August 28, 2008

By request: the McCain VP open thread.

Who will he pick? Who should he pick? Who would be terrible?


Maguro said...

Liebs. A Republican. Liebs.

Andrew said...

I think Romney would be a terrible pick for McCain (full disclosure, I'm an unrepentant Obama supporter). He comes across as unctuous and smarmy. He has a record of flip-flopping that will shield Obama. He is rich, in contrast to both Obama and Biden.

On the plus side, I think he'll do ok in debates with Biden, and he helps shore up McCain's conservative creds. But I just don't think most people (even Republicans, who didn't come out for him in the primaries) like him.

Joe said...

It really does matter as long as he or she is conservative and not a buffoon. Sarah Palin is my preferred choice with Michael Steel second.

(Due to McCain's age, the VP must be more presidential than usual.)

Joaquin said...

K. Bailey Hutchinson - Romney - Leiberman

Joe Schmoe said...

He should pick Hillary because he is apparently deeply concerned that she was passed over by the Dems.

I hope he picks Leiberman because then he would be sure to lose. Good bye GOP base!

Blue Moon said...

Will pick: Pawlenty

Should pick: Palin

Disaster: Liberman, Romney or Steele

As an Obama supporter, I hope he picks Romney. I can already see the ads "McCain, Romney, two men, 14 houses, $3 billion in net worth, 1 out of touch ticket..."

Joe said...

Joaqin; This is supposed to be good picks, not the worse possible ones.

Original Mike said...

My heart says Palin. My head says Romney.

If he picks Romney, at least one of the four candidates will know his way around a balance sheet.

the Rising Jurist said...

Should pick: Palin.
Will pick: Romney.
Better not pick: Huckabee.

Wurly said...
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vbspurs said...

Will Pick: Romney

Should Pick: Romney. Palin.

Okay Pick: Pawlenty (for the pawlenty of puns to follow).

Terrible Pick: Lieberman. Some other Liberal.

Maverick Pick: Hillary. Heh.

AJ Lynch said...

I like Rudy and Michael Steele too. But Steele won't get you a state anywhere. The folks in Maryland are unabashed tax & spend liberals.

Rudy puts PA and NJ in play!

It is a shame Palin has only a couple days more experience than Obama IMO. She sounds like a rising star.

Romney is my choice to be put to work analyzing and fixing social security crisis and federal spending.

vbspurs said...

Better not pick: Huckabee.

Damn straight, Rising Jurist.

I'm a conservative Republican, and I would consider this is a cataclysmic choice.

McCain/Huckabee: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Michael_H said...

Should Pick: Colin Powell

Will Pick: Sarah Palin

Worst Pick: Lindsay Graham

Ben (The Tiger) said...


Seriously... I'd say he'll pick Romney, and he should pick Romney.

My sentimental choice, of course, in the fusion ticket.

Ron said...

Picking Palin low-bridges several Obama 'change' memes; younger, more executive experience, hammers on Big Oil, the demographic the Democrats snubbed, looks like an old-fashioned cost cutter...and better looking, with more wit and personality!

Kirby Olson said...

I think for humor's sake, he should pick Huckabee. That is, Huckabee is so much funnier than Biden, that the Democrats will look like the party of shrews.

I hope he doesn't pick Romney. I won't vote for him if he does.

I can't stand how humorless Romney is.

Huckabee is the obvious choice, humor-wise.

The president is basically the top comedian in the land, and people know this.

So you have to be funny, in my opinion, to get the job.

The worst thing would be to get a president with no wit whatsoever. The vice president should be very funny, too.

Ben (The Tiger) said...

"is", not "in".

integrity said...
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peter hoh said...

My neighbor-blogger says that Pawlenty is canceling appearances.

Sounds like the McCain campaign is excited by the prospect of upstaging Obama with a leaked announcement tonight. I take that to mean that they have a dramatic pick. Not Romney. Not Ridge. Not Pawlenty.

Sarah Palin? I'm not so sure. While announcing a woman VP would be remarkable, Palin doesn't have the name recognition. People would be left saying "Sarah Who?" instead of "Wow!"

There's some "wow factor" in picking a VP from the other party, but Lieberman and "wow factor" don't belong in the same sentence.

I'm pretty sure Colin Powell doesn't want to be VP, but he's the only pick I can imagine that would upstage Obama.

