July 14, 2008

My to-do list.

1. Write more lists. People love to read lists.

2. ...


vbspurs said...

2. Read Irving, Amy Wallace's, and David Wallechinsky's "The Book of Lists".

chuck b. said...

I strive to be a list-writer. Effective people write lists.

Have you seen Flipping Out--the Bravo show about the allegedly OCD home flipper in Los Angeles? It's oddly compelling but also kind of boring at the same time. Anyway, he generates a 1-2 page to-do list every day for his personal assistants to execute.

Rake the leaves. Walk the dog. Gas the car.

The to-do list appears on every show and becomes an important tool for illustrating the OCD. So, there's a fine line. But if you're going to be insane, might as well be effective at the same time. Drudge is basically a list-writer. There's a connection.

MadisonMan said...

2. Find another blogger born in the 19th century because the world's oldest blogger has died.

vbspurs said...

OLIVE! Oh no. :(


(Thanks MadMan)

Meade said...

2. Cross "1." off list. List-loving people hate to read un-updated lists.

former law student said...

Make a list of what you'd like to see and do in LA. (I remember my mother's always making lists of what we should take on our week-long summer vacations.)

Quayle said...

Sorry to say, Anne, but your list is listless.

MadisonMan said...

Who's Anne?

Quayle said...

There's that spelling tick again.

Actually, upon further and a more truthful reflection, it's the lazy tick that got me this time.

I guess I assumed that a personality like Ann would have been named Anne, and I was too lazy to click and confirm.

And no disrespect, but it really SHOULD be Anne Althouse, don’t you think?

But then I've always thought Anne was the more free-spirited version of Ann.

Revenant said...

1. Write more lists. People love to read lists.

2. ...

3. Profit!

chuck b. said...

Wikipedia has a list of songs about Los Angeles, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_about_Los_Angeles

blake said...

Int'resting. I wonder what makes the cut. This one didn't:

I am a full-fledged, grown up adult
I'm tryin' to make a dent
Tryin' to get a result
I'm holed up in a Hollywood Hotel suite
Tequila to drink and avocado to eat

Never thought I'd see so many TV stars
Never thought I'd see so many rented cars
Never thought I'd see so many desperate eyes
And I never thought I'd hear so many bold-faced lies

"Hollywood Hopeful", LW3