August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin, the neo-feminist, who says "quit whining."

American Princess loves Sarah Palin. She's looking at this video clip, where Sarah Palin deals with the question of whether Hillary Clinton was subjected to sexism and what she should have done about it:

Now, I understand that some feminists will say: That's exactly what sexists want you to believe. You can't talk about sexism. How convenient for them. They'd love it if any criticism of them is heard as whining from you, making you look bad and weak.

And that is terribly important. But the candidate doesn't need to be the one who complains. Others will do it for her, and they can find sharp ways to do it that don't sound like mere whining. The candidate should set a strong example.

Speaking of strength, I love the mental strength Sarah Palin displays in this clip, as she agrees that Hillary Clinton was treated differently and moves on to the question of what's the best way to deal with this problem once it is recognized. She subtly and distinctively leaps ahead of Hillary.


rhhardin said...

Next she'll be telling women to stop nagging.

Where will it end?

AllenS said...

The more I hear from Obama, the more empty his speeches become.

The more I hear from Palin, the more I like her.

reader_iam said...

She's got that 'tween generation practicality about her. Interesting.

reader_iam said...

It's often occurred to me that many women of Palin's age are sorta like the "middle children" of feminism/feminist waves. Hard to put in words, but it does seem familiar.

vbspurs said...

I had seen this series of Newsweek videos earlier. Here is the full compliment of interviews, albeit in tiny format, not like Ann's link. They are, however, fascinating.

"Feminist for Life" Sarah Palin believes you should face the reality of what you're getting into, and PLOUGH through the sexism.

Not only does is she respectful towards Hillary Clinton's life experience, but she gets it about sexism -- it'll be a component of women's lives outside the home.

Her advice? To whine? To shed a tear because she wanted so much for her country, and the opportunity is slipping away? In effect, turning on the female waterworks for a sympathy vote? NO. Not for Governor Palin.

"So be it, work harder, prove yourself", she says, making a baseball glove out of her palm, and punching it with the other to emphasise her words.

A realitist feminist? Am I dreaming? Who IS this woman? Where did she come from? Are there more like her?

And why haven't we been allowed to see others with a similar mindset, in the public sphere?

Oh, right.

Her generation is just starting to come on strong and gain positions of power.

My friends -- the 1960s babies, the post-feminists, have arrived.


Unknown said...

Pure tokenism. And not qualified. But she has a vagina though. That does give her a few points.

vbspurs said...

She's got that 'tween generation practicality about her. Interesting.

Ann pointed this out in another thread. She used "cool" twice in a CNBC interview, rather as she pointed out, like Obama sometimes comes out with a younger-sounding vocabulary.

In this one, she uses "man!" to start her sentence emphatically.

I've also heard her say awesome.

Joe Biden swears lightly, a few hells here and there, but with intemperate frequency. It can remind you of an old uncle, but likewise is endearing to many.

It will be a truly interesting contrast in style during their debates, to see which one will sound more authentic.

The "scrappy Scranton PA" incarnation Biden has turned into.


The effusively earnest "naughty librarian", but downhome vibe Palin projects. Youthful and current.

Lem said...

The more I hear from Obama, the more empty his speeches become.
The more I hear from Palin, the more I like her.

Contrast Palin with Mile Hile DemOsthenes

Peter V. Bella said...

A realitist feminist? Am I dreaming? Who IS this woman? Where did she come from? Are there more like her?

Yes. Milions are just like her. They are all around you. They are mothers, nurses, police officers, firemen, doctors, store clerks, factory workers, teachers, reporters, secretaries, etc. etc. etc.

They are the working women of the world.

ricpic said...

Hillary's been under a "sharper microscope?" Sharper than who? She operated like a mafiosa for the 8 years of the co-presidency, and got away with it. She was a willing "investor" in a scheme that miraculously multiplied $1,000 a hundredfold, and got away with it. She fired the travel office little people that she supposedly loves so much, and got away with it. And on and on. This whole feminist they're after us cause we're women meme is pure tripe.

vbspurs said...

They are the working women of the world.


And this is what is so excrutiating about not being able to hear more of THOSE reality-bitten voices, and just the Gloria Steinems/Hillary Clintons of this world.

Somewhere along the line, movement feminists with academic or public figure credentials determined their less activist sisterhood were not feminists because they refused to play victim.

To me, a feminist is someone who stands up for herself, and proves herself in her métier. I don't care if you're cleaning toilets, or running for political office.

