July 29, 2008

Beverly Hills Althouse, sweet potato fries, and the discovery of the double fisheye effect.





MadisonMan said...

You can buy frozen sweet potato fries at Trader Joe's, and they look just like that picture.

Miss. Florissa Lurch said...

SLEEVES! (am I dreaming?)

At last !!! SLEEVES !!!!

Horribly overpriced. One of the worst tourist traps there is. Not a celebrity in sight. Nobody who's anybody ever goes there, the noise pollution, lack of privacy, and glorified cement......

But still.....SLEEVES !!!! To Althouse, it must be positively black-tie, if she endeavors to don SLEEVES !!!!!

Miss. Florissa Lurch said...


Notice how Althouse isn't quoting prices on any of this. We won't be seeing photos of receipts, menu prices, tips, or the like.

I guess it's rather gauche to talk amount the ungodly sums of money being thrown down a sinkhole. Have you all noticed, in one of the world's most expensive places to live, shop, and dine....amazingly, Althouse never mentions the cost of anything !

Goodness, I guess she's pretty much finding everything to be well within her price range !

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

Good afternoon fellow republicans.

I am back and I Am Spartacus.

Love sweet potato fries-were they scented with rosemary perfume? You look happy in that pictures. Tits are hanging nicely.

How is everyone?

I have been on a world wind tour of fabulous spots. Ogunquit, Ptown, Fire Island, Madison (not fabulous), Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City, Boston, Northampton (lezzies), Tanglewood, The Berkshires and lastly Casco Bay.

I am back. What have I missed?

You went to a gay bar a gay bar?

Today I am really really horny.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

Also, went to The Spring Green art fair-very nice.

Also, went to a restaurant in Spring Green called The Bank-you must try it Althouse. It was fabulous. A little too fabulous for Spring Green. Of course it was an old bank-get it The Bank.

Spring Green is so cute-poor town was buried in water though from the storms earlier this summer.

As far as my hog adventures I will only say I have had some grade A hog over the past couple of months. One in particular that I met in Ptown who was from Miami was especially dreamy and very black-black as night-love that.

Original Mike said...

Did you try the sweet potato fries, Ann? They sound disgusting.

Palladian said...

"Good afternoon fellow republicans.

I am back"

Oh yes, I had forgotten why it has been so pleasant around here lately.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

I know you really missed me Palladian. Give me a big hug.

Oh I also went to see George Michael in concert-I know how gay but it was great.

Cuz you got have faith, chhh, chhh, chhh.

Love the Pamela Anderson pic on the blog-now those are some nice tits.

chuck b. said...
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Palladian said...

"now those are some nice tits."

Oh! That's what those are. I've been trying to figure it out for days.

chuck b. said...

Was this perhaps the only consumption of a potato-based food item anywhere in Beverly Hills, ever?

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

Haven't you ever seen a women's tits Palladian?

Women's tits are fun. I like to play with them and watch them bounce.

Freedom, freedom, freedom (90).

ricpic said...

Once you go black you can't go back,
Or so say the merchandisers of Barack.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

da da da Jitterbug.

There were 60 and 70 year old gay men at the George Michael concert with George Michael and Choose Life tshirts on.

There was one black queen who wore the same outfit George Michael wore in the Wake me up before you go go video-absolutely sad-but it made me laugh.

And whats up with all the crying women at his concert. Screaming that they want him and love him. Hello, he is a major queen who is a tea room trader.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

I think you are right ricpic. I think I am exclusively a dinge queen now.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

I Am Spartacus!

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

But they need to be thugged out dawgpound black...not gay black.

Gay black is almost bad as Gay Beaners-way too gay.

Zachary Paul Sire said...

Oh, it's just like old times! Titus, Maxine...the gang's all here!

Blue Moon said...

Wow, french press coffee at a restaurant. Aren't we fancy? Seriously, what kind of coffee was it?

1jpb said...

Hope those are sturdy tables--good for hiding under. 5.8 isn't big, but the next one could be more trouble.

Revenant said...

At least Ann got the full Los Angeles experience. :)

Zachary Paul Sire said...

WELCOME TO LA ANN! Jesus...that was a big one! We haven't had a quake like this in years.

ricpic said...

Hey, I just heard, on Rush, that there was a 5.8 Richter earthquake in LA! Hope you're alright.

Mrs. Wanda Hackette said...

Earthquake? Kid stuff.

Earlier today, there was a drug bust-- a crack-den over on South Robertson. Also, a shootout on Olympic provided a bit of amusement.

Oh, and celebrities? You want Celebrities.....

Althouse has already met the second-cousin (once removed) of Troy Donohue; and then she stumbled upon Tori Spelling look-a-like !!!!!

And, of course, there was that whimsical tour of celebrity gavesites---all the darling little places in which the brightest B-list celebs met their banal demise. Nothing like walking in the feet of wannabees who were done-under, and thrown-over for younger and prettier gigolos and gigolettes....

And, as for making introductions....golly, Althouse did meet this most amazing... friend of a friend, who knew somone who once parked cars for the stars !

For Althouse, this fascinating trip represents one THE cultural milestones of her whole career !!!

XWL said...

Didn't feel a thing here in Santa Monica (I was driving, tires absorb the waves, well).

But if you wanted the L.A. experience, guess you got it in full, now.

Cel phones are out, even though the shaking was light here, guess it's everyone trying to check in on everyone else has overloaded the network.

Yet the web remains strong, that should be part of people's emergency plan, have an alternate mode of communication other than cels in case of an emergency that effects a large area (land lines handle this stuff better, and the internet stays robust, but power could also be a problem, so make sure you have a generator handy, too).

(and the whole, 'full L.A. experience' quip was an obvious one, guess I should have composed this quicker, or just keep on pretending I didn't see that someone else made that same comment)

MadisonMan said...