MadisonMan said...

No one is mentioning Lindsay Graham!

He should not pick a Senator. I said that about Obama, too. He's making the announcement in Ohio -- an Ohio Republican would be a bad choice as well, given the recent history of Ohio Republican Corruption. So Mike Dewine it is.

Why Dayton? Wright Brothers tie-in somehow?

Wurly said...
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Simon said...

I think that there's no choice that's really and obviously great.

There's several picks that are obviously loony and would produce a loss ranging from clear to catastrophic - Lieberman falls into the latter category as I said this morning. There's a handful of picks that aren't great but that aren't fatal - Pawlenty or Romney, for example.

Like Mike, my heart says Palin. It's not that she's ideal - the criticism that it's too soon for her and that she's a star in the making rather than in full bloom hits the mark cleanly. I just don't see who else has a better thrust:drag ratio.

Some people have floated Kay Bailey Hutchison, and certainly I understand the argument that Obama's choice of Biden has freed McCain's hand to pick a Senator. Nevertheless, I think that the electorate is a "kick the bums out" market, so you need someone who's either an outsider or who can credibly claim to be an outsider on the inside. McCain can credibly claim that mantle; he and Tom Coburn were the thorn in the Bush-DeLay-Frist Axis of Avarice, and that's vital given that our task as a party is to convince the electorate that the GOP as a whole isn't those folks - that those rotten apples haven't corrupted the whole barrel. To my mind, that makes the case for a Governor as the veep -- or at least someone who has McCain's "outsider on the inside" cred, which Hutchison doesn't.

Moreover, as I said yesterday commenting on some post or another, McCain needs to find a way to capitalize on the dissension in the ranks among Hillary supporters, moderate Democrats and conservative democrats. With all the other factors to take into account, the pool really does start to narrow dramatically. I think it narrows really to one.

integrity said...

If it is Lieberman or Romney I will be thrilled. Both are dirtbags, and are therefore perfect for McCain.

Joaquin said...

Ha Joe! We'll see tomorrow who's right. I mean, who the choice is.....

Simon said...

MadisonMan said...
"No one is mentioning Lindsay Graham!"

No. No, they aren't. I said above that there are several picks that would produce a loss ranging from clear to catastrophic, and if Lieberman exemplifies the kind of pick that would produce a catastrophic defeat, Graham exemplifies the kind of pick that would produce a clear defeat. See also Mel Martinez.

EnigmatiCore said...

Butch Otter.

dr kill said...

Tom Ridge.

Balfegor said...

Re: Andrew:

I think Romney would be a terrible pick for McCain (full disclosure, I'm an unrepentant Obama supporter). He comes across as unctuous and smarmy.

Yes, he seems over-polished and insincere. Like Obama, really. Romney would really undercut a lot of the arguments against Obama -- not just flip-flops, but the whole critique of superficial appearance-driven politics.

Fortunately, it's not clear why he would go for Romney, since he kind of hated him during the primary. True, he might know his way around a balance sheet, unlike the Senators, but then there's plenty of CEOs who didn't implement a health care system with massive cost overruns when they were governor. And who don't seem plastic and insincere. If he needs someone who can shore him up on the economy, Fiorina or that woman from EBay are probably much better bets.

Re: Rising Jurist:

Should pick: Palin.
Will pick: Romney.
Better not pick: Huckabee.

McCain-Huckabee is one of the few tickets that would tempt me to vote Obama-Biden. I dislike Obama intensely, but he can't hold a candle to the man who wants to amend the Constitution to bring it into line with Biblical Law.

vbspurs said...

I've prepped my Liberal parents for a Palin pick. Even my father thinks that's a canny choice.

But Romney is the obvious choice because HE is Presidential from the word-go, given all the fears of Johnny Mac's advanced age.

I personally believe that all these "McCain is too Old" memes are ludicrous.

The same thing was said of Pope Benedict XVI, who suffered a stroke in the early 90s. Have you seen him bound up the steps of the Alitalia planes? He's fine. McCain will be too. His mother is still alive at 98, for God's sake.

Like Benedict, McCain will be a transitional Presidential figure, surprising everyone with his moderate tone, a welcome relief from identity politics and Clinton-Bush-Era strife.

Ever noticed how Conservatives are always depicted as cowboys, foaming at the mouth fascists, or doctrinaire Nazis -- and end up "impressing" liberals by not blowing up the world, after all?

rcocean said...

