August 16, 2008

The motley architecture of Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

A juxtaposition that amused me. I love the incongruity of architecture, the harmony of yellow, the jumble of plant life, and the old-fashioned Americana of bicycle-with-front-basket and white picket fence.



Meade said...

And all, obviously, designed by Frank Gehry.

rhhardin said...

and the old-fashioned Americana of bicycle-with-front-basket

Front baskets are as modern as today.

You want to put some of the weight of stuff on the front wheel, to keep it off the real hub, lest it break down long before the front hub does. It's a good place for a gallon of milk.

You have to stuff filler in though, to keep a heavy load from shifting as you steer.

with dog. Note dual GPSs.

kjbe said...

I love the eclectiveness of the setting. Cute house. No shoveling, just fires and earth quakes (maybe an oil rig in the front yard), I guess. Oh well, nothing's perfect.

I'm Full of Soup said...

I was there about ten years ago and took some photos of a TV show being taped. Damn if I can remember what show but it had some spectularly beeyootiful actresses in it. May have been that cop show that was set in Venice Beach and its boardwalk.

OhioAnne said...

Any guesses as to how much the yellow and white house would sell for today?

blake said...


No fires in Venice Beach, and I don't think they've ever been hard hit by an earthquake.

The beach houses are subject to the occasional storm, but that depends on how close to the beach, obviously.


Can't make a reasonable guess to price without knowing where it is relative to the beach. If the ocean is visible, minimum $1.5M.

rhhardin said...


In fact, here's the haul from today's trip to the store.

Dog food on sale in the basket, a gallon of milk and a gallon of water on the back, along with other various groceries.

Ten year old bike, 8,000 miles a year. The tape was to make it unattractive when new; it continues to contribute to that, I guess.

Mrs. Nana Putty said...

No, that's not a good part of Venice. Those are the 'walk-streets', and hysterically unsafe at night, and actually, during the day too.

The only safe part of Venice is south of Washington, where the canals are.

Of course, Mother and son didn't go anywhere near there.