August 22, 2008

Hey, Florida readers, are you okay?

What a long tropical storm. Is your front lawn a pool swirling with alligators?


AllenS said...

Words of wisdom:

When given lemons, make lemonade.

When alligators show up, make shoes.

Danny said...

Judging from the past week I'd say McCain added you to his payroll. Aren't you against the idea of salaried blogging?

Peter V. Bella said...

Don't forget hand bags, belts, and boots. The tails are very tasty too.

Pogo said...

Judging from the past week I'd say McCain added Obama to his payroll.

Buck up, wet Floridians; keep your chads dry!

Meade said...

"...McCain added Obama..."

That's funny!

Hey, Pogo, don't miss amba's joke

Outis said...

At least this Florida reader is okay, although I'm tired of the storm. The wind hasn't stopped for days and the rain only stops occassionally. I heard last night that this storm has dropped more rain on the state than hurricanes Charlie, Francis and Jeanne combined did in 2004. OTOH I haven' seen any blue tarps yet.

Richard Fagin said...

My sympathy is with the inundated Floridians. It's difficult to convey to the uninitiated what 20+ inches of rain falling in a few hours can do to the landscape. We had tropical storm Allison here in 2001 that dumped that much and more rain in one night. The flooding was incredible. It was sheer chance that made me choose to take a toll road home (yeah, most of the time I'm too cheap to pay the few bucks) that night instead of a couple of freeways that unbeknownst to me were under 15 feet of water.

I didn't have alligators in my pool, but earthworms committed mass suicide in it. It took a couple of hours to scoop 'em all out. Alligators would have been a lot less messy, even if more dangerous.

John Burgess said...

My part of Floria--SW coast--hasn't had any problems other than a few palm branches and casuarinia needles on the road. As either of those fall when the wind rises above a gentle sigh, there's nothing to worry about.

We've had, maybe, a couple of inches of rain since Fay decided to come visit.

Bands of weather, with gusts running up to 45 mph pass through with scattered rain.

Friends on the east coast, though, are completely under water.

VariableSpin said...

Here in SE Florida, we got the worst of it on Monday and Tuesday. It was pretty much a torrential downpour for 2 straight days. Not pleasant but hardly biblical in proportions.

Since then it's been pretty typical summer weather: muggy with the occasional afternoon thundershower.

BTW Ann, I noticed the "climate" tag on this post and was a bit puzzled. Then I looked at your other "climate" posts and most of them seemed to be about the *weather*. I'm hoping this is intentional and you have a grand plan to mine your blog posts at some later date to analyze the frequency/content of your weather related posts and compare them with global warming predictions. I hope so because it's so annoying when people attribute bad or unseasonable weather to climate change. I respect you too much to believe you're one of *those* people... Right?

Beth said...

My niece lives in Melbourne, and she's doing okay, so far. What a weird storm -- just take a look at the "spaghetti map," the computer models of where it might mosey on to when it's ready.

vbspurs said...

I am concerned about Benning, who lives further up north than I do.

We in SoFla went to bed on Monday night, expecting high winds and boku rains on Tuesday. Nothing of the sort happened. A few rain patches was all.

But Central and North Florida, poor dears, are getting pounded by 30 inches!

Get out of our State, you lardass!!

Susan said...

Beth, Your neice is lucky. It looks like Melbourne has had the worst of it so far - 25 inches of rain in the past few days.

Here NW of Orlando we managed to dodge the worst of Charlie, Frances and Jeanne in 2004 and now Fay. Lots of wind and rain since Monday, especially yesterday, but nothing like the coast.

No alligators, but I could hear the frogs having a pool party last night.