August 4, 2008

The Bradbury Building in downtown L.A.

Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building

Just a few of my fisheye views of the great building.

Here's some "Blade Runner"-specific info.


RightGirl said...

What's going on with that chick in the last pic? Is she stifling a fart?


ricpic said...

Brick and iron,
Red and black,
The old industrial age.
Wouldn't we love,
Truth be told,
To turn back the page?

Quixotic said...

The building and its elevator is also featured at the start of each episode of Ray Bradbury Theater, the entire DVD set of which you can buy on Amazon for cheap.

Dara said...

Don't forget Double Indemnity too.

blake said...

Deja vu!

PatCA said...

Oh, I'm glad you are doing the historical walk. Did you go to Phillipe's for lunch, I hope?

rhhardin said...

Somebody at work rented Blade Runner in the mid 80s. So I saw a lot of it, before finally walking out. It making no sense at all to me.

My characterization of its genre was of some TV series in the 60s that had Lloyd Bridges agonized and crawling up two hundred flights of the same stairs for twenty minutes.

But apparently it's some noir genre, if you believe wiki.

The effect is spoiled if you see the actors as actors, I guess. It becomes a WTF-who-watches-this genre.

Not caring about the plot that seems to depend on your caring starts the problem.

It could be an interesting building on its own, but I don't get the glamour.

bearbee said...

Seems more atmosphere than glamour.