August 16, 2008




EnigmatiCore said...

He looks like Sylar.

Shining Wit said...

USA #1


XWL said...

Dammit, I thought I wouldn't get 'spoiled' here.

(note: not that I really care, or really expected Phelps not to succeed in his last gold medal quest, but still, it's fun to complain)

(additional note: I suppose Althouse might be cheering that Phelps didn't succeed in getting his 8th gold, and appreciates the 'intentional flaw' philosophy observed by Persian, Hopi, Zen influenced, and other artisans, but some how I doubt that)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

He just eight up the competition.


vbspurs said...



I am very happy for the guy. I'm also overjoyed for the Romanian gal proving yet again that this has been a great Olympics for the Oldies.

Well, let's put it this way. It's been a great Olympics, full stop.

Not only my beloved USA, but the GBR team are racking up the medals, woo!


vbspurs said...

Oh yeah, speaking of which, what the freak was Tony and Cherie Blair doing at the Swim Cube talking to Dara Torres?

What a diss to Paula Radcliffe, since they could've been at the Bird's Nest when she...arrived.

BTW, anyone notice how similar physically Tony is now to GWB?

I almost did a double-take.

Peter Hoh said...

It was nice to watch as a family. Something to remember. The kids, both teens, were completely caught up in the moment.

vbspurs said...

Aww, that's great Peter.

I wonder how many of our kids will become interested in swimming now, since this overall record is nearly unbreakable.

Simon said...

I hadn't heard, so for a moment I thought maybe Fred Phelps had died horribly - yay!

But alas. :(

Chip Ahoy said...

Those medals are filled with chocolate. We give 'em by the sack full to all the kids at hanukkah.

Chip Ahoy said...

If he wears 'em all at once he'll look like Mr. T. And I pity da foo who tries to take a bite out of one.

Chip Ahoy said...

Paula Radcliff. Poor dear. This really happened.

al said...

That was a great race to watch. Dara Torres was pretty impressive too. From the medal stand to anchoring the 200 medley relay in under 30 minutes.

My son is hoping for a SI cover like Spitz had - Phelps wearing all *8* Gold medals.

Chip Ahoy said...

Damn. I must now do push-ups.

Revenant said...

I'm glad he made it. :)

I'm Full of Soup said...

Dana Torres can make a lot of money selling training videos. She is one hot lady.

Chip you are too much.

Kev said...

That was amazing. We actually chose a restaurant tonight based on which one had a big-screen TV showing the Olympics and an unobstructed view of same. It may not have been the nail-biter that last night was, but Phelps definitely earned his medal by pulling ahead during his leg (and Lezak did an outstanding job of pulling ahead for good).

This was my first time to watch Dara compete, and she impressed me as well--performing at that level in her forties, after having a kid, etc. (and yes, very little break time between the medal stand and the next event!). I was disappointed that she didn't get gold, but she made me proud nonetheless.

vbspurs said...

Dana Torres can make a lot of money selling training videos. She is one hot lady.

Wow, AJ, that is interesting.

My boyfriend and I were commenting about the race on the phone, when I mentioned how Dara looks like someone...a guy I know.

My bf said the same thing.

Then we figured it out.

She looks like Vince from the Shamwow commercial!

(I love that ad. "'Cause we can't do this all day")


bleeper said...

Constantina Tomescu-Dita's run was very impressive. For as fluid as her stride was, her upper body seemed out of sync or too choppy. And her strategy was risky, but in the end, it all worked out for her.

I liked the way that Catherine Ndereba out-kicked the Chinese runner - anyone who can sprint like that after 26.2 miles deserves a medal.

I enjoyed that event a lot. I hope swimming goes away now and we can get on to real events - track and field - oh yeah!