Good: Lieberman or Gulliani

It will high comedy seeing all the "conservatives" twist themselves into knots trying to support them.

OK: Rick Santorum or George Will

Worst: Kay Hutchinson - a Senate version of Sandra Day O'Conner A complete Mediocre Moderate whose risen to prominence because of gender. Who says Republicans don't believe in Affirmative action?

ron st.amant said...

I think he picks Pawlenty. It's probably the least divisive pick he could make and I think right now that's what their looking for.

peter hoh said...

McCain picking Rick Santorum will send me to the ER with uncontrollable fits of laughter.

DBrooks17 said...

The announcement in Ohio has me wondering. It's unlikely, but a possibility would be John Kasich. He's a Reagan Republican, excellent on the budget, good communicator, and conservative. However, his experience in government is totally in the House, and he is youngish in affect.

Jason said...

Romney seems disingenuous, like Schwarchenegger in reverse. McCain doesn't need someone with that kind of experience.

If it's Pawlenty, I have to question the governor's wisdom in canceling appearances before the official announcement. Makes it look like he doesn't know how to keep a secret... not very presidential. Of course if that was done for show, then he's brilliant.

gophermomeh said...

Pawlenty - for the evangelical vote.

vbspurs said...

Peter Hoh wrote:

My neighbor-blogger says that Pawlenty is canceling appearances.

Sounds like the McCain campaign is excited by the prospect of upstaging Obama with a leaked announcement tonight. I take that to mean that they have a dramatic pick. Not Romney. Not Ridge. Not Pawlenty.

Good analysis, Peter.

I think a leaked announcement would drive Democrats crazy, which is good, but would also alienate independents, as it looks mean-spirited. I actually agree with that.

So I dislike Obama intensely...but every dog should have his day. I genuinely wish him luck tonight.

As for the strategery involved, McCain is content to play tough politics up to a point. This sneaky play would horn in on his idea of doing things with "honour", of which he actually has a track record of doing.

Unlike Obama...

Triangle Man said...

Pawlenty - for the evangelical vote.

Is McCain in danger of losing evangelical (or fundamentalist) voters to Obama?

I would like to see him get back to the "Straight Talk Express" image/vision, but I think he has gone too far around the bend to bring that back. I certainly can't see a VP pick that is going to help there. He may be down to picking someone who can attack Obama vigorously and with impunity.

former law student said...

Will pick: Romney
Should pick: Fred Thompson
Worst pick: Huckabee

gophermomeh said...

Not losing, but solidifying. Pawlenty is the real thing, where with McCain, no one's really sure.

wanderlust747 said...

olympia snowe

Trumpit said...

McBush will choose Jeb Bush or Katherine Harris Bush.

peter hoh said...

Pawlenty is a very good stump speaker. He'd be a good pick. His evangelical cred comes from his membership in Wooddale Church, the pastor of which heads the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals.

jdeeripper said...

Who will he pick?


Who should he pick?


Who would be terrible?

Lieberman, Huckabee, Jindal.

Blue Moon said...

I wonder what Jeb is thinking these days. I'm guessing something along the lines of "Just when it looked like it was all lined up for me... Oh well."

vbspurs said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...

I want him to pick Palin. Great personal story. Staunch conservative. Good looking herself and a really hot hubby. She would bring in both religious conservatives and economic conservatives. Great appeal to the PUMAs and other POed Hillary supporters.

He should pick Pawlenty. Another good conservative pick. Personable and young. Popular and a good speaker. a last resort Romney. However, for some his religion is a no go. Plus he comes across as a plastic Ken doll.

Please God NO NO NO NO Lieberman or Huckabee. Those two would be terrible terrible.

vbspurs said...

I don't think Katherine Harris' bush is constitutionally eligible.

Listen, it's gotta be a Governor, or former Governor, so forget Thompson, Giuliani, Graham, Hutchison, Snowe (hee), or any of those.

As I keep repeating, there have only been 2 Senators elected directly from the US Senate to the Presidency, in 232 years of the American republica. Harding and Kennedy.

Obama/Biden/McCain = 3 Senators.

Unheard OF. Truly historical. Add a fourth, and forget having real experience in running a mini-country, as being governor of an US State is.

