September 6, 2008

"Everybody's talking about change now."

Obama's all: John McCain is stealing my meme:

That's today in Terre Haute, Indiana.

ADDED: Everybody's talking about Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism, this-ism, That-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m...


Alex said...

Isn't Obama the Santa Claus of politics? Promising all kinds of goodies to every imaginable constituency. Well, he's gonna sock it to the rich, so there.

Kev said...

(the other kev)

Oh, dear Christ.

Is this how he hopes to convince people he should be President? I'm with Treacher on this one: how can a campaign implode so fast?

Trooper York said...

He is just letting his inner Urkel come out. Nerdy whiney loser.

At least he stopped wearing those socks.

AJ Lynch said...

Ann, in the interest of neutrality and fairness, please tell Obama whining like this won't get it done.

If he keeps it up, McCain will win in a blowout. And a blowout is not good for your readership, the media, other blogs ,etc. Heh.

Alex said...

aj - I'm crossing my fingers. Don't jinx us!

rhhardin said...


David said...

For a guy who supposedly can't talk without a teleprompter, he is doing pretty well.

But why is he campaigning in Indiana? Does he think he can win there?

Obama is preaching to his choir here--a very friendly audience.

The key for him will be how he does in the debates, with more or less neutral questions.

If he does ok, he will win this thing. If not, he'll lose.

But why is he campaigning in Indiana?

Alex said...

But why is he campaigning in Indiana?

3:52 PM
Because he's confused out of his mind?

rhhardin said...

For a guy who supposedly can't talk without a teleprompter, he is doing pretty well.

You probably have to be the target demographic.

David said...

Could be, Alex.

Telford said...

I watched the whole thing. Obama's suggestions for what 'change' represents are basically a traditional Democratic wishlist, and I don't think they'd be effective if implemented. But what's wrong or whiny about contesting McCain's attempt to appropriate the theme of change? He tries to associate McCain with Bush and with stasis, and some of the time he succeeds. (Other times he doesn't: Iraq, education, oil drilling. And his jab at McCain over lobbyists opens him up to countercharges about his own people, which seems dumb.) He does a decent job of basically calling McCain a grasping copycat.

LarsPorsena said...

Everytime he hits his stride he lapses into the 'black preacher' cadence and rhythym and I get Jeremiah Wright flashbacks..(shudder)

David said...

rh, I'm hardly Obama's target demographic, unless he is now going for 65 year old Republicans.

But he looks relaxed, and is talking to the audience with reasonable fluency.

I saw Obama speak in South Carolina. Good speech and um ah ah ummm totally incoherent in a softball Q&A.

Perhaps he's improved?

We'll see.

Alex said...

There's change for it's own sake and the right kind of change. Obama represents the former, McCain the latter. McCain needs to emphasize "We are for the right kind of change".

Jake said...

Obama is still using apartheid in placing his audience.

All the white people are facing the camera and most blacks have their back to the camera.

Why can't Democrats treat blacks as equals?

Bissage said...

(1) When Joe Biden suggested that McCain needs a hip replacement, the “change” meme probably wasn’t the kind of “hip” he had in mind.

(2) Wow. It’s hard to imagine that the John Lennon in that video is the same John Lennon who wrote and performed “And Your Bird Can Sing.”

Just saying.

Jake said...

Palin was picked so that this comparison could be made daily from now to the election.

Obama swam in the sea of corruption that is the Chicago political machine. He benefited both financially and politically from that corruption. He did nothing to change or reform it.

Palin who encountered the same sort of corruption in her state, risked her political career to expose and reform that corruption. She succeeded in her quest.

She gave hope and change to the citizens of her state. Obama gave the finger to the people he represented.

Steven said...

Yeah, because the idea of campaigning on a theme of "change" is something Obama invented, not a theme that's been used for centuries. How dare McCain violate Obama's patent on it?

vbspurs said...

Dear God, the more this campaign advances, the more "street urban" he sounds in crowd settings. This isn't his Saddleback forum voice.

Palin literally said he talks one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco.

She meant about the things he says, but I think you can make the argument about the way he says it too.


mcg said...

vbspurs, I was just going to say---what's with the hip-hop lilt? At least he's more convincing with it than Hillary, but still... (and no I'm not talking about her "ain't no ways tired" quote).

Simon said...

"Change is coming, that's what he says... This is coming from the party that's been in charge for eight years"? Yeah? Guess what: it's not coming from the "party," it's coming from John McCain. And the last eight years, the "party" hasn't been running the show. George Bush, Bill Frist and Tom DeLay, the Axis of Avarice, were running the show, and guess what? McCain was fighting them most of that time.

The party sent people to Washington who sold us out. They sold out our ideals, they sold out our party, they have not governed on the platform they were sent to Washington to implement, and in the last election, they were made to pay for it. It's like Sarko in France: if you say you're going to do controversial things, you'd better do them, because if you don't, the people who opposed you will still hate you, and now the people who loved you for saying you'd do those things hate you for selling them out. It would be almost incoherent to reject McCain-Palin because you're dissatisfied with the direction of the last eight years.

vbspurs said...

