August 13, 2008




Jennifer said...

My husband and I were trying to figure out how old she was when they showed her on screen the other night. We couldn't believe she was anywhere near as old as she had to be. Still beautiful, although in a very different way.

veni vidi vici said...

I had a crush on her when I was 6 in '76. Nice to see she grew up to be terrifically beautiful.

Trooper York said...

Well she was great in the Olympics but she was the first one eliminated in the Celebrity Apprentice. She got beat out by the guy from the Sopranos and Amarosa. That means she lost to both Big Pussy and a cunt.

Something fishy about that, don’t you think?

Titusontoe said...

Not bad. Tits, look good. Ass solid. Face good.

Where's Olga Korbut? She was 1972 olympics. She was so cute.

XWL said...

Olga Korbut Today, on the positive side, she's still quite flexible.

PatCA said...

In Romania during those years, every woman was examined to see if she was pregnant and, if not, why not. They wanted to stop any possible miscarriage or abortion, as the tyrant wanted babies and more babies to populate his centrally planned utopia. While standing in the food lines for your allotment, you had to smile, or the secret police would interrogate and punish you. It was very tiring, especially because you were hungry and stood for hours for your loaf of bread. A student of mine grew up there and cannot believe what we here call oppression--they lived a nightmare.

vbspurs said...

1) Nadia!

2) Olga Korbut Today

Wow. Well, okay, she was never an oil painting to begin with. I think she actually looks like a pixie, which has its own kind of charm.

3) My history degree at university was Romanian history and Nazi cinema. PatCa said it right.

Can you imagine having the equivalent of the CIA have a "Period Police"?

That's what the Securitate did.

They kept track to see that women were menstruating, all because Ceaucescu wanted MORE Romanians, not less (unlike almost all other Communist dictators).


Ruth Anne Adams said...

You remember this classic bit on SNL with Kerry Strug and her brother, Kippy.

blake said...

Romanian fertility police: Right, they play a big part in 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days.

I'm just reading Freakonomics (yeah, I'm behind the curve) and they're arguing that Ceausceau's demand for babies was his undoing--'cause they grew up pissed.

Hoosier Daddy said...

A student of mine grew up there and cannot believe what we here call oppression--they lived a nightmare.

Yeah but they had free health care and that's all that matters.

Nadia has certainly aged well. I didn't think she was too cute as a kid but she certainly blossomed.

Simon said...

Wow. She's... Wow. Yeah, baby!

PatCA said...
"A student of mine grew up [in Romania] and cannot believe what we here call oppression...."

You mean what the left calls repression. I have a theory that the left is pathologically incapable of grasping what real tyranny is because they've convinced themselves that life under Bush is it. So how bad could life have been under Saddam, if Bush = dictator and Saddam = dictator? No wonder they don't see why there was a humanitarian imperative to remove Saddam. You can really see this mindset in Michael Moore, for example, just an utter, almost sociopathic incapacity for basic human empathy.

PatCA said...

So true, guys, real oppression is beyond some imaginations. It is difficult to imagine when one is surrounded, isolated even, by prosperity and freedom.

I'm sure Hollywood will make a movie about Romania one day and show people what it was like.

Yeah, after they make a movie about Soviet oppression.

After they make a movie about Mao's oppression.

After they....

After they make a movie about North Korean oppression.