June 24, 2008

Natural color.



Meade said...
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George said...

The secret color world of bees.

Bissage said...

Q: What’s worse than Jennifer Beals’ lobster on your piano?

A: Japanese beetles digging into your rose blossoms showing off their swollen genitals.

Glad to see someone’s uninfested.

(No such luck here in the little black duck’s rosey slice of USDA Zone 6b.)

Tim Wright said...

Ann: I love your photos. I grow a lot of old garden style roses. Came to your blog to read your comments, and keep coming back for the photos. I would love to know what type of camera and lens you use to take the rose photos?

Thanks Tim W.

Ann Althouse said...

Tim, if you click on the photos, you can see what equipment was used. It was a Nikon D-50 with a 105 mm Nikkor lens.