September 18, 2008

"I am a joyless, bloodsucking bastard. But during the most joyless time of my joyless, bloodsucking life..."

"... he made me laugh."


vbspurs said...

He looked like Simon Callow of "Four Weddings and A Funeral" fame.


Bissage said...

He spoke at our first year orientation and made a big impression on me.

He had a HUGE personality and he was 100% cheerful.

It was as if no one was allowed to be sullen in his presence.

He would FORCE you to be happy, against your will.

That someone so alive could ever die says more than I can understand.

Bissage said...

BTW, I still remember his opening joke: “If you’re going to succeed in law school, you’ve got to get organized. This is the ‘organization profession.’ But if you don’t want to get organized, don’t worry. It’s not too late. You can still go to art school.”

That got a huge laugh and I have to admit I was offended because I thought it very snobbish. I got all petulant and I decided I was going to hate this guy, no matter what.

But as I said before, I ended up adoring him by the time he was through.

Godspeed, Professor Whitebread. Godspeed.

Hnkn said...

I loved this man's BAR/BRI lectures.

The whiny student voice he would imitate in that high singsong: "But Professor Whitebread..."

I also loved his pronouncements regarding the Bar exam. "There is always a question about spring guns. The only thing you need to know is that, whatever they are asking about spring guns, it is always illegal. You will always get that question right."


dmfoiemjsof said...

RIP - Whitebread kept us all laughing during those hellish weeks.

goesh said...

We never forget a quality teacher and it's plain to see he was loved and highly respected.
Apologies for going off topic but I like your new pic much better than the previous one, Ms. Ann.

T Mack said...

My father was a lawyer.
He said those who can, do.
Those who can't, teach.
And those who can't do and can't teach, become law professors.

Of course he was happy, he had nothng to worry about. It wasn't like he was practicing real law.

Lem said...

I like your new pic much better than the previous one, Ms. Ann.


OT ;

Will an Obamabot obituary be expected to write itself?

elHombre said...

He did "Whitebread on Con Law" summaries for our state prosecutors' association for several years. He was a big favorite, very entertaining and always edifying.

RIP, Professor.