So Romney, Pawlenty, Palin, Crist, Jindal, in that order. Who has he been seen with most recently? Romney, Crist and Jindal. Of those, who is really a sure-thing pick?

Too obvious. It's Romney.

They buried the hatchet long ago. Look at them in June.

john said...

Will likely pick: an old fart*.

Should pick: Palin**

Worst pick: Graham (even McCain should realize that).

*Been in the senate too long; those are all he knows.

** What if she, as VP pick, made a play for the disaffected Hillary supporters? Might help in several states.

m_guidry said...

Hmmm, if the pick is Charlie Crist, then any one who attacks him could be called an "anti-Crist". How about "If Crist is for us, who can be against?"

OK, enough. I think the safest pick is Romney, because he already has national exposure and seems to be auditioning for the pit bull role. Also, his strength is out West, and this could help keep Colorado and Nevada in the fold. Unless this thing turns into a rout, all McCain has to do is hold on to the states that Bush won. The battlegrounds will be the Mountain West and the Midwest, and Romney should help with the former, and thus McCain can focus on the "Hillary Midwest".

Sloanasaurus said...

Pawlenty is the likely pick. He has everything to offer. He was leader in the Minnesota state house and has been governor for 6 years (he even won in 2006 during the blue wave). He is from a blue collar background, and he is a very good politician (very likable). A great pick to bring home the Clinton Democrats. People will like him a lot, however, he does have a moderate streak in him. Also, Pawlenty puts Minnesota in play.

Romney will not be the pick, However, Romney will be McCains Secretary of Treasury.

Dark Horses

Sarah Palin - An excellent pick, but low on experience.

Bobby Jindahl - at age 37 he has a lot more experience than Barack Obama. He is the Future of the party. He will be the nominee in 2016 or later.

Carly Fiorina - The ultimate and true feminist CEO of a company with 150,000 employees for 5 years. This would throw the media for a loop. She would be the ultimate dark horse, but risky because she isn't a politician.

Condi Rice - Only dreaming - Imagine if McCain nominated Condi and she came out and annouced that she was a true conservative.

Sloanasaurus said...

Funny, Pawlenty has been my governor for six years and I never knew he was an evangelical. He doesn't talk much abut his religion (unlike Obama and Biden).

Pawlenty really is the common man. A guy who fishes, plays hockey, makes crass jokes is funny a lot (unlike Obama who isn't funny at all). He will be very attractive to Clinton Democrats. He doesn't have the elitism that Obama and Biden have. His dad was a truck driver. He is also a mainstream conservative (with a liberal streak from time to time) The guy is going to be the pick.

Democrats will hate him.

Luckyoldson said...


Mark said...

Should Pick: Sarah Palin. Troopergate looks like it's winding down and she'll immediately engender excitement amongst, well, almost everyone.

Sloanasaurus said...

but a possibility would be John Kasich.

Kasich would be great. A signal that McCain really does want limited government. Kasich would be the Reagan pick.

chickenlittle said...

Dunno, but whoever spins his videos should be his Rove.

madawaskan said...

Matt Blunt
Michael Rounds
Rogers from Michigan

Ya I'm a nerd I follow this like baseball.

I gotta weird feeling about Blunt because he is missing from the convention speech roster, but the role out for the VP is-




Palladian said...


rcocean said...

"He is also a mainstream conservative (with a liberal streak from time to time)"

!!!Alarm bells go off!!!

"Liberal streak" - means what exactly?

Revenant said...

I think he ought to pick Palin.

Who he WILL pick, I have no earthly idea.

Mark said...

It will be Ridge or Pawlenty.

Sloanasaurus said...

"Liberal streak" - means what exactly?

Like believing in global warming, supporting ethanol - dumb stuff like that. No one is perfect I guess. But, that is probably why he wins in Minnesota.

john said...


How do you do that? (Why do you do that?)

Simon said...

Mark said...
"[Palin will] immediately engender excitement...."

This is an accurate statement on several levels.

Roger J. said...

goddess--who cares? the VP nominee doesnt amount to warm bucket of piss. People vote for the head of the ticket. now if any of you folks have some research--research not commentary--have any studies to the country whip em on me. You cant of, of course, because there are none.

