July 11, 2008

Pick one.




Bissage said...

I pick the first one for sentimental reasons.

It reminds me of Mrs. Bissage before the Gyne-Lotrimin.

michael farris said...

I'm reminded of the Handmaiden's Tale, where the narrator compares flowers to sex organs .... really do you think these pcitures are decent?

Meade said...

Your poor banner has become so naked.
How about:
Ann Althouse - Hortpornographer Extraordinaire

The Counterfactualist said...

The first one looks more cunty.

George M. Spencer said...

Song: Fie My Fum

Pull my daisy,
Tip my cup,
Cut my thoughts
For coconuts,

Start my arden
Gate my shades,
Silk my garden
Rose my days,

Say my oops,
Ope my shell,
Roll my bones,
Ring my bell,

Pope my parts,
Pop my pot,
Poke my pap,
Pit my plum.

-Allen Ginsberg

Dr Dre's Underpants said...

Yo, the first one reminds of Mrs. Bissage after a pint a gin. She one fly ho.

Padre Steve said...

I choose the lower one! Very nice pictures!

Bissage said...

DDU, . . . respectfully . . . it is my most solemn duty to relate that Mrs. Bissage has instructed me to inform you of the following message:


chuck b. said...

Pick the first one, because it needs to be picked.

vbspurs said...


Because it somehow reminds me of John Waters' moustache.


amba said...

"The roses have the look of flowers that are looked at."

~ T.S. Eliot

(Serendipitously, this quote just arrived in my e-mail, in another context:, making me instantly think of this post.)