July 31, 2008

Compare New York graffiti.

These are all from SoHo, photographed last spring.

New York graffiti

New York graffiti

New York graffiti

Let's talk about the difference between New York graffiti and the California graffiti in the previous post. Does it say a lot about the difference between New York City and Los Angeles? Or are we only comparing beach hucksters and art poseurs?


Hoosier Daddy said...

Does it say a lot about the difference between New York City and Los Angeles?

I wouldn't bring this issue up. The last thing we need is an East Coast vs West Coast grafitti war. Let's just say that both demonstrate equal levels of artistic non-talent.

Bissage said...

Tagger gangs identify themselves by wearing what they call “colors.”

Here’s a photo of a member of the gang that calls itself the ’08 Uptown Obamas. Link.

I'm not really sure where they come from.

XWL said...

Here's another example of the "west coast" style at the corner of Cloverfield and Broadway in Santa Monica, taken in '06 (one view, and another, and another, and another)

Originally commmissioned by Cinergi Pictures for their HQ, later the home of Digiscope, now I'm not sure who's there, but it seems less well maintained than it had been, the building seems still occupied, but nobody seems to be bothering to keep the exterior as grime free as they used to.

Wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but I would call it art, and is one of the better examples of a commissioned piece of graffiti art on the Westside.

Vandals are still jerks, and their 'work' should be covered up as quickly as possible, but there are also artists who work in that style.

Here's a flickr set of some of the 'better' art out there. This stuff isn't commissioned, so it is vandalism, but it is also vibrant and artistic.

Also, the West Coast style is so much better than the East Coast style, it's not even funny.

(though, it was originally heavily influenced by the late 70s East Coast style, it's just been kept alive in its 'purer' form here)

the Rising Jurist said...

A big difference between the sets you've posted is that the wall at Venice Beach is legal. This allows people to spend more time creating a good piece. And, since practice makes perfect, this allows even the illicit graffiti in LA to improve.

knox said...

Even the skulls in the LA graffiti come off as kind of lightweight

blake said...

Ooh. New York graffiti is so authentic.

TitusMadisonScouts said...

Easy, NYC is fabulous and LA is vapid.

I am sorry but the East Coast is so much better.

veni vidi vici said...

[called out to the L.A. peeps in Robert Plant live concert film voice]:

Does anybody remember Chaka?