July 21, 2008


(Via Gawker.)

Looks like "Bloggingheads: The Prequel!"...

Yeah...isn't that guy on the right Kaus?


vbspurs said...

Bork Bork Bork Bork!

Meade said...

Aww! Cute and huggable!

Ron said...

Looks like "Bloggingheads: The Prequel!"

Ron said...

Yeah...isn't that guy on the right Kaus?

chuck b. said...

Ugh, is it me or are those voices are all wrong? I hate new Muppet voices.

I guess it would be worse to not have them at all.

chuck b. said...

Waldorf and Statler + Milton Berle. LOL.


Quayle said...
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Quayle said...

I'd vote for these guys.

They beat the duo we'll probably get.

vbspurs said...

They beat the duo we'll probably get.

They look like the Grover Cleveland-Warren Harding ticket!

This piece also reminds me of a Family Guy quote about them:

(Muppet duo make snarky remarks from a balcony installed over the Griffin's living room)

Peter: Yeah, they don't care for most things.

MadisonMan said...

That was wonderful!

Bravo! I loved it!

Ah, that was great!

Well, it was pretty good.

Well, it wasn't bad...

Uh, there were parts of it that weren't very good though.

It could have been a lot better.

I didn't really like it.

It was pretty terrible.

It was bad.

It was awful!

Ah, It was terrible!

Take 'em away!

Bah, boo! Boooo!