July 14, 2008




Mr. Humphrey Throttlemeyer said...

Your template is cluttered with a jumble of lines and bars and squares, nevermind the wordy banner.

Have you ever thought that a breezy, and expansive, picture might do better if it were set off by less lines and tags and such ????

Paddy O said...

Loving the water theme.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess.

The peace and wisdom of Barack Obama is reflected in a series of photographs of still, calm, reflective and deep bodies of water.

Since this blog has nearly become All Obama All The Time.

john said...

Michael -

Then is that Obama mooning the photographer? Maybe it should be "all of Obama all the time".

Meade said...

You post, squeezing life-giving sustenance
from the teats of Culture
and, like the archetypal Milkmaid,
offer it up in ample cups.
Foggily, we scamper up
on our little cat feet,
purring, lapping, hissing, mewing, scratching.
How quickly can the Althouse commentariat lick
the cups clean
to then sit up on silent haunches,
believing with audacious hope that,
any moment now,
this time,
she will toss us a whole bucket
of piranha?

Anonymous said...


Ann's in LA. The reflection could be manly pecs, not the buttocks of the messiah.

All the more for the piranahs' feast.

blake said...

Mizu no kokoro

Ann Althouse said...

LOL, Meade.

Michael: I'm not in LA yet. That picture, like all the recent pictures, was taken in Madison.

"Mizu no kokoro"... ah, thanks!

PatCA said...

Now that's really Monet's Water Lilies! Very nice.