July 27, 2008

At The Loft in Koreatown.

At The Loft in Koreatown


At The Loft in Koreatown

UPDATE: It's not "The Loft." It's just Loft. And who is that guy with the Treo? It's not, as some commenters have surmised, my ex-husband Richard Cohen.


Trooper York said...

Thought bubble over Chris's head:
"Wow, my first day in LA and I am sitting at table with Gary Busey. Cool."

Ms. Hortencia Neighhew said...

When one finds oneself sitting at a communal table, one usually makes overtures and small-talk.

It usually falls upon the younger gentleman to introduce himself to the older gentleman.

If the older fellow rebuffs the younger, then you move on. But again, it is customary to approach and extend one's self to one's elders.

Assuming, the well-bred, and refined younger one has been taught properly and been brought up with all the social graces.

Mrs. Davidia Crouch said...

Althouse makes her sweeping arrival in LA and immediately heads for....

Koreatown ?

This vacation is turning out to be decidely low-rent.

Uh, Honey, did anyone not tell you about Montana Ave ?

There are plenty of cafes in Santa Monica that are far more romantic, and charming, than Koreatown.

Rosti, Marmalade, Il Dolce, The Boulangerie, Ambrosia.....all superior cafes, and far more romantic than Koreatown !


LonewackoDotCom said...

From an earlier comment I left:

I think Althouse should only see the best parts of L.A. and ignore the rest. Then, she should post a typically vapid entry, perhaps with a picture of some frippery from the SunsetStrip or RodeoDrive. In other words, she should be her usual airhead self.

The last thing she should do is look into the ravages of a self-serve immigration policy by visiting Koreatown, Pico-Union, Highland Park, or - my personal fave - the difference between Cypress Park and Mt. Washington (past home of our beloved mayor). Driving from CP to MW - such as along Division - one can see the future of California: a small number of (relatively in the current case) rich people surrounded by a large number of (ditto) poor people.

Now that she's in that area, perhaps she should drive down some sidestreets and take some pictures of the, er, "sidwalk vendors"*.

I'll also add some more fun spots she should visit: Cudahy, Maywood, etc.

* That suggestion is only meant in jest and I actually strongly advise Althouse not to do that.

Ron said...

Even with the wine, you seemed a bit frenetic on Bloggingheads. Wine! I miss the vlogs...and podcasts are from back in the days where we wore an onion on our belts as that was the fashion at the time.

I'd also love to see emotional Althouse write a post about the drawbacks of being alone, as opposed to the 800th 'Yay, I'm single!' cheerleading posts.

Waxine Meiss said...

The gentleman rudely fidgeting with his cell phone looks a little like Althouse's former husband and father to her two sons, Richard Cohen, though I can't be sure ...

It really seems to be him, I just wish I could tell.

Let's assume then, just for fun, that is the ever elusive Richard Cohen!

Wouldn't that be something !

Althouse finally gathers up the decency to pull herself away from her sanctuary in Wisconsin (where she's spent more time chasing around her esteemed nephew and gallivanting around town with that sister of hers than ever giving a second thought to poor Christopher's difficult transition in Los Angeles) and she finally has the courage to witness first hand what her son's life has become...


The blonde divorcee is upstaged by her ex-husband, Richard ! Did he tell her he would be there? Did he make the trip just to spite her? How will she manage having to share what little precious time she has with the latchkey child, Christopher?

At what point do warring ex-spouses put their differences aside, for the sake of their children?

Meade said...

Warring ex-spouses should never put their differences aside no matter what.

That would be like admitting the divorce had been a mistake. Face it: any children produced by the union were little more than flukes -- tiny little needy flukes demanding attention, food, and college tuition. In most cases, the marriage would still be intact if it weren't for those entitled grandiose brats creating unbearable stresses on a perfectly good romantic relationship.

For the sake of their children? Don't be silly.

MadisonMan said...

Was the TV playing CNN?

Ann Althouse said...

I think the TV was playing sports, and no, that's not Richard

Ann Althouse said...

... that's a famous blogger!

Don't you know who?

Ann Althouse said...

And I'm happy to spend time with Richard when I'm in Austin. We're perfectly friendly and enjoy getting together from time to time.

AllenS said...


Impose a time limit on who the famous blogger is, and if nobody guesses, please tell us.

Sometimes your questions are harder than those on Jeopardy.

Too many jims said...

Famous blogger in L.A.? I have it narrowed to Kaus and Arianna Huffington. Because you are in a cafe in Koreatown and not this restaurant, I will guess Kaus.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

I'm much better looking and in a much better mood.

Maxine Weiss said...
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Randy said...

Marc Danziger, a.k.a Armed Liberal.

dbp said...

In the top picture, the guy in the green shirt was perfectly framed by the red wall behind him. For a second I thought he was a painting or poster in the background rather than a fellow diner. In fact, only seeing the 2nd picture set me straight.

Was the framing of the first picture intentional?

Ann Althouse said...

1. Most of my framing, especially anything in a corner, is intentional, but there are some things I discover later, including bad things that force me to crop. The second picture is cropped -- because I accidentally included some of my own arm in the picture.

2. There is nothing called the "Madison Law School," but in any case, the UW does not waive tuition for faculty.

3. Yeah, it's Marc Danziger.

Mrs. Bonita Spratzle said...

If there's one place that son Won't be undercut, Won't be undermined....and will have a totally supportive environment....it's the Law School where Mom teaches.

LA is NOT a supportive environment, even in the best of circumstances !

blake said...

Koreatown is soooo much more upscale than when I lived there.

It was for po' folk back in the day. Po' folk and Koreans, I mean.