I give you the tragic case of Senator Eagleton, who, god bless him, acted like a human being and was excoriated for it. That was a truly sad chapter in American politics. and exposed the so called "feeling American commentariat" for the insufferable fools they were. He was far classier than the yammering douchbags that took him to task for dealing with his sickness.

I do so hope that that his critics have to deal with a mental illness.

Will said...

Who will he pick? Pawlenty or Romney.

Who should he pick? Carly Fiorina or a good Governor. (It's a shame Bill Owens self-destructed.)

Who would be terrible? Any Senator. There's too many of them in the race already.

madawaskan said...

*roll* out-

Ya,y a I've already pimped Pawlenty and Ridge on here eons ago.

He picks Palin and I'm gonna stick my stiletto in his ass cheek.

peter hoh said...

The buzz is around Pawlenty. According to some of his neighbors, helicopters are flying over his home.

Will said...
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Will said...

"goddess--who cares? the VP nominee doesnt amount to warm bucket of piss. People vote for the head of the ticket."
Normally I'd agree with you.
However, since McCain is 140 years older than dirt, was a POW, and has had several bouts with cancer, there's more than a fleeting chance that his VP could become P. Therefore, his pick will likely figure in people's voting decision.

peter hoh said...

I didn't realize that ethanol was liberal. Panderers of all stripes like ethanol.

I don't think you could find a Minnesota liberal who would claim that Pawlenty has a liberal bone in his body.

vbspurs said...

Just in case of interest, this link is to Governor Pawlenty's weekly one-hour radio show.

It's called "Good Morning, Minnesota", and last week it featured:

8-22-08 Good Morning Minnesota
Live from the Minnesota State Fair with Governor Tim Pawlenty!

Click on it, and you will hear Minnesota First Lady, Mary Pawlenty, sounding incredibly like Jearlyn Steele on the "Prairie Home Companion".

I think this is a fine couple, and compared to the Governor of Alaska and her husband, maybe they're more ready for primetime.

We'll see.

Methadras said...

Pawlenty or Romney. Either would be great. Jindal would be fantastic, but he isn't ready for the national stage yet. If he picks Lieberman, it's over.

Z.Sorenson said...

Why not Lindsey Graham? Not my pick, but they seem pretty chummy, why has he not been discussed?

peter hoh said...

Victoria, Mary Pawlenty is definitely ready for prime time.

vbspurs said...

Lindsey Graham is one of the Gang of 14. He's unmarried (even Crist is now afianced), and there are rumours about that. So...

Too liberal for a Republican (like McCain). Another Senator. Single guy.

It doesn't add up.

blake said...

You know timing and grooming is so important for the Presidential election, which comes only every four years. Miss your window of opportunity and you've blown the chance of a lifetime, even if you're still (theoretically) competitive four years later.

My God. It's the Olympics of Stupid.

vbspurs said...

Good to hear, Peter. :)

Not that it's a consideration, or should be, but you know that Americans like "complete packages". Wife has to be vetted too.

Obama is the complete package, and is accordingly the Democratic nominee, but e.g., Kwame Fitzpatrick would never be.

(Personally, I always thought Harold Ford, Jr. would be the first real black-American President, and he just might be...)

section9 said...

I'm hearing wierd stuff on Freep from someone with an in on the McCain Advance Team. Supposedly, Mitt's out, and it's going to be a woman. Kay Bailey is out because she never got on with John.

Barak opened up the door by not picking Hillary. Stupid is as stupid does. Be prepared for a huge surprise.

Kelly said...

Sarah Palin. The best possible pick.

vbspurs said...

If it's a woman, it's not Hutchison, then it's Palin, Section9.

Dammit. I used to have a Norwegian friend in Alaska, and I would be able to email him now to find out if there are any choppers swooping around Juneau.

Jason said...

Wouldn't it be weird if he picked his own wife? Hillary set a precedent after all.

K T Cat said...

Meg Whitman for VP!

I would really prefer that it not be Romney. He just doesn't work for me.

SleepingGiant said...

Should pick: Pawlenty. Down-to-earth, personable, good governing record, completely dissapates any residual effects of House-Gate.

Will probably pick: Romney. I can't stand the man. He makes Kerry look consistent. But he has knowledge of the economy, which is something that McCain lacks. (or, at least, he will be PERCIEVED as being knowledgeble about the economy, which is as important in this race. Mormonism vs. Jeremiah Wright? I think I'll take Romney's pals. He's younger than McCain, with lots of experience. He could be a solid pick, even if I'll be gritting my teeth when I pull the lever for McCain.