MCG, I had forgotten about that! Here's the Youtube of it.

LOL!! After one week and 2 Palin speeches, Hillary now pathetically, parody-worthy inauthentic.

She's a Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Phoney.

vbspurs said...

It would be almost incoherent to reject McCain-Palin because you're dissatisfied with the direction of the last eight years.

Not just incoherent, but not in keeping with American political realities.

We're not a Parliamentary democracy. A President from one Party is not his Party's leader.

This is one of those times where I feel when people say Obama is Marxist, that they're right.

He's not, but this is how Marxists speak -- in terms of Party, not of personalities.

Freeman Hunt said...
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jdeeripper said...

Blogger Trooper York said...He is just letting his inner Urkel come out. Nerdy whiney loser.

Cool, I found an old home video of Baby Barack.

Freeman Hunt said...

I just want to know how they got down into Hell with a videocamera for the beginning of that second clip.

miller said...

Here, Bambi. Have a little cheese.

To go with that whine, of course.

AJ Lynch said...

Yeah Obama is wasting his time campaigning in Indiana.

Simon said...

"He's not, but this is how Marxists speak -- in terms of Party, not of personalities."

Yes, but remember the logical underpinning of Newspeak: if something can't be said, then it can't be thought, either. "There are more ideas in the world to be expressed than there are words in any langage in which to express them," Hart & Sacks, The Legal Process 1124 (Eskridge & Frickey, ed. 1994), but a person's ability to conciously and intellectually weigh and consider ideas are limited by the vocabulary that more inchoate thoughts, feelings, intuitions and ideas can be cast in. Thus, vocabulary (at least to some extent) conditions ways of thinking about the world and processing information. If you think in the vocabulary of Marxism, the worldview of Marxism becomes very hard to resist and new information naturally slots itself into holes created by that argot.

bearbee said...

Boo Hoo

George said...

How much did John Lennon's scrawled lyrics to "Give Peace a Chance" recently sell for at auction?

a) $833,000.00
b) $479,000.00
c) $124,000.00
d) Zero. Instead, a soap impression of the lyrics was eaten by Yoko and donated to the National Trust.

The seller was a runaway who snuck into the Peace-In bedroom. Served the newlyweds tea 'n' heroin for three days, she did.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Tomorrow: Obama claims ownership of Motherhood.

PatCA said...

We're going to "work to" reduce your premiums...

What does that mean?

We're going to "invest" billions in wind technology....

Where does the investment money come from?

Who can believe this baloney?

You're right, Alex, someone who believes in Santa Claus.

AJ Lynch said...

Yeah Patca:

Obama "if you have health insurance, we are going to reduce your premiums". I can't wait to see that trick.

Re investments, that is the new Dem liberal spin for we are throwing away your tax money. In PA, the governor devoted about $500million to dredge the river. He claims it will create 50,000 permanent jobs paying $60K or more. I thought jeez if his numbers are correct, let's triple the taxpayer "investment".Heh.

Synova said...

Figure it.

Slogans aren't policy statements. They're catchy things to set a mood.

The shorter and pithier the better.

So Hope and Change are great slogans. But they aren't policy statements and if Obama ever thought they were he's even more of a naif than we suspected.

Now... taking Hope and Change and talking about Real Hope or Real Change is clever.

(The McCain campaign slogan seems to be "Move America Forward" which is okay, but not fabulous. It gets "Move" in there, which is an active word, "America" which is central to the message, and "Forward" which has positive vibes without being negative. Obama is finding that "Hope" implies a lack of it, without a whole lot of effort. His message is easy to see as "Look how *bad* things are!")

Anyhow... so real hope and real change. If McCain couldn't make that shift he's too stupid to be President. And it's not contrary to his *constant* portrayal of himself and his ticket as being "mavericks" and willing to buck the system and the establishment.

What Obama needs to do now isn't whine about it... he needs to show flexibility. Hope and Change are good words, but they aren't policy statements he's married too, he needs to show that he can change and react to the narrative of *other* people and show why he is best. This isn't a monologue where he just gets to present his message without interference from the other guys.

Michael said...

David said..."But why is he campaigning in Indiana? Does he think he can win there?"

Rasmussen Reports
Date: 8/19-21
Added: 8/23/08
John McCain 46%
Barack Obama 42%
Unsure 8%
Other 4%

The Bridge said...

It would be nice and very interesting if the posters here would be a little more diverse.

I would be interested in diversity and questions.

But, no unfortunately, I hear and see talking points from both parties.


I would like at least a little questioning and debate regaring what does this mean for the future of our country.

But, allas, there is none of that.

So we get Republicans good or bad and Democrats good or bad.

For those of us that our independents this is very boring.

And as a result we are unable to go to any site whether it is conservative, liberal or even "moderate".


michael farris said...

I amuse myself by imagining Michael Pfleger saying the following:

And then out of nowhere came, 'Hey, I'm Sarah Palin,' and Obama said, 'Oh, damn! Where did you come from? I'm Obama! I'm entitled! There's a white woman stealing my show!'

Would that I was technically savvy enough to do a video.....