June 28, 2008

"Should Sir Robert Walpole have come to Parliament as a Fop in a Bag, instead of his habitual full-bottom'd Wig..."

"... 'twould have sent the Town into a Tizzy, more than his being seen kissing Mrs. Skerritt in the Theatre."

Sir Archy, our ghost commenter, dead these last 250 years and more, has made an appearance on this post.


joated said...

The only bad thing about a comment by Sir Archy is that it usually brings a thread to a crashing halt. It is so difficult to follow what he says as his is usually the penultimate in commentary.

The man has a way with words that can make one swoon--or at least run off and hide in shame at ones own lack of originallity.

Chip Ahoy said...
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blake said...

Sir Archy tends to come in late, at the ends of threads, I think.

And then, one never knows the correct form of address for a ghost. Are we supposed to try to engage him? Is it presumptuous?

He seems friendly and responsive, but is there a line of familiarity which one might cross leading to one's eternal damnation? Or at least mild supernatural discomfort?

Ann Althouse said...

I think a ghost would be looking for company. He's engaging in the conversation. You ought to talk to him!

blake said...

Ah, but if you'll notice, he's not really a ghost!

By his own description, he's taken up residence in a living person's brain.

Well, yeah, haven't we all? Are we all naught but ghosts in the machine?

(Unless, of course, he means he's sharing it with some other ghost, in which case we're talking possession, even if an agreeable sort.)