July 5, 2008

You've seen face painting. This is amazing whole-head painting!

More here. (NSFW ads on there.) (Via Metafilter.) I love the inventive use of the features of the head. Check out the gumball machine and the pizza. The dog is the funniest one... and so true!


Bissage said...

Time well spent!

sbutler said...

Brilliant! Reminds me of this (site generally NSFW).

Jason said...

Extraordinary! Looks like 'sbutler' beat me to the punch on the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like that. It looks like John Wayne Gacy went to art school.

I more partial to Guido Daniele

And if you don't have it already you should get the PicLens add on to the Firefox browser to view Google images or Flickr.

Really amazing.

Ann Althouse said...

I like this guy far more than Guido Daniele.

And that belly-button thing... hilarious... but I prefer cartoonishness.