July 15, 2008

Blue convergence.


A building in Madison, fisheyed.

Another view of it, with the state capitol building in the background:



rhhardin said...

There's a bit of wisdom about glass houses here

H/T David Appell

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Crystal blue persuasion.

vbspurs said...

The blue of the Mediterranean. The azure of the Azores. The Prussian uniform's aquatints.

Oh how I love you, colour blue.

Except during American election time.


nansealinks said...

My question was offensive?

Ann Althouse said...

It was off topic. One was. The other seemed rude.

nansealinks said...

In your cafe shots you talked about color correction. you use iPhoto o8 from what i can tell.

I am pretty sure that your mba shipped with leopard. Macs aren't backwards compatable to tiger. I was just wondering if you have a desktop with a better screen or what? to enhance the photo. as these were cleary a bit adjusted.

It is no longer on topic to ask questions unless they are flattering your skills or exposé-ing them?

nansealinks said...

personally I don't really like the screen on my 2.5 year old MBP for color correction. One day I hope to get a huge screen, but I lack the funds and my camera is just a cheapo 120 buck olympus that doesn't warrant such scrutiny. Someone stole the expensive one (that's a 400 buck olympus from my car)

A girl can still dream, though.

Padre Steve said...

Those are some beautiful shots! Great job!

Ann Althouse said...

I have no idea what MBP stands for, but as I've said before, I adjust my pictures exactly as I choose. Get it?

nansealinks said...

mbp is mac book pro. It was the top of the line laptop from apple before the air.

You run a machine with tiger as the flickr info details. It must be a desktop or a just a plain macbook since you don't know what a mbp is. The screens on the mba-macbook air are pretty good for color.. I just wonder why you don't use that

MadisonMan said...

Hey, I'm eating breakfast up there in the morning!

Theo Boehm said...

You know, there are a zillion photoblogs and groups out there where the main topic of discussion is post-processing. Trading Photoshop (and maybe a few GIMP) hints and techniques resembles the trading of food recipes on steroids. You can follow long discussions of just how to remove shadows, what masks to use, filters, gamma correction, etc., etc. Many photographers labor over their photos for months.

Althouse obviously chooses to do none of this and keep any manipulation simple. This is fine, too. Her long suit is composition and the structure of the photo, as befits someone with art training and a strong sketching background. A simple crop, a little color adjustment, and, voil√°, you have the characteristic Althouse photo.

Now, if you Althouse-haters out there really wanted to get even, you'd find a way to convince her to use GIMP a lot. It IS free..hehe...and it does everything Photoshop does...hehehe....

"Have some free software, my dear.
You really have nothing to fear...."

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Theo. You're right. I think the key is composition and tasteful and simple tweaking.

Bissage said...

As in life itself.

rhhardin said...

I'm anti-tweak, beyond framing, which I hardly do any longer now that I have enough space for photographs and don't need to make them smaller.

What you want to capture is some essence of an ordinary moment, not especially a design. And so let the chips fall where they may as to color and so forth.

Goals can differ. Althouse is a little less ordinary and more design.

More dogs are needed.

nansealinks said...

And so let the chips fall where they may as to color and so forth.

that's how i feel about my typing and proofreading skills anymore since I gave up on ever getting a job out of writing or photo taking.

Then it's fun for me to try and justify some meaning out of slips over errors when i read them later. It's hellbent annoying to others. I know.

still I haven't gotten an answer to tiger or leopard question, which was what my bringin this up was about. But i don't want to badger, Ann. She must have her own reasons and I'm fine with people having their own idiosyncracies that they don't reveal outright.

Theo Boehm said...

Not to waste electrons, but I should have said "drawing" instead of "sketching" in my comment upthread.

Sketching is a subset of drawing, and from what I've seen, Althouse has good drawing skills. When I wrote that it was late, and I was thinking of those notebooks with which Althouse occasionally tantalizes us. Lots of amusing and interesting sketches or small drawings in those.

Professor, if you were ever to publish any of them, I would happily be a subscriber.

rhhardin said...

Blue with cloud

Blue with dog.

Photographed all blue-unawares (youtube) within two minutes of each other this afternoon.