August 3, 2008

L.A. photograph.


I was so happy when I got this photograph. I exclaimed "That was a quad!" (Enlarge.)

Walking down Melrose Avenue, looking through the fisheye lens, I was trying to catch diverse elements in one shot. The lens, of course, sweeps many things into view as I walk along, and people and cars move all around me. I had noticed that car before it parked, and I got excited when it parked near near that funky motel sign. As I was squaring up those 2 elements, I became aware of that huge photograph of a more or less naked woman at the right. As I adjusted the shot to include that photograph, an interesting woman walked into the frame, providing a fourth element. 1. The sign, + 2. the car + 3. the photograph + 4. the woman = a quad. I love when that happens. I mean, I love a 3, but that was a 4.

Melrose Avenue, my favorite photo walk in L.A. — not that I've walked everywhere. Of course, I haven't. And now, I'm back in Madison, but I have many, many more L.A. photographs to come. This one, I think, is my favorite. It's certainly the one that made me the happiest at the time.


Jennifer said...

I thought you meant a quad fisheye effect because of the reflections within reflections between the car and the picture and window.

Ron said...

I checked out the dassaultink store (URL in the store window in your photo). Cool T-shirts. But going through their site, I see Gene Simmons wants $40 for wonder he calls it "Gene Simmons Moneybag."

Sadly, no monies for you for providing the linkage...

I'll take the vette, though!

Meade said...

Good catch, Jennifer -- the reverse fisheye of the palm tree in the back of the Corvette.

ricpic said...


A man could spend his whole life
A willing slave of your seedy streets, L.A.
His entrails the thrall of
Anesthetized allure.
And many have...
Many have.

vanderleun said...

If these keep comng we're going to have to haul Cartier Bresson in for a fisheye intervention.

blake said...

I'm just having fun trying to identify exactly where you were.

It's challenging in a big city, even with clues.

The Drill SGT said...

All I noticed before reading the text was:

OMG, "two classic rear ends"

paul a'barge said...

that car

That car? Good grief Althouse ... that's only the most coveted vintage Corvette and to have one in black with red interior!


DADvocate said...

Yeah! Despite the other attractions, the Vette makes the picture.

The Drill SGT said...

too bad you could not come to the left a bit and get the reflection of the vette in the window where now there is a white wagon

a 5!

David said...


What car? What sign?

Peter Hoh said...

Nice headlights.

vbspurs said...

I'm not sure if this is a sign of incipient butchism, but my first reaction was "Gorgeous car!".

OTOH, I didn't even notice the girl.


Gordon Smith said...

Ann, The photo contains another element that absolutely screams out to a corporate law professor: the Hammer Museum (alas only a banner, not the actual building). This museum was built to house the collection of Armand Hammer, and construction of the museum was funded by Occidental Petroleum, a company for which Hammer was the President and CEO. The decision of the board of directors to fund the museum was challenged by Occidental's shareholders in a well-known Delaware case (Kahn v. Sullivan), which was settled in a manner that allowed the project to go forward.

Bissage said...

(1) OMG, "two classic rear ends"


(2) You guys sure know a lot about cars to know that’s a Corvette. I was scratching my head trying to figure out why anyone would put a red interior in an MG.

(3) OTOH, I didn't even notice the girl.

Victoria, I’d hazard to guess it’d be more of a sign of incipient butchism if she was all you noticed. But what do I know. See (4).

(4) I’m glad Gordon commented because now I have a better idea why I did so poorly in “Corporations.” I thought Armand Hammer was the guy who invented baking soda.

T. Boone Pickens?

Slim Pickens?

Slim Whitman?

See what I mean?

rhhardin said...

I give it zero for the car, which just looks to me like an old car.