August 11, 2008

Mystery image...

... revealed.


Meade said...

Cool! Makes me think of THIS.

Unknown said...

I thought it was the eye of some reptile.

Bissage said...


Now that I see the far shot, I realize my 17th most favorite-ish guess was exactly correct.

The Star of Bethlehem!!!

(Well, it depends on your religion, really.)




TitusCrossmen said...

Men's synchronized swimming is on at the Olympics-yum.

One of the British divers was 14-is there not a minimum age?

TitusCrossmen said...

Ohh, the Russian men's sychronized swimmers are hot.

Love, how they hit the shower after their dives.

Totally hot.

Bissage said...
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TitusCrossmen said...

FYI-divers take a shower after they dive to keep loose because the water is cold.

Uh oh-they just interviewed the men's divers from the US-major queens. Flowers came out of their mouths when they spoke. Just saying.

Meade said...

"is there not a minimum age?"

No, but there is a maximum age
for ogling youngsters without it making you a perv. Trust me - you are over the max.

Bissage said...

Meade, that water bowl thingie is exceedingly magnificent!

And mighty expensive, I'll bet.

*imagines self as Charlie Chaplin playing The Little Tramp*

*pulls out pants pockets*

*sheds little tear*

TitusCrossmen said...

I didn't like the 14 year old-too young. He need to develop first and become more of a man. I.E-he needs to be older.

The Russians though, who I did like, were in their 20's. So there and I am not a perv. I don't like young guys. They need to be at least over 21.

TitusCrossmen said...

The bigger, older Russian swimmer is absolutely amazing.

I am totally supporting their efforts in beating Georgia now.

Meade said...

TitusGlucosamine is not a perv. Noted.

Bissage: Glad you liked the bowl thing.

john said...

Since the comments have moved back to the Olympics, I heard on NPR an hour ago that the Dutch and Australians in China are wearing their team colors, so as not to be mistaken for an American, and thus not be a target for some sniper or suicide bomber. Both of which, suggests NPR, would be floating around the Olympic venues, naturally targeting Americans.

I like that defence, especially the Dutch. They wouldn't want to be innocent bystanders caught up between someone with a grievance and their target (like Theo van Gogh.)

Is there any nationality that can match them for being utter chicken shits? Don't say the Italians!

TitusCrossmen said...

Back to the Olympics, did anyone else see the picture in the Guardian of the Spanish basketball team making "slit eyes" by a picture of a dragon?


john said...

BTW, colors for both teams are canary yellow.

TitusCrossmen said...

The Chinese are like machines when it comes to diving.

They never fuck up. Probably, if they did they would be killed.

Did anyone catch that Chinese prodigy piano player during the opening ceremonies-amazing.

TitusCrossmen said...

Women's vollyball is hot.

Nice bodies.

I would fuck em but they have no tits.

There is quite a few women in these olympics that don't have any tits. Interesting.

TitusCrossmen said...

Men's gymnastics is coming up soon and I am starting to get a hard on.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Gymnastics requires you to put a 'tard* on.


Chip Ahoy said...

This story is for Titus. The rest of you please avert your gaze.

I knew a guy who was a gymnast in high school. When he graduated he started his own gymnastics studio. His students were mostly little girls, so I learned at his funeral where his classes were in attendance. Worst funeral ever, but that's another story. He was handsome, muscular, outgoing, and exceedingly smart. He spoke/read/wrote Russian which he learned to advance his gymnastic business. He was able to tip forward onto his hands and walk across the room on his hands to the gobsmacking amazement of everybody present. He loved his body and liked playing practical jokes. Once after a party I found a photo on my camera that took some deciphering to understand. Finally, I realized the gymnast stuck the camera into his pants and photographed his own penis, then left the photo on my camera for me to discover.

Here's the point I'm leading to: He confided, under the influence of several American beers, that the entire gymnastic H.S. team was gay. They didn't admit it, but they were. He said they all traded off topping one another. They wouldn't blow each other because that would be admitting they were homo, but as long as they left it to straight up, ahem, topping, and in accordance with their own logic, as long as they traded places, they were relieving themselves and not behaving homosexually. He recalled those precious moments with a good deal of fondness.

I go, "Huh uhhh!"

He goes affirmatively and emphatically, "Uh huuuuh."

This colored my view of gymnasts permanently.

That is all.

Palladian said...

But what killed him?

Chip Ahoy said...

He died of AIDS. That's what made the funeral such a drag. Lutheran Preacher told the kids he was going to hell. It pissed us all off because we loved him.

Meade said...

"But what killed him?"

Failure to avert his gaze.

Chip Ahoy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chip Ahoy said...

Typos fixed ^^^

Maybe I should have said complications associated with AIDS. He died of meningitis. He could have been saved but for reasons of his own, he refused treatment. I saw him last when he was first hospitalized. He appeared perfectly healthy. He perished within a few weeks.

