August 26, 2008

Maybe that would be a charming reenvisioning of the talking heads commentary....

... but if you're going to shake a blurry camera around at least turn off the tinny background music.

Stuff like this is irritating too.

Call me a hypocrite — I know I'm a hypocrite vlogger — but I couldn't watch either of those things. So bloggers go to the convention, but why? To say: Here I am, a blogger at the convention? That was cute in 2004, but it's cloying now.


john said...

Democrats use apples.

Palladian said...

"Democrats use apples."

Other people use them too because they're great machines (like me and Ann Althouse), but the Obama kind of democrats like them because they're too expensive for the rabble and because Al Gore is on the board of Apple Inc.

I couldn't watch the first video because those women all talk with that annoying contemporary college girl cadence. I don't know quite how to describe it, but I find listening to it extraordinarily tiring.

nrn312 said...

Other people use them too because they're great machines (like me and Ann Althouse), but the Obama kind of democrats like them because they're too expensive for the rabble and because Al Gore is on the board of Apple Inc.

Technological mind-reader.

J. Cricket said...

I've got to defer to you on this one, Althouse.

You are, after all, the uncontested Queen of Cloying.

Triangle Man said...

So bloggers go to the convention, but why?

Reasons bloggers to go the convention:

1) To take pictures of things with a fisheye lens.

2) To make cruelly neutral comments about people in person.

3) To sometimes write about the law.

4) To get the t-shirt.

5) Wife swapping?

Chip Ahoy said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

Fixed ridiculous typos ^^^

When it comes to trading in your stogy old Republican PC laptop running Windows for a hip *schwing* new Democratic Mac running um Apple, or perhaps Linux, I strongly advise against the impulse to buying the 17". Too unwieldy. The red-head (or is that strawberry blond?) is using a 17". You can see moving the curser from one side to the other would require extra thumb action. The 15", which the brunette is using, is better. That's what I'm using, and there are times even a 15" seems too large. I also use a Toshiba 17" running Windows 2000 and although a splendid machine, Windows is more interested in informing you all the wonderful things it's doing than it is in allowing you to get on with it. It's a total drag to use, and we hate each other.

That is all the laptop-related advice I care to convey at this time.

Reasons to go and blog the convention:

* To feel a part of something big.

* To be a part of something big.

* To observe and convey unique nuggets of wisdom

* To be able to tell their kids, "I was there."

* To get in on those free chocolate yogurt trail mix bars.

* To meet men.

* To get out of the house and have a reason to visit a new town.

* Helicopter rides.

* To make sense of things and then share that sense.

* Get out of doing the dishes.

* Vacation time that must be used or forfeited.

* Lack of anything better to do.

* Has a following that hangs on every word who insisted on it.

* Lost a bet.

* Was paid to.

* Was curious about Denver and this provided the perfect excuse to check it out.

* Has nearby relatives and combined visits.

* Hopes to meet a cowboy

* To check on property owned in Breckenridge, Vail, or Aspen.

* Wants to try a Denver omelette.

* To see Molly Brown's house because they saw Debbie Reynolds in a movie.

* To cruise Cheesman park.

* To see if there's really gold in Golden. Why else would they call it that?

* To see the boulders in Boulder and where Mork used to live and to look for JonBenet's house.

* To hang glide.

* To drive up Lookout Mountain and see Buffalo Bill's grave.

* To photograph hummingbirds.

* To have a soak in Indian Hills.

* To photograph themselves drinking a Pepsi in the Pepsi center. Ha ha ha ha ha . Sorry. Couldn't help it. That still sounds funny.

* To catch a glimpse of an Invesco, whatever that is, at Invesco field.

* To see a herd of buffalo which everybody knows is really American bison.

* To look for arrowheads.

* To dig for dinosaur bones and possibly find something significant.

* To go to Red Rocks natural amphitheater and air-guitar.

* To buy an indian blanket

* To justify the cost of their Macs.

* Because they had an argument with their husbands and this is their way of proving something.

* To give purpose to an otherwise meaningless life.

* To visit Coors and get a free beer.

* Did I mention helicopters?

* Heard a bunch of celebrities were going to be there all at once and hoped to catch a glimpse of one.

* To bask in the glory of it all

* To pan for gold.

* Swept up by all the excitement

* Experienced a moment of poor judgement and found themselves stuck with a plane ticket that would cost $100.00 to transfer or change

* To river raft whilst here and possibly fall in love with an outdoorsy type.

* Was invited by a friend to stay.

* On an expense account.

* Just wanted to add their 2¢

* Best way to comport with other Democrats at a moment when they're all on their best behavior.

* Expected something spectacular and desired to position themselves for it.

* Collects autographs.

* Wants to ride in a helicopter.

* Thought this would be the best chance to see a tornado.

* Always liked pep rallies

* Likes to observe and make fun of people and this offered the best opportunity

* Absolutely nothing else worth while was happening at the time.

* Wanted a break from the cat hair.

* Doctor's orders.

* Was motivated by a dream.

* Went to school here.

* Wanted to see Pikes Peak

Chip Ahoy said...

Just watched the TPM video that's supposed to be irritating. I disagree. I liked it a lot. It gives a wonderful sense of what's taking place. Great shot of Obama who looks fantastic on screen. Great smile, that guy. He reminds me of my older brother, whose name is also Barry, and that makes me like him. The whole family looked great.

Watched the shaky-cam all the way half way through, and that's a lot, especially for a thing on TPM, then got distracted by a helicopter. They're thick as flies on a ... on a ... on a thing that has a lot of flies and just hatched a bunch of helicopter maggots, that's what it's like. Wooo. There's another one.

blake said...

Is that the one with Cox and Sklar and...?

I turned it off after about a minute 'cause of the shaky thing.