Please-in-God's-name-don't-pick: Thompson. 9/11. Huckabee. Lieberman (I love you, buddy, but the rest of the country doesn't).

Interesting pick: Sarah Palin. Her lack of experience blunts McCain's best weapon. But can you imagine a better way to actually keep those Hillary-supporters voting McCain? On the flip side, McCain's old enough to be her father, grandfather if you push it.

Jindal's a rising star. But honestly, his state needs him, and he wouldn't serve the pratical use that Palin would.

blake said...

Hell, I'd love to see Teh Fred be Veep. But I don't think he's dumb enough to take the job.

Fat Man said...

Meg Whitman -- Businesswoman, Philanthopist

peter hoh said...

No way it's Romney. It's between Palin and Pawlenty. If there's no leak tonight, Pawlenty's stock goes up.

SleepingGiant said...

Well, I actually looked at that Palin website, and based on her previous positions, she could claim knowledge and success in economics and and understanding of most americans (as her town was growing from nothing into a major hub). I mean, that's more than Obama has, so thin it may be, but it exists.

McCain's got foreign policy as locked up as it will ever be. He needs to look at the domestic situation, and Palin would be an exciting choice.

JWE said...

Sarah Palin would be worth it just to watch Joe Biden deal with the problem of debating a woman without being seen as condescending.

peter hoh said...

So, no leak tonight. At least not yet. Looks like the McCain camp pulled off a head fake.

SleepingGiant said...

The Dems are already on the verge of a mental breakdown. I approve the strategy of giving them something else to worry about if that was indeed the intent. And they can't be accused of anything.

DirtCrashr said...

Given the way powerful Bay Area Democrats and Peninsula Democrat-Businessmen spit and fume and spend time vilifying her in the local newspaper - and BayAryan moonbats just plain go nutso-electric-acid-dump, I'm not sure that Carley isn't such a bad idea.
She's certainly equal to any crap Bit-'em Biden can dish out, and she can send it back over the net with force.

Slim999 said...

Please, I hope he doesn't pick Lieberman. There's already enough age and Democrats on the Republican ticket already with McCain.

Carly Fiorina is a crook. She's lucky she's not in jail having tapped the tele3phones of reporters.

Romney would be OK, but since he's likely to be the next Republican President, I'm not sure I want him as the "attack dog" that the VP needs to be.

The best pick politically would be Guiliani. There will be a Vice Presidential debate and he'd wipe the fkin floor with Joe Biden.

I can see it now: "I know Neil Kinnock, sir, and you are no Neil Kinnock."

The juxtaposition of the Mayor of New York, attacked by Muslim extremists, against Barack Hussein Obama, confident of pipe bombers like Bill Ayers, would also remind the American public that the safety of their children is at stake in the election.

Yea, that's the ticket

Sarah said...

Will pick? No idea.
Should pick? If the world were just, happy, and generally decent - Romney (*). Because it is not, someone like Porter or Kasich or Palin or Pawlenty.
Would be incredibly bad? Hillary, Lieberman, Huckabee.

I think it's likely that McCain will pick someone who puts me in a "maybe I can stand to vote for Obama anyhow" mood for at least a month.

(*) Full disclosure: I am Mormon, and quite frankly the attitude people have displayed in regards to Romney has forced me to reevaluate my faith in modern American democracy. I don't even want him as the VP candidate anymore.

AimHighHitLow said...

Will pick: Pawlenty
Should pick: Pawlenty
Start those mock debates with Biden a stand-in tomorrow

Cedarford said...

Interesting how many liberals at Althouse's blog are saying that they will never vote Republican if Romney is selected because he is too rich and changes his positions too much like McCain and Democrats do.....

Far be it for anyone in America to want someone who knows the economy and has an excellent track record of fixing broken institutions! And negotiating with rival businesses, banks, political opposition, and foreign officials to get things done.

vbspurs - personally believe that all these "McCain is too Old" memes are ludicrous.

The same thing was said of Pope Benedict XVI, who suffered a stroke in the early 90s. Have you seen him bound up the steps of the Alitalia planes? He's fine. McCain will be too. His mother is still alive at 98, for God's sake.

Like Benedict, McCain will be a transitional Presidential figure...