Earthquake, Republican Senator indicted...same old same old.

blake said...

Actually, I think we had one just last year, but it was further out in the desert.

Anyway, welcome to L.A.

veni vidi vici said...

Glad to see Titus back in the pocket. so to speak.

We (well, I, at any rate) were wondering what happened to you. I enjoy the commentary; reminds me of a lot of my friends when we get to dishing.

As for Pamela Anderson's photo up there, to borrow a phrase from Bob Hope, "thanks for the mammaries".

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

Girl, you can't leave LA without going to Santa Monica.

Granted it is very liberal and commie but it is the most beautiful part of LA.

Why is it liberal cities rank as most photogenic (san fran, boston, seattle). I think it is because of all the gays.

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

I would like to see Pamela Sue Anderson's tits during an earthquake. I bet that is a beautiful thing.

blake said...

Granted it is very liberal and commie but it is the most beautiful part of LA.

The most beautiful part of L.A.?

I like SaMo, but--what? It's the most 3rd world part of L.A.!

TitusIAmSpartacus! said...

This is a true story.

I went to a gay bar in Montreal and was in the ladies restroom and this really hot girl came in.

I asked her if I could watch her pee. She let me (how nice). I think asked her if I could wipe her vadge but she told me that is where she drew the line-no fun.

She had a nice beave.

Quayle said...

Holly cow, Anne. You got the delux vacation package, complete with major SoCal earthquake.

Was that included in the package price, or did you have to pay extra for that?

PatCA said...

The earthquake was shallow and felt quite explosive. I thought it was an explosion of some kind. I felt like the walls were at the last stage before actually buckling around us. People were screaming in my office--we're closed for the rest of the day.

This was the worst, feeling wise, of any I have experienced. We were pretty close to the epicenter.

Welcome to LA!

blake said...

This was the worst, feeling wise, of any I have experienced. We were pretty close to the epicenter.

You're new here, I presume.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

It must be the Althouse vortex!!!

PatCA said...

No, blake, I'm not new.

Earthquakes are so funny, ha ha.

blake said...


Didn't experience Northridge? Or were you farther away from it?

I was just a few miles from that one, and it was like someone putting a pot over your head and banging it with a big spoon.

While on a trampoline.

Mrs. Katrinka Dirge said...

Request: Can you at least turn over the china and see if it's Villeroy & Boch.

I'm assuming the flatware, and cutlery is Oneida. The stemware.....

Is stemware usually mongrammed ?

RR Ryan said...

She seems to be at the top of Via Rodeo. There's a McCormick and Schmicks and a small cafe that never seems to be open when I'm there. Neither one is that pricey.

Revenant said...

I like SaMo, but--what? It's the most 3rd world part of L.A.!

Santa Monica isn't even *close* to the most 3rd world part of LA. It has too many yuppies to make the cut, and a lot of nice houses and apartments too. It might qualify as the most third-world part of LA that a person who can afford to live elsewhere would still want to live in, though. :)

But the most beautiful part of LA (in my opinion) is Palos Verdes.

blake said...

Santa Monica isn't even *close* to the most 3rd world part of LA. It has too many yuppies to make the cut, and a lot of nice houses and apartments too. It might qualify as the most third-world part of LA that a person who can afford to live elsewhere would still want to live in, though. :)

Oh, I see what you mean. I meant the extreme wealth--all those nice houses and some nice apartments-- right next to the extreme poverty. I've seen more homeless people there than I've seen downtown.

Poverty by itself doesn't make me think "third world". Sorry, got that idea from Gore Vidal talking about Manhattan.

But the most beautiful part of LA (in my opinion) is Palos Verdes.

Yes, PV is prettier. If you like the beach, there are better beaches than SaMo. But a lot depends on what you're talking about.

SaMo's a fun place to hang out. Pasadena's similar without the poverty.

I'm still waiting for pictures of Althouse under the "Beverly Hills" sign. I pass people every day taking their picture in front of that and the BH Hotel.

Also, a picture with Snoopy at Knott's. And one with Mickey in ToonTown.

nansealinks said...


who ate the sweet potatoes? or are they mexican yams? I'd stay away from those as it is. I'm trying to lower my libido.

"Wild Yam restores libido so successfully in most women that I would not advise you to use it unless you have a sexual partner", Healing Herbs; Lesley Kenton

Joan said...

MadisonMan, have you tried those fries from Trader Joe's? I almost bought some today but decided against them. When they're well done they're awesome, but I'm not up for a bad sweet potato fry experience. If you can vet them, I'll pick some up next time I'm there. We tried the Prik Khing Green Beans recently and they're really delicious. My vegetable-detesting sons each had multiple servings.

Revenant said...

I always assumed you saw a lot of beggars in Santa Monica because that was where the easily exploitable supply of guilt-ridden yuppies was located. You see a lot of homeless in downtown San Diego for the same reason.

blake said...


Presumably. I give Martin Sheen his props, though. When he was mayor of Malibu, he invited all the homeless to live there.

Then, I think, he went on location for a shoot.

MadisonMan said...

Joan, we've had them once, and there's now another bag in the freezer. If it ever cools off, I can fire up the oven and cook another batch. They weren't awesome -- like, say, the dark belgian chocolate bars or the frozen cioppino -- but they were worth buying again.

Joan said...

Thanks, MM. I'll give them a try.

If you have a good vent fan over your oven, you can run it while the oven's on and not heat up your entire house. This was a revolutionary discovery for me about three years ago. Now I can broil the steaks when it's 110 outside, instead of having to broil myself by using the grill.

rhhardin said...

Kroger Pepper Display, new today.

The Tomato Display is getting all the action, though.