July 4, 2008

2 couples on Picnic Point.

Here's charming couple, sitting in a willow tree on the edge of Lake Mendota:



And look at this lovely couple, stretched out in clover, reading:




Meade said...

Lucky for you they're not nude.

ricpic said...

Lovers seek themselves in water, the dreaming medium,
After climbing out on limbs to escape earth's tedium.

Meade said...

With talents prodigious
applies she her art
Of subjects litigious?
Might not be so smart
Consent-lacking snapshots
by some standards rude
So lucky for her that
they're not in the nude

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I only wish I
Had fisheye!

Zachary Sire said...

I've always wondered...

Do people ever get weirded out when you take pictures of them? Do they know that you're taking pictures of them?

It'd be different if it was a big crowd with lots of people and lots of photography going on...but it seems like these are pretty intimate, deserted areas. Surely they saw you?

Not that there's anything wrong with you taking great pictures (which they are), I'm just wondering...

Ann Althouse said...

These pictures were taken in public right by a popular trail. They didn't think they were secluded.

Meade said...

They are good shots. I hope you know I was just trying to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Everyday i go to a public place and shower in the nude in front of many women, plus children of both sexes under five. If someone took a picture of me doing that, even though it is in a public space, I would be upset.

What is your position on that, Ms Althouse?