdeeripper said...

Now, blogs have Facebook pages.
Come join mine.

No f'in' way.

I stay away from MySpace, Facebook, and anything similar.

I don't want Chris Hansen anywhere near me.

"...but I...I thought she was a law professor....she's like old enough to be my mom...she seemed old enough to me..."

I've never fully bought into this law professor/mom identity.

I'll keep posting brilliant comments. That's my limit.

AllenS said...


How do you add a photo. I have a photo in My Pictures. I've tried to make it a .jpg, but it comes out as a .jpg.tif.

I had a hard time with my blogger picture, but eventually it worked. Can't remember how I did it.

vbspurs said...

Allen, try to save it as a JPEG by opening it on PAINT or similar.

It'll then upload without problems. :)

AllenS said...

I tried the paint thing, but then what? I can send the picture to myself, and I receive it as a .jpg, but when I send it to facebook it comes out .jpg.tif, and they won't accept it.

blake said...