August 30, 2008

Why don't I post more Obama ads?

I love to post and discuss interesting political ads, but I end up posting mostly McCain ads. One reason is that the McCain campaign has done some pretty amusing, outside-the-box ads. But another reason is that I have a hard time finding the Obama ads. If there's a page somewhere with the ads, I can't find it. If there isn't, is this because ads are crafted for particular localities (or demographic groups) and the campaign is not eager to make them available to the general public?

The official McCain page in YouTube has his ads, and you can check out the newest ones whenever you want. But the official Obama page in YouTube seems to only have video of (pretty boring) campaign events. No ads. I can never find anything to use.

Anyway, I went looking for the Obama ads this morning and, while I couldn't find a page of new things, I did run across the famous 1984 ad (unofficial) from March 2007. It was interesting to watch it again, to watch it knowing that Hillary Clinton had been defeated:

When Hillary was so formidable, that seemed really cool. This morning, to me, it seems awful to throw a hammer into her face and blow it up.


Chip Ahoy said...

The oddest analogy keeps arising in my mind that's difficult to express without sounding the perfect loon, whenever I think of the phenomena of public figures working through the years to keep their images forefront in public discourse and their messages alive. Chiefly political operatives. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being overtaken by upstart unknown (until now, of course) Obama, and H. Clinton being over shadowed and having her place in history possibly usurped by S. Palin from righ tout of the blue. Here's the odd part: I'm reminded of that species of squid that produces two distinct types of males, one large brutish type that chases off all other males to the periphery during mating, does the full elaborate pre-mating ritual, and then, right at the critical moment, the smaller, faster, nerdish type of male that was lurking nearby quickly dashes in and out leaving his DNA packet, guaranteeing another generation of small fast nerdish males squids. Now, you must agree that it's odd to think of squid at times like this, inn'it?

Roberto said...

Maybe you post more McCain ads because you support and will vote for McCain.

Ya thnk?

AllenS said...

Michael, why don't you provide Ann with some links for her to post, instead of acting like a juvenile.

Elliott said...

"Cruelly Neutral" = "Fair and Balanced"

I don't think that Ann cares who she votes for; it's just a party game for her where, on this blog, she gets to be the center of attention.

(If I had to guess, I'd guess that eventually she votes for Obama.)

Will Cate said...

I believe Ann explained in plain English how she had, in fact, been looking for more Obama ads.

Ya read?

Buford Gooch said...

Horny squid posts? The Althouse blog has hit a new high.

Roberto said...

Why would I provide links for Ann to post and how does my comment relate to being called "juvenile"...other than the fact that you apparently do not concur and feel that I've somehow attacked Ann?

Ann's question is fairly easy to understand: "Why don't I post more Obama ads?"

I responded with my opinion, take it or leave it.

*And as for will's comment: Are you implying Obama ads are hard to come by?

Ya think??

Will Cate said...

I don't know, Michael... I'm not the one doing the looking.

Roberto said...

Chip says: "H. Clinton being over shadowed and having her place in history possibly usurped by S. Palin from righ tout of the blue."

Good Lord, Palin's been in the spotlight for about 24 hours.

*Will: If you don't think Ann can find an Obama ad you're in trouble, Dude. Ever hear of "Google?"

vbspurs said...

This morning, to me, it seems awful to throw a hammer into her face and blow it up.

Wow, I remember commenting on this ad, and being upset inside as I did.

Even then I found it too "The Witch is Dead!" for words, by Team Obama.

Interestingly, I think Steve Schmidt will have poured over these anti-Hillary ads and articles this year, and will have fresher information than say how the Republicans went after Ferraro in '84.

Defensively speaking, it's a gold mine of information about how the Obama campaign goes after a woman politician.

Jim Hu said...

Cuttlefish - this was recently on Nova

blake said...

I actually feel sorry for her. Is that wrong?

Meade said...

Only if it's also to feel sorry when the Wicked Witch melted. So, yes, I'm afraid it's wrong.

blake said...

You mean we're not supposed to feel bad for the Wicked Witch?

Crap, I gotta re-read that book.