As to the funeral, all the children were assembled at the front of the church. the preacher, who was old and ugly, leaned over a parapet and scared the living hell out of the little girls. They didn't understand what he was talking about, they only knew he was being mean. The family brought the preacher from their hometown to Denver for the service.

The carpool home was in silence. At the halfway point I said, "I hated that preacher." The car exploded with pent-up anger, and it was total noise all the way to the reception. When we got there, all the other carpoolers had the same experience so the entire household was buzzing about how despicable the preacher was and how Lutheranism must be a dreadful sect, if that represented it. The family didn't realize the guy, Wayne, had so many friends. They were shocked to learn about this after he died. A new chapter opened in their lives, his friends that he had been keeping separate. They disassociated themselves from their hometown church because of the dreadful and hateful eulogy their preacher delivered.

There is no moral to this story, now that is really all.

TitusCrossmen said...

I just came reading the story.

Chips Ahoy, how did he die?

I totally want to do Raj from the US gymnast team. He is amazing.

TitusCrossmen said...

OH he died of AIDS. That's sad. Now I didn't cum reading the story.

Now I am bummed. What year? How shitty.

I was in Ptown and every fucking bench I sat at was donated in honor of some guy that died in the mid 80's to late 80's and was like 30 years old-talking about depressing.

TitusCrossmen said...

Why on earth would a preacher, selected by the family, do that at the funeral?

That is disgusting. If I was his parents I would of spit in his face.

Chip Ahoy said...

It wasn't very long ago, and he wasn't very old. Mid 90's. That's what is so odd. Like I said, he could have saved himself but didn't want any part of medication.

TitusCrossmen said...

Why wouldn't he seek treatment? That doesn't make sense.

Treatment with antivirals means you can live with HIV. It is a manageable disease if you get on the meds. I have many friends that were on death's door and after taking meds are living productive lives. They are healthy, no infections and have normal CD4 and undectable tcell counts. They tell me their doctors tell them they will live long lives into old age. The meds generally make someone with HIV undetectable of the virus. I don't understand why he wouldn't accept treatment? That is a very sad story.

TitusCrossmen said...

Sad, mid 90's are when the antivirals came out and changed people lives forever.

Chip Ahoy said...

Wayne would prefer you concentrate on the first part of the story. I'm certain of it.

It's my belief H.S. gymnastics hasn't changed a single bit.

TitusCrossmen said...

I have many friends who are HIV positive. Unfortunately, in NYC it is fairly common. As a matter of fact, most of my friends are HIV positive. They look great too. Many of them are on testerone injections though. They don't need them the docs just give it to them so they can feel better about themselves and have even bigger bodies.

I can't remember the last time I have read or heard about a gay man dieing of AIDS. It just doesn't happen anymore, if they take their meds, aren't fucked up in some other way, like on crystal meth or some other substance. Granted, it does happen but it is rare.

Chip Ahoy said...

I read last week researchers mapped the virus gene(s?) and discovered a portion that doesn't change. This gives them a solid unchanging point to attack. They believe they can actually cure the disease, not just manage it.

TitusCrossmen said...

I am having a hard time concentrating on the first part of the story. Yea, the first part is kind of hot but the second part supercedes it by miles.

If he was my friend I would of been bitching at him to get on the meds. Not that I am saying that was your role but it would of been mine.

I have intimate experience with the disease as many that were very close to me died at a young age. I also worked at the Boston Aids Action Committee during the height of the plaque. Talk about depressing. I was ready to slit my throat. Believe it or not, I didn't have sex for 7 years after my partner died. I was a hermit. Working and never leaving my apartment.

Now I am back on the bicycle for better or worse.

TitusCrossmen said...

I stopped reading all of the potential cures that were coming down the road. For awhile I read them religiously for years and then was alike enough.

There have been so many and eventually I was like no more false hope. Unfortunately, all of them didn't come to fruition.

I will believe it when you can go to the doctor and get a shot and he/she can tell you you are now immunized.

Now back to the men's gymnastics.

Hi Palladian. How are you?

TitusCrossmen said...

Palladian, I don't want you to hate me.

MadisonMan said...

chip, what a dreadful funeral experience. What a hateful priest.

I've been blessed not to have gone to many funerals in my life -- less than 10. (Grandmother, uncle, aunt, best friend's parents, groomsman, professor) I wonder if I, sitting through such a screed by a minister, would have the courage to stand up and tell the preacher to go to hell.

I'd probably just avoid the whole thing.

I am so tired this morning. I can't wait for the Olympics to be over so I can get to sleep at a decent hour again!

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

I have been to many, many funerals where the sermon has be "unfortunate" to say the lease. Sometimes the preacher or priest forgets that it's not about them or thier hobby horse but the person who died.

The best thing you can do is go up to the family and tell them how much you cared for and respected the person who passed. After all you are there to pay your respects.

Sorry about your friend.