Feminism should be about the dignity a woman has in conquering obstacles, not the whinging when they don't get their way or boys play rough.

This is why I've never been a feminist. Palin legitimises her viewpoint by her instant national presence -- it'll only be a matter of time before she starts talking about this in public.

In a sense, feminists must feel as threatened by her, as the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton generation feel about Barack Obama.

That was analysed by media, but I bet you anything no one in media will bother to analyse this point out loud.

rhhardin said...

Nobody has mentioned what interests women might differ from what interests men.

Feminism once again is going off on the be-like-a-man kick.

Interest means what's the top all-displacing one.

I'd put the top difference in abstraction from vs deepening of social complexity.

Stop whining might better be taken as go with the interests you have.

LutherM said...

I'm not saying that defining feminism isn't important - but I question whether anyone other than a card-carrying feminista would describe it as vital, except in the sense that it affects how some people vote.

There are many, complex factors affecting why people vote the way they do. Some women voted for Hillary because she is a woman, an overwhelming number of African-Americans voted for Obama.
I certainly DO NOT agree with Palin (or McCain) on every issue. For instance, I believe that allowing abortions in the first trimester is not only constitutional - because the Supreme Court has so held - but is also acceptable public policy - because it beats the hell out of women dying from botched procedures. (Sarah is are entitled to believe abortion is a sin - there are instances when I might even agree with her. But it's not the province of the U.S. Government to punish all sins. Ms. Palin might want to look at "Judge not, that ye not be judged" - also Luke 6:37)

I didn't agree with Bobby Kennedy on all policies. I just believed, on the issues of vital importance, RFK was right.

I plan to vote for and support McCain & Palin.

There are lots of reasons, but one is; the culture of cronyism in politics, so prevalent in Washington, easily becomes the culture of corruption - endemic in too many states, even more cities. McCain and Palin have a HISTORY of reducing it through exposing the participants.
(Obama and Biden are complicit in the culture).

mrs whatsit said...

Cool. Or, as she might say, awesome! Palin understands that whining -- or "perceived whining," as she's subtle enough to call it -- is the tactic of a victim. By definition, it makes the whiner appear powerless. This lady does not whine because she understands her own power and is not afraid of it.

How I hope she turns out to be what it appears, right now, that she might be -- I've been waiting for a leader like this one might be for a long, long time.

Simon Kenton said...

VB wrote:

"To me, a feminist is someone who stands up for herself, and proves herself in her métier. I don't care if you're cleaning toilets, or running for political office.

Here's a vignette. I told a feminist at a party that what she and her 'sisters' really were was 19th century temperance ladies who believed they were on a moral pedestal. I would tell her about a woman who had come to the top of one of the most male-dominated professions and was recognized all over the United States. And she would tell me the woman was not a feminist.

"Of course she's a feminist."

So I described at some length a woman who is brought in by county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies all over the country to instruct their trainees who are having trouble qualifying with service pistols. She has written on the subject of teaching women who lack a mechanical background how to shoot. As a fellow instructor I find it an education just to watch her putting concepts across and diagnosing faults.

"I hardly think that being an expert with a deadly weapon is feminist."

amba said...

rh --

Love it when men tell you what women are interested in.

Plenty of vice versa, too.

Palladian said...

Amba, RH is only interested in chickens.

rhhardin said...

The way you are interested in something is by being interested in it.

Not by a theory about equivalence of the sexes.

Palladian said...

Male and female chickens are not equal.

Anonymous said...


I think Gov. Palin should take the other two females with her next time she goes to the hairdresser.

TomCarr said...

DenisEugeneSullivan: The one next to her, in pink, is "Gov. Doubtfire" of Arizona. There is no hope for simple hairdresser can fix her.

elisecake said...

hmm, her firecracker "my way or the highway" attitude reminds me of something... Oh ya... "You're either with us or against us." That was a good line. Did great things for us.

Miguel Drummond de Castro said...

Sarah Palin's hairdress is very confusing: it's a hybrid between Cleopatra and an italian neo-realist mamma of the sixties.
Her voice is near the hysterical zone, and of course God is on her side, which is very angst-sided.
The way she kissed McCain when entering the stage was fast, cold and opportunistic. A perfect strategic Juda's kiss.
Her knowledge about external affairs is snowy, and indefinite like Alaska. Her husband works for oil bosses.
Gosh. I'd like to sort out some positive points about that robot who describes herself as a "hockey mum."