July 13, 2008

A golden refection.

Thai pavilion reflected in pool

Thai pavilion reflected in pool

Thai pavilion reflected in pool

Thai pavilion reflected in pool

(The unreflected image is here.)


Meade said...

Layer upon layer of visual eloquence.

nansealinks said...

You read my memory banks. Lucky you have a good camera for that.

Wow, ann, this is quite amusing after me mentioning the university pool yesterday. I went swimming with my waterproof musical player device that took me two birthdays and two mother's days to accumulate. My kids are great on building up suspense, as my grandkid says, "SLooooowly". Dosn't matter, it was heaven in waiting. Anyway yesterday, I put some instrumental music on, somekind of nature mix, and swam my little heart amout.

At the same time I was thinking of the student and Robert Shakespeare from the Fine Art depart, (your beat, right?) created Light Totem that lit up the campus here for the 25 year anniversary of some im pei architecture.


I'm then thinking they should do that kind of thinking underwater while i am swimming to this music. I thought i was close to water utopia with sound but what if they added light desgn and it would be like swimming around with electric eels. Your photo reminds me of that.

BTW, iTunes U has a free download on h2O. When I am not trippin out, I'm learning stuff like that underwater. Never a dull moment in my sweaty exercise schedule.

Bissage said...

Why do those photos give me the urge to spawn?

nansealinks said...

It's also amusing because I like to take photographs but have no art degree and only 6 weeks of photography in an imaging class.

I don't know if you have ever seen any of my photos.

The other amusing thing is that i got into this discussion, on going confrontation with students in my apartment complex.

They make fun of me for various reasons, my temperament one, and two because I don't ever smoke pot and rarely drink. (Sorry, for the strict grammarians here for that unparallell structure). on and on... I asked them why they would? They were like: DUH! to get high. Well, anyway I need my enlightenment for today where I don't get the munchies and instead get my BMI in order. I'm thinking I need more beat in my music today.

Funny the things students never have to worry about while they are drinking and munching, I guess.

bearbee said...

Exquisite and exquisitely Monet

Ann Althouse said...

Bearbee, I was specifically thinking of that series.

vbspurs said...

The first evokes in my mind a river of gold in Peru.

The second looks like an alligator about to pounce.

The third, the path to a Venetian doge's ante-chamber.

The fourth, Taj Mahal.


nansealinks said...

Gimme a break,

any art history 101 student knows a feminist art person always shoots for the PT cruiser. (well that's what I labeled it when I sat in class thinking...okay, when is she gonna bring in the trajan tower or the pubic triangle.

For gads sakes, sometimes a triangle is just a bent out piece of metal that makes a noise when struck not stroked or stoked.

Bring in the orb next.

Michael said...

You might want to add a circular polarizer to your camera kit. You can use it to dial in either the reflection coming off of the water, or dial out the reflection so you can take pictures of what's in the water.

You can also dial in some nice blue skies with one.

If you are going to get one, get one measuring 77mm, and then get step up rings for each of your lenses. That way, you only need to buy one filter, instead of one filter for each lens.