I hope Pope Benedict lives many more years with a sound mind and vigor. Remember that unfortunately Pope John Paul II entered a period ot dotage where he was unable to manage Church affairs, let the priest sex scandal continue. And after standing up to communism while he was in full possession of his faculties, acted like a Leftist with full Stockholm Syndrome in act after act of appeasing and apologizing to Muslims.

With McCain, the Presidential job function is considerably different than a Pope who can stay in a job senile and sick for years, basically retired from leadership with the Curia maintaining status quo - and a croaked Pope simply triggers a leisurely replacement campaign.

It's like stepping on a flight and seeing McCain as pilot. In most ways it is reassuring, he says he is healthy, been an airline pilot for 30 years, but you notice he is OLD. And look to the co-pilot. If McCain says he has co-pilot Palin -"a special woman pick" who may become a really good pilot someday...

Your concern about the flight goes up, after a brief surge of PC pride that a woman that was flying Alaskan back country single-engine Piper Cubs 2 years ago is now going to have your life in her hands if the 72-year old seasoned pilot goes down during the flight.

And you think about if it would be safer and more preferable and better for the stability of your chaotic life with major storms and air traffic problems coming up during the flight to instead fly with an inexperienced black pilot who is backed with a seasoned, veteran co-pilot.

A safety statistician would probably say that you were best picking the 2nd crew.

MarkW said...

Pawlenty would be a solid safe pick and might put Minnesota in play. But Palin would be a game-changer. I think Palin would worry the Obama campaign a lot more. I don't know a lot about Pawlenty, but he seems wholesome and a bit dull. Palin has more glamor going for her than Obama. And the kind of western, wilderness, American glamor that puts Obama in a bad light. She hunts, she fishes, she rides motorcycles, she has a husband that would fit right on 'Deadliest Catch'.

Jeffrey said...

I worked for Hewlett-Packard during the Carly Fiorina years, and I can confidently state that Carly couldn't manage her way out of a wet paper bag. She took a great company and nearly ruined it, yet still managed to swindle and connive her golden parachute while being shown the door. If McCain picks Carly, he loses my vote and those of most people who worked under Carly.

Glen said...

Palin is absolutely a game changer. She and McCain are both Republican mavericks. Both have fought corruption in their own party. Both have sons who are serving in the armed forces. She will certainly fire up the base and beyond.

I don't know if she's ready for prime time. But is Pawlenty? Perhaps he has more polish. But I doubt he can deliver Minnesota. He wins there against a DFL/IP/Green Party split.

Romney is ready. Economics is his forte and his religion will be off the table ... unless the Dems want to revisit Jerimiah Wright. But eh. No fire in the belly.

Will Pick: Pawlenty
Should Pick: Palin
Death Wish Pick: Lieberman, Graham
Kiss My Ass Pick: Cheney

Peter said...

Olympia Snowe.

peggy38 said...

I would love to see Palin and I am going to hold out for her. I got no other picks until the fat lady sings tommorrow.

Reasons: All the above pro-Palin ones plus I think her experience actually trumps Obama's. Sure they are about the same age and have been in office about the same length of time, but Palin's experience is executive. That should weigh more than what Obama has got.

Thorley Winston said...

Who Should He Pick: Romney or Pawlenty
Who Will He Pick: Pawlenty
Death Pick: Huckabee or any member of the Senate

TmjUtah said...

Romney or Palin.

I'll sit out the election if it's Lieberman or Ridge.

Anthony said...

About 18 months ago, I told my wife, an Obama supporter, that I thought a McCain-Romney ticket would be great. Then the campaign began and I took a real dislike to Romney. Since he left the race, I like Romney a lot better.

Like others, my heart says Sarah Palin. But my head notes that she is a first term governor of a state no one thinks much about exceot drilling.

I also thought that Mark Sanford of South Carolina would be a good pick, but he seems to have disappeared.

I think Pawlenty would be a good pick, though I doubt he carries Minnisota.

In the end, I think it is Romney.

former law student said...

It will be Romney: The Cindyjet went to LA yesterday,leaving last night; Romney was in California yesterday, leaving last (Thursday) night.

EnigmatiCore said...


Jill said...

Anyone checked over at fox news this morning? They say sources have indicated Romney is out. Huckabee and Pawlenty are both out. Dare I hope it's really Palin?