August 15, 2008

ATL Idol judging.

The finale is up.

And if I were a Yale Law student, I'd get some Stanford lawprof lawyer to out commenter #26.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Here I go with another pity comment.

Blogonaut said...

Is that a Shame Pole in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Ann Althouse said...

I guess my readers don't give a damn about the fate of ATL.

Peter said...

You're right, Ms. Althouse, I don't care much about the fate of ATL. What interests me, though, is the language used by those o so politically correct "progressives".

Not just #26 but every time "progressives comment about a not progressive enough women we soon see the words "bitch" and "cunt" used to describe that woman. At least #26 was a little inventive.

Meanwhile we conservatives are describd as misogynists. I have read more of this stff by "progressives than I ever heard in my whole career in law enforcement and there was some awfully salty language in our locker rooms.

Theo Boehm said...

I guess my readers don't give a damn about the fate of ATL.

Frankly, m'dear....

Yes, this is a general-interest blog that happens to be written by a law professor.

Speaking as a long-time representative of the Althouse lumpen-Kommentariat, the things that first attracted me to this blog were: 1) that Althouse bears a close resemblance to my wife (including her political outlook and her feet); and, 2) Althouse seemed to write interestingly about many other things than law.

What kept me reading this blog: 1) Althouse writes interestingly about many other things than law; and, 2) the commenters, among the sharpest, and often weirdest in the blogosphere.  Even the trolls are high-calibre.

I'm very interested, as a citizen, in the law. If I want law, however, there are many other excellent blogs, including ATL.  I don't give too much thought to the proprietors or what goes on behind the scenes, because law, as a subject, is not my main interest.  I do read a few blogs about subjects I'm seriously or professionally engaged with, but not many.  And I'm generally quite detached from their inner workings.

A large audience is attracted to the personality of the blogger, and less so to the subject or information content of the blog.  It's fine if the blog is intellectually stimulating and rich in content, but that needs to be done around an engaging personality.

I often have to slap myself and say, "Oh, yeah.  Althouse's job is a LAW PROFESSOR.  Damn!  You'd think I'd remember!"

She's that good.