July 5, 2008

Photographing water.

I'm continually amazed by the way water looks in photographs:


I love to enlarge details and am continually amazed at the painterly images that I'm utterly incapable of seeing in person:


That was there? I had no idea!


UWS guy said...

There are lens attachments...er...filters I believe that effect reflected light, sometimes it's nice to see through the water. Do you have one of those?

Rick Lee said...

UWS is referring to polarizing filters. In this case, it's the reflections you like. The thing that's fascinating about photographing reflections in water is the fact that you are freezing the motion. When you see the reflections in constant motion, you can't see what it looks like in any particular instant. Frozen reflections are weird and other-worldly... and often beautiful.

bearbee said...


ricpic said...

Not quite as bright reflecting mirror
And that makes all the diff,
Water gives gravid gravitas
To every little riff.

rhhardin said...

Guys can get an interesting treatment from a lads' high school text Water Waves by N.F.Barber, where you will find out what are still, even with photography, seeing but not noticing.

The Monet I have hanging in my hall, and you can see it here.

ricpic said...

The clutter in a Monet is as nothing
To the clutter in Chez Hardin.

Bissage said...

Fantastic stuff!

Photos like that go a long way to remind us there's always more there than what first meets the eye.

And not to live too much on just the surface of life.

muddimo said...

I think you captured a water sprite. Looks angry too. (